BDB Family Tree – Murhder, Sarah, Natelem

My newest favorite couple and their adopted son! Here is the BDB Murhder, Sarah and Natelem family tree. For all the bad rap he got, I still found Murhder to be one of the best Brothers to hang out with. That’s why his is the next family tree I made for The Black Dagger Brotherhood book series by J.R. Ward, even though his book was so recent.

This family tree includes the bloodlines and known relatives/descendants of:

Murhder, Sarah, Natelem, Ingridge

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General Notes:

  • We don’t know bloodline colors for any of these vampires, so everything is done in dark gray until we get further information.
  • I included Michael (formerly known as Son) from the e-book/novella The Story of Son. There’s no mention of him being related to Murhder, but Michael has red and black hair just like Murhder does. Xhex notes in one book that she has never seen that particular combo on another vampire, so it’s definitely possible that Michael is of the same bloodline.
  • How much do I love Murhder? SO MUCH. All we heard about for books and books was that he was completely crazy, and kicked out of the Brotherhood for being a dangerous whackado. Then we finally meet him, and not only does he seem relatively sane, most of the time, but he’s also an effing delight! He’s been mistreated and misunderstood for so long, so now I want nothing but happiness for him and his family. 
  • Lots of Murhder and Sarah babies, please and thanks.

More general notes can be found in the main article with links to all family trees: “BDB Black Dagger Brotherhood Family Trees – Updated!”

Here’s a master list of all the family trees, to be filled in with links as I get them published:

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