Disney Princess Pinup Girl Tattoo – Alice in Wonderland!


After what felt like months – but was really just like a week or two – Tim Shumate’s newest princess is finally here. The iconic Alice, of Alice in Wonderland, is here in all her curiouser and curiouser glory. Now I can stop staring at his Facebook page and singing to myself “She’s late! She’s late! For a very important (non-specified but hopefully upcoming soon) date!”

A quick request – no comments about how Alice isn’t a real princess. Girlfriend has paid her dues and she certainly qualifies – see my guide to Disney princesses for further info. Oh and also you should check out Tim Shumate’s Facebook page, Deviant Art page, etc to support his art. You can also buy phone cases, pillows, and other fun stuff there if you’re so inclined. Links coming soon – I hate trying to post on my blog using the iPad so I’m waiting til I get back on my big girl computer. :)

2 thoughts on “Disney Princess Pinup Girl Tattoo – Alice in Wonderland!

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  2. Hi I really like ur art and I’m thinking about doing a full sleeve wanted to no if I could have ur permission to use ur Disney Princess?

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