BDB Family Tree – Rhage, Mary, Ruhn, Saxton

Here’s a nice, fairly straightforward section of the family tree for The Black Dagger Brotherhood book series by J.R. Ward. It was a relief after the complexity of Robert Bluff and all his begotten! 

This one includes the bloodlines and known relatives/descendants of:

Rhage, Mary, Bitty, Ruhn, Saxton

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General Notes:

  • Rhage’s bloodline ribbon colors are black, silver, and blue. I went with blue for him, to avoid confusion with the other black line (via Darius) and the dark gray lines I use for any unknown bloodline color.
  • As noted in the chart, I’m not sure if Jackal is Rhage’s half brother on his mahmen or his father’s side. Generally speaking, the Brothers get around more than the Chosen, so I’m guessing that’s how Jackal came to be. But it is entirely possible that Rhage’s mahmen fell in love with someone else that he never knew about.
  • There’s a good chance that Saxton shares the same turquoise color bloodline as his cousins Qhuinn and Lash. But I wasn’t sure how their parents are connected, so I didn’t use it here.
  • I feel like Minnie is basically a part of Saxton and Ruhn’s family, but I opted to include her with the chart for the Trainee Class instead.

More general notes can be found in the main article with links to all family trees: “BDB Black Dagger Brotherhood Family Trees – Updated!”

Here’s a master list of all the family trees, to be filled in with links as I get them published:

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