a woman sitting on the couch while looking at her daughter holding flowers

The Adult In Me

The world has always expected the adult in me to show
I spoke in solemn sentences, and wished to finally grow
My soul quite quickly sank to the depths of middle age
It all felt so frightening from within my youthful cage
When I was just an infant, I seldom whined or cried
My toddler years were tempered
My childhood pushed aside
When my body finally stretched to meet my wizened mind
I’d laugh in jubilation, then recoil at what I’d find
Instead of granting me a life finally congruent
I felt the chasm widen, while unsure what it meant
No longer could I thumb through pages
And dream of days to come
Now I had to speak my mind
Now real life had begun
I’d spent so much time treated like a miniature adult
I couldn’t ease from childhood to the hand that I was dealt
I couldn’t fathom flirting, my confidence never shone
My quest for teen perfection left me jaded and alone
Now I’ve finally reached the point I always wished to meet
Now my head is held up high, not staring at my feet
Now they all insist that they know who I should be
My every action scrutinized, emotions deemed unworthy
They wonder why I must defend myself so vehemently
I wish that they could understand, all I have is me
No one can know the troubles that I’ve patiently endured
And they’ve no right to question what I’m headed toward

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