Tim Shumate Says More Princess Pinups On The Way

Here’s the Disney princess pinupdate, per the Tim Shumate Illustrations Facebook page:

“So I am teaming up with Prints on Wood on a few new prints…Hatch & Hey Captain!… As well as the princess series launching in September. It will start with Alice…and feature some new characters (Cinderella, Mulan, Pocahontas).”

Eep! That means that these are coming soon:

Disney Princess pinup: Cinderella!

Banner ideas: “a dream is a wish your heart makes”, “if the shoe fits…”, or “bibbidi-boppidi-boo”

Disney Princess pinup: Mulan!

Banner ideas: “who is this girl I see?”, “someday I’ll make a man out of you!” or “the flower that blooms in adversity…”

Disney Princess pinup: Pocahontas!

Banner ideas: “can you paint with all the colors of the wind?”, “you must choose your own path”, or “an American legend comes to life”

Once they are created and posted to his page I will link to them from here. Any thoughts on potential banners for each of these lovely ladies?

4 thoughts on “Tim Shumate Says More Princess Pinups On The Way

  1. Cinderella- if the shoe fits, Mulan- the flower that blooms in adversity, and Pocahontas – you must choose your own path

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