HIMYM Episode Review: Drunk Train, Karma, & Purple Haze

It is with a heavy heart that I report a change in my predictions…with each week it seems less and less likely that Barney and Robin will end up together. Yesterday I compiled a ridiculous amount of information in my quest to discover the truth, and then the new episode came along and supported my unhappy conclusion.

First – this Ted and Robin stuff is boring. I’m over it. I hope the writers are having him revisit each important relationship, so that he can move the eff on and never look back. Also (and I don’t think this will happen, thankfully) if it ends with some crappy “and even though I had seen her a hundred times before, I never truly saw her until that day at the wedding” I might have to cut a bitch.

Back to Barney and Robin…yesterday I realized that purple wedding flowers plus Lily’s pink dress could equal a bride other than Robin. And that brought on the sads for me, because I really, really like them together. And then last night, Quinn shows up in a purple dress. This show is beyond meticulous in terms of their attention to detail, and we already know that object colors have significance (yellow umbrella, blue French horn, etc). So, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this was an early clue to Barney marrying Quinn.

Speaking of Quinn…apparently Barney really doesn’t register the faces or personalities of strippers. I could understand if this was just a random stripper at a random establishment, but this is Karma! From the Lusty Leopard!

Barney: Some girl I slept with and screwed over is trying to ruin my life. God, why is this happening?!
Lily: It’s karma.
Barney: No, it’s not Karma, she’s stripping in Vegas…plus, we’re good.

-“The Bracket”

So, clearly, Barney should have remembered her – or at least her rack! Come on Stinson, wasn’t it downloaded into your bank of bpeg images?

Also – Lily and Marshall are cute as parents, just like we expected. Goodbye Kevin, and good riddance. You were a nice guy but you tried too hard to be too nice and the chemistry just wasn’t there. I enjoyed the scenes where Robin shared her struggle with Lily, Marshall, and Ted. They rang true for me in a melancholy kinda way.

I’m so annoyed I will repeat it again – this Ted and Robin stuff sucks. How many times do we have to revisit it? I’m aware that we knew this was coming, but it doesn’t make me like it more.

4 thoughts on “HIMYM Episode Review: Drunk Train, Karma, & Purple Haze

  1. i don’t think that Ted is falling in love with Robin. i think ted was being supportive to Robin by saying he loves her. Remember when they were going to kiss after Robins break up with Don? Ted said it was a good thing that they didn’t make that mistake. He loves her as a friend.. that is all.

    1. I dunno, Ted seemed pretty romantically serious there. Especially since Robin was wondering what guy would want to be with a woman that couldn’t/wouldn’t have kids, and Ted said “me”. I get that Ted doesn’t realize yet that Robin isn’t the mother, but the rest of us are fully aware and I think it’s a shitty storyline. It feels lazy to me, and it makes the finality of other scenes – such as their breakup, and the scene where they also kiss but are stopped by Ted’s blondeness – less impactful. I’m still pretty pissed about this season, hopefully tonight’s episode will be better!!!

  2. Finally, I just hate Ted and Robin pairing, but you’re tottaly wrong, of course in my humble opinion, no offense. Last week episode was great, really moved me, especially when Robin admited she doesn’t love T-Dog, also my opinion about Robin really changed, she hurt also Barney’s feelings, which as we know left Nora for her. Not mentioning Marshall’s intervention, he really impressed like no one in show before. Bros before hos.

    1. Wait what part am I wrong about? That last week’s episode wasn’t wonderful? I don’t think that makes me wrong, I think that just makes me have an opinion that differs from yours. :) I still disagree, but I’m glad you enjoyed it. This week made me really happy, though, so I’m glad the show seems to be back on track. Marshall has always been that stand up kinda guy that speaks the truth and takes care of everyone – that’s why I love him so much!

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