Regarding My Mother

“…I have often wondered if I had the words that would do justice to her goodness, her wisdom, and her strength. In the life of every woman, there will always be the influence and teachings of one woman who stands supreme.”

-The Expected One by Kathleen McGowan

For me – as it is for so many others – that woman is my mother. I often post the hilarious things that she says and funny stuff that she does, but I do not necessarily give her the credit that she deserves.

She is one of my greatest sources of strength, the first one I reach to when I’m hurt, and the person that I have clashed with more than any other. So, in short, she is my mother.

Our relationship is the epitome of mother-daughter conflict, but it goes far beyond that construct. It is also a demonstration of the friendship that is possible when mother and daughter demonstrate respect and unconditional love.

This post is dedicated to my mama :)

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