Thank You, New Girl, For Schmidt & Elizabeth

Last week’s New Girl introduced a plus size character – Elizabeth – and they did it in exactly the right way. She wasn’t on for long, but it seems like we will be seeing more of her. I can’t say … Continue reading Thank You, New Girl, For Schmidt & Elizabeth

HIMYM: Why The Fake Barney & Patrice Relationship Was Insulting To Fans

You all know that I love How I Met Your Mother. I have my issues with the show, though, and my main annoyance continues to be the metric ton of fat jokes that they’ve put out over the seasons. I … Continue reading HIMYM: Why The Fake Barney & Patrice Relationship Was Insulting To Fans

Madeline Jones Responds, Article Misleading

I posted an update on my article “I Do Not Feel Betrayed When A Plus Size Model Loses Weight” which had some pretty scathing comments aimed at PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief Madeline Jones. In my original post, I wondered whether this … Continue reading Madeline Jones Responds, Article Misleading

I Do Not Feel Betrayed When A Plus Size Model Loses Weight

UPDATE: Madeline Jones comments, explains that misquoted her. See my new post (“Madeline Jones Responds, Article Misleading“) for further info! Here’s her comment: Hi Corina, Radar Online absolutely misquoted me in this piece. When I was asked what … Continue reading I Do Not Feel Betrayed When A Plus Size Model Loses Weight

Big Sexy, Episode 2: Wherein We Discuss Fat Bitches

First off, I realize I’m like two weeks behind on this review. The fourth episode is airing tonight and I don’t have the review of the third episode done, not to mention that I’m just now posting this! Second, I’m not really a fan of the phrase “fat bitches”, but it really was part of the episode’s theme. I guess some women are taking the power out of that phrase by using it personally? Idk. But this particular episode was packed full of incredible quotes that really resonated with me. Plus a few that I disagreed with, of course. Read on for details!

In this episode we meet plus size comedienne Erica Watson, aka my new favorite person. I think I wrote down every word she said because it was all so very quote-worthy. She comes to Leslie’s store to find an outfit for her comedy show, Fat Bitch. They discuss men, and Erica shares her secrets for finding guys:

Erica: Honestly, this may sound weird, but I’ve been meeting a lot of cute guys at coffee shops and libraries.

Heather: Wait – the library?

Erica: Smart penises in the library girl! You don’t want a dumb penis.

Leslie: So do you approach guys, or do they approach you?

Erica: I don’t like to approach men – I can’t do it..

Leslie: Me neither!

Erica: Plus size girls, they feel like they have to be the aggressor, but not me. If he wants you, he’ll come, that’s what I say.

When Leslie mentions their recent attendance at the BBW singles event, Erica notes that some “in particular prey upon larger women instead of celebrating them”. That is certainly true, but I think it’s probably similar for any sort of singles event, and any sort of woman?

Next up is a girl’s night in, with men and sex being the main topics of conversation. When asked about her ideal guy, Tiffany responds “The ideal guy? Breathing, has all his teeth…” When pushed for a serious answer, she responds:

Tiffany: I’ve been very open-minded to like, packages…like in the past year or so. I’m used to dating, like, one type of guy, so now I’m like ok, all ethnicities, all ages…all packages

Heather: All packages?

Nikki: Wait so if you’re opening yourself up to all kinds of packages, does that mean you’re fine with little packages, big packages…?

Tiffany: No! You can return that to UPS, I don’t want a small package!

So the ladies are upset when guys turn them down based on their size, but they’re alright with turning down guys based on their package size. It seems a little hypocritical, no? I totally understand both sides of this argument, and in fact am not 100% sure where I stand. I’ve always said that it’s not fair to be angry with someone for not being attracted to you. Some men simply cannot find anything sexy about a curvy woman, and that’s their prerogative. Similarly, some women can’t find anything sexy about a small package, and that’s their prerogative. (click “read more” at right for the rest) Continue reading “Big Sexy, Episode 2: Wherein We Discuss Fat Bitches”

TLC’s Big Sexy Delivers Big Smiles, Big Stress

I did enjoy TLC’s new show, Big Sexy, quite a bit. But, it also bothered me at times. I give the show’s premiere episode an A minus!

The ladies of Big Sexy remember the first time anyone called them fat. That insult sticks with you, and implies that your most distinctive characteristic is the size and shape of your body. For some of these ladies, the criticism came early, and was dished out by well-meaning parents and family members. 

One of the women on the show, Audrey, is plus size AND 6’3. Oh, AND her parents are both models with seemingly perfect figures. I can’t even fathom how rough it must have been for her growing up. Audrey is not surprised when they are denied entrance to the club, and then asked for $30 cover charge each, even though thin women AND MEN were being ushered in for free right in front of them. The other ladies are, for the most part, startled and dismayed by the treatment that Audrey is used to by now.

The fat insults were often aimed at the Big Sexy‘s difficulty in finding or keeping a man. Leslie says:

I was in junior high, and somebody told me, “you’re never gonna get a boyfriend, because guys don’t like chubby girls”. I proved that bitch wrong!

A bit later in the show, Tiffany declares:

You think big girls aren’t sexy? Honey, give me five minutes, I’ll change your mind.

I could relate to almost everything that these women said, and I feel like the show portrayed them quite honestly. They all felt authentic in their attitudes, accomplishments, and insecurities, and I respect that. I didn’t agree with everything, though, and some things made me uncomfortable because they hit too close to home. My main point of contention was how some of the women approached the dating scene. I fully support how they are keeping their standards high, and not settling for just anyone. As Leslie says:

I’m not gonna settle for someone just because I’m fat.

Nikki – who has a boyfriend that I’m totally crushing on, because he’s sweet and funny and hot – summed it up nicely:

I think men see curvy women as either an experiment – something new to try – or like, “she’s gonna be easy, and we could just use them for sex”

So, I understand that the ladies of this show aren’t willing to compromise. I also know that some people watching will take the “beggars can’t be choosers (choosy? I’ve heard it both ways)” approach. I think both sides are a bit wrong. These women aren’t beggars – they’re just appealing to a smaller subset of available men. There are less fish to choose from, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to keep every fish that bites. With that being said, I think that some of them were a bit judgemental… (click “read more” at right for the rest!)

Continue reading “TLC’s Big Sexy Delivers Big Smiles, Big Stress”

Top 5 Fictional Fans of Plus Size Women

I tried to make a list of all the fictional movie and TV characters (male) that were attracted to plus size women, but I didn’t get very far. It isn’t a big list to begin with, and I cut out some contenders right away. 


  • Fictional male main character/member of ensemble cast
  • Average guy that is sexually/romantically interested in plus size women
  • Must not be ashamed of their interest or hide it from friends
  • Must not be with a plus size female character just because they’re both outcasts that are stuck together for lack of other options
  • Not a requirement, but a curiosity – do they end up with a BBW (big, beautiful, woman)?

My thoughts on what it all might mean in a post to follow the fun part, which is the photo gallery o’ fictional men that like a woman with curves!

Puck – Glee

“You can’t choose love. Love chooses you. I mean, I could have any girl I wanted. But here I am in the middle of geometry or English or something and the only girl I’ve got my eye on is a whole lotta woman.” “Maybe it’s because she’s constantly insulting me like my mom. Maybe I just dig a chick with curves.”

Puck is one of my fave Glee characters, and his feelings for Lauren just make him all the more awesome. Puck seems somewhat surprised by his attraction to a chick with curves, but not averse to it. He pursues Lauren by honestly expressing his affection for her fat bottom, and that’s also a very real guy thing to do. I can totally see a guy intending to be sweet and romantic, but picking the complete worst song ever for a serenade. I find their whole relationship quite endearing. Puck also pursued plus size Mercedes in an earlier episode, but that was mainly in an (odd) effort to recapture his lost social status. Maybe she warmed him up to the prospect, or maybe Quinn’s pregnancy weight really turned him on. Regardless, I’m on board. Honorable mention goes to Trouty Mouth Sam, who appears to be dating Mercedes these days?

Does he end up with a BBW? So far, yes, for Puck and Sam. Two thumbs up!

Miles – Summer Catch

“Excuse me, I am tired of living a lie. I need it be known that I like a big girl. In fact, a large, zaftig, voluptuous, full-figured, big-boned, massive-assive honey, that is what gets me going. I like fat women and they like me…big girls need love too, baby!”

Click read more at the right to see the rest… Continue reading “Top 5 Fictional Fans of Plus Size Women”

More (But Not Too Much!) Than Just A Pretty Face

Marie Claire urges its readers to be “more than just a pretty face”, but the magazine’s recent editorial decisions indicate that there is a limit on just how much “more” a woman should be.  Maura Kelly’s article, “Should Fatties Get … Continue reading More (But Not Too Much!) Than Just A Pretty Face