HIMYM Season 7 Recap: 7 Mysteries Solved

Click here for a compilation of all the clues and theories about The Mother! Season 7 of How I Met Your Mother was all about solving mysteries, and I think most of us fans appreciated that. We all love the setups … Continue reading HIMYM Season 7 Recap: 7 Mysteries Solved

You’re Afraid of the Seven Dwarfs? FYI They Are A Hip Hop Crew

Ted: You’re afraid of the seven dwarfs? Robin: Just Doc. He’s creepy! I mean, the guy’s got a medical degree. What’s he doing hanging around a bunch of coal miners? How I Met Your Mother season 2, episode 9 “Slap … Continue reading You’re Afraid of the Seven Dwarfs? FYI They Are A Hip Hop Crew

How I Met Your Mother: The Musical Mega-Mix!

I’ve been wanting to make a HIMYM mix for a while now, and I think I’ve determined the core base of songs to include. Despite my uuber-fan status, I’m sure I’ve missed some, so please comment with suggested additions! I tried to limit it to songs that are actually discussed and/or performed by characters on the show, because otherwise I would be overwhelmed with trying to find the entire soundtrack. If you’re seeking that information, though, be sure to check out How I Met Your Mother Music, which was very helpful.

  • Hey Beautiful – The Solids (theme song)
  • We Rule The School – Belle & Sebastian (music Ted remembers from when he dated Natalie)
  • Summer Breeze – Seals & Crofts (Dr. O’Brien’s guilty pleasure song)
  • Tub Thumping – Chumbawumba (Marshall’s VDay mix for Lily that plays in her apartment/Chinese restaurant)
  • Voices – Cheap Trick (Ted attempts karaoke with this song in “The Pineapple Incident”)
  • You Give Love A Bad Name – Bon Jovi (1st on Barney’s get psyched mix!)*
  • Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart – Elton John & Kiki Dee (Lily and Marshall’s karaoke song)
  • Good Feeling – Violent Femmes (Marshall and Lily’s official song)
  • I Am Woman – Helen Reddy (Radio request for Swarley)
  • I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) – The Proclaimers (The soundtrack to all adventures in Marshall’s Fiero!)
  • Here I Go Again – Whitesnake (Barney mentions when discussing Marshall’s bachelor party)
  • Alguien Soy Yo (Somebody’s Me) – Enrique Iglesias (Gael)
  • Cats In The Cradle – Harry Chapin (Barney sings karaoke to this, alone, while holding the baby sock)
  • Sweet Home Alabama – Lynryd Skynyrd (one reason why woo girls go woo!)
  • Kokomo – The Beach Boys (plays when Ted & Barney are trying to serve drinks in 3 Days of Snow)
  • Murder Train – The Foreskins (this is the go-to soundtrack for all fight scenes now, I love it)
  • All By Myself – Eric Carmen (All By Ourselves played as Robin & Barney searched for couples friends)
  • Informer – Snow (Marshall references the lyrics in his letter to himself, written when he was 15)

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In Defense of Reality Television

Reality TV is really, really easy to dislike – we all know this. I’m pretty tolerant of craptastic shows, movies, etc, but there are some that even I can’t handle. I’m talking to you, Teen Moms, Toddlers & Tiaras, and Real Housewives of any city! But I can’t take the high road, because I indulge in other pieces of reality TV trash like Jersey Shore, any competition show on Bravo, and my new favorites, the storage unit auction shows.

So yes, it’s easy to compile a list of all that’s wrong with reality television. But I’m not going to front like I’m too classy to enjoy the MTV Real World/Road Rules even though there hasn’t been a new season in like 5 years Challenges. Here are my top 5 fave things about reality shows, and the people who are on them:

1. Reality television is like the best psych experiment ever

Back in college, my pursuit of a BA in psychology led to many observation scenarios. You try to stay as removed from the subjects as possible, often behind a two-way mirror, lest you contaminate the environment you’re attempting to observe. Now, though, I can observe a huge variety of human behavior from the comfort of home! Maybe I’m wondering what it’s like to be a real estate agent in New York, or a Gypsy in the UK, or a cheerleader in Texas. Or, maybe I’m curious about how people react to losing large amounts of weight, having their car repossessed, or having pranks pulled on them.

One click of the remote and I have hundreds of two-way mirrors that I can peek through. Reality TV is also appealing to anyone that is nosy about basically anything. You can see inside people’s bedrooms, watch them break down mentally and then pull it together again, or get a voyeuristic thrill from seeing the Real World roomies strip down beneath the sheets. It’s like having a universal key that opens any diary you see! Continue reading “In Defense of Reality Television”

Top 5 Fictional Fans of Plus Size Women

I tried to make a list of all the fictional movie and TV characters (male) that were attracted to plus size women, but I didn’t get very far. It isn’t a big list to begin with, and I cut out some contenders right away. 


  • Fictional male main character/member of ensemble cast
  • Average guy that is sexually/romantically interested in plus size women
  • Must not be ashamed of their interest or hide it from friends
  • Must not be with a plus size female character just because they’re both outcasts that are stuck together for lack of other options
  • Not a requirement, but a curiosity – do they end up with a BBW (big, beautiful, woman)?

My thoughts on what it all might mean in a post to follow the fun part, which is the photo gallery o’ fictional men that like a woman with curves!

Puck – Glee

“You can’t choose love. Love chooses you. I mean, I could have any girl I wanted. But here I am in the middle of geometry or English or something and the only girl I’ve got my eye on is a whole lotta woman.” “Maybe it’s because she’s constantly insulting me like my mom. Maybe I just dig a chick with curves.”

Puck is one of my fave Glee characters, and his feelings for Lauren just make him all the more awesome. Puck seems somewhat surprised by his attraction to a chick with curves, but not averse to it. He pursues Lauren by honestly expressing his affection for her fat bottom, and that’s also a very real guy thing to do. I can totally see a guy intending to be sweet and romantic, but picking the complete worst song ever for a serenade. I find their whole relationship quite endearing. Puck also pursued plus size Mercedes in an earlier episode, but that was mainly in an (odd) effort to recapture his lost social status. Maybe she warmed him up to the prospect, or maybe Quinn’s pregnancy weight really turned him on. Regardless, I’m on board. Honorable mention goes to Trouty Mouth Sam, who appears to be dating Mercedes these days?

Does he end up with a BBW? So far, yes, for Puck and Sam. Two thumbs up!

Miles – Summer Catch

“Excuse me, I am tired of living a lie. I need it be known that I like a big girl. In fact, a large, zaftig, voluptuous, full-figured, big-boned, massive-assive honey, that is what gets me going. I like fat women and they like me…big girls need love too, baby!”

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