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You Never Me

You offered me these promises Of lust, and love, and luck I expected hits and misses I guess I just got starstruck You polished all your attributes To a blinding, lying glare They said “he does just as he suits” And blamed ME for being there YOU displayed mere grains of truth Single drops of … Continue reading

So You Wouldn’t Have To

I lied to myself, so you wouldn’t have to I led myself on, and you didn’t have a clue You should be happy with this hand that I’ve dealt You should be thankful for what you never felt Sure, my heart is breaking From all you never said And yes, I’m cold and lonely Without … Continue reading

Side By Side, But On Our Own

The years we spent together Side by side, but on our own Were the makings of forever But we both felt all alone Those fireworks that peaked In kaleidoscope explosions Were witnessed cheek to cheek But in silence, lacked emotion Brilliant bombs that could have been The start of true romance But now they’re just … Continue reading

The Adult In Me

The world has always expected the adult in me to show I spoke in solemn sentences, and wished to finally grow My soul quite quickly sank to the depths of middle age It all felt so frightening from within my youthful cage When I was just an infant, I seldom whined or cried My toddler … Continue reading

No Yesterdays

Some of us have no yesterdays No fond memories of better days There was no age of innocence That privilege? Nonexistant Some of us have no yesterdays Only lessons learned the hard way So what is there to turn to? And how do you keep the faith? What fragile branch can hold you? Without that … Continue reading

I Can’t Tell You

I can’t tell you what you did to me It would cause you too much pain You didn’t do it willingly And I can’t stand to see your shame Just what good would it possibly do To dwell on those mistakes? I’d rather hide the truth from you It’s better for both of our sakes … Continue reading

I Meant Every Word

I meant every word I said The last time I walked away So don’t let it go to your head How I’m standing here today It’s time for you to ante up And put in as much as I do It’s time for you to show your hand I’m tired of being lied to I … Continue reading

When I’m Heartbroken

When I’m heartbroken, I can think of you It’s the only way you’re of any use I block you out, most of the time Trying to keep you off of my mind But when the pain is caused by another Thoughts always drift to that first true lover This pain, I can handle It’s what … Continue reading

I Know I Do

I know I do a lot of things You may not see as right I’ve even bared my tender soul Just to feel the bite Yes, those kisses left their scars And every day I’ve wondered Just how much I love those mars The proof of how I’ve hungered Bruises of imperfection Across my angel … Continue reading

Promises Mean Nothing

I come from a land of drug addicts and lies I see the scarlet letter that you think you’ve disguised I’ve suffered every heartbreak a drunkard’s widow meets And your tears fall shallow droplets muddied by deceit I can’t be the one to make you whole I won’t be the one you break