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Promises Mean Nothing

I come from a land of drug addicts and lies

I see the scarlet letter that you think you’ve disguised

I’ve suffered every heartbreak a drunkard’s widow meets

And your tears fall shallow droplets muddied by deceit

I can’t be the one to make you whole

I won’t be the one you break

There’s been too much trauma on my soul

No room for more mistakes

The one gift you can offer me is what I want the least

Stop selling me your peddled pride

Beauty spoken by the beast

Promises mean nothing

So seldom they are kept

Vows and oaths eternal

Your slick words so adept

But if those words are what you give me

And I deem them worthy to accept

Then keep them real or set me free

I want no debts to collect

Once your words have chalked their line

And set boundaries made of stone

Then one betrayal takes from me

What I never hoped to own

Speak clear, speak true, offer only what you can

Let moments act as gospel

Instant prayers drawn in sand

I can love you if you will be

Authentic and direct

Offer nothing but the truth

No more lies I must reject

So save your pillow talk for the moment after dawn

Those promises mean nothing now that you have gone

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