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Regarding My Mother

Regarding My Mother

“…I have often wondered if I had the words that would do justice to her goodness, her wisdom, and her strength. In the life of every woman, there will always be the influence and teachings of one woman who stands supreme.” -The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan For me – as it is for so … Continue reading

Depression & Anxiety

Depression & Anxiety

Usually, those words – “depression” and “anxiety” – label conditions that I have. I like that way of phrasing it, because it implies a sense of control for me. I have these things, yes, but they do not have me. Usually. For the past fifteen years, I have had these conditions. I am usually able … Continue reading

I Am Going To Cry

Not me, actually, right now. But thank you for your concern, if you clicked through because you thought that I was upset! I’m actually referencing a quote from Grey’s Anatomy that has stuck with me. I saw this article on theFrisky today, and it got me to thinking about crying in public. In “Girl Talk: … Continue reading

My Husband of So Many Years

I thought that my grandma wrote this poem for my papa, but I have recently been informed that I was incorrect. The poem was actually written by a woman named Elise Maclay, and published in a book called Green Winter: Celebrations of Old Age. A lovely reader named Shauna let me know that I didn’t … Continue reading

When I Thought You Made Me Whole

Tears fall from my eyes Like bullets into concrete skies Blessed from above, but raining down to meet Chalk outlines of my heart on a precarious street Your scent – waters cool and hemp so high Lingers eternally in my mind And reminds me of the one moment in time When I thought that you … Continue reading

Cheating Requires

Cheating requires closed doors Windows shut tight, curtains closed for the night Padded footsteps across the floor Cheating requires bare walls No portrait reminders of the ties that bind us Empty hotels and shadowed halls Cheating requires hot showers Scrub away the memories, set up the apologies Perhaps deliver flowers? Cheating requires a cross to … Continue reading

The Slowest Monday That Ever Was

One day about a year ago, a coworker commented that it was “the slowest Monday that ever was”. I’m pretty sure he was right, btw, but that also inspired me to write this poem. It isn’t about anyone in particular…the words just sorta poured out on the page, and this is what was there when … Continue reading


I found this poem on a scrap of newspaper tucked inside a book on my grandparent’s shelf. Almost every one of their (hundreds of) books had stuff like this inside, so going through their home after they passed away took quite a while. But this poem was one of my favorite finds, and I like … Continue reading

“I Never Planned On Marrying A Fat Girl”

That was the description/episode title for the premier airing of Lifetime’s new show “Love Handles: Couples In Crisis”. That statement was also the only reason I bothered tuning in. Why would that attract me? Because, unfortunately, I’ve heard similar things before. So I gave this show a whirl, fully prepared to hate and despise the … Continue reading

It’s Just More Icing

Back in college, I was fortune enough to have some awesome roomies. Some completely psychotic roomies, too, but for now let’s focus on the positive. One of the two other girls in our triple – Kali – ended up becoming one of my very best friends. We have the same birthday, and a freakish amount … Continue reading