HIMYM: Does Barney Marry Robin?

Short answer – yes! Read on for theories that came about before we knew for sure that Barney does, in fact, marry Robin…

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I had to stop using percentages in my blog post titles, because they have about as much accuracy as Barney’s 83% for every “true story” statistic. When I started writing this, I was nearly POSITIVE that Robin was Barney’s future wife. After delving deep (too deep, I know) into some screen caps and quotes, though, I’m worried that I am wrong! So I’m going to break it all down here, and see what we see…

We know for sure:

  • This is Barney’s wedding
  • Ted is the best man
  • Marshall is a member of the wedding party
  • This is the wedding where Ted meets the mother
  • It has to be far enough in the future for Lily to have given birth & lost the baby weight 

When we first see any scenes from this oh-so-important wedding (season 6, episode 1 “Big Days”), it seems like it’s actually Ted’s wedding. Later, when we discover that he is the best man, we have to infer from context who is actually getting married. My main question is: why did we see the wedding scene in this particular episode?

The only other relationships mentioned during this episode are:

  • Lily & Marshall (obviously not their wedding)
  • Cindy & her girlfriend/future wife (we later learn this cannot be her wedding, because Barney is the groom)
  • Robin & Barney!

This was a very brief part of the plot, so it may not be relevant at all. But, there are no other potential couples that fit, so it might be a good clue! When Robin shows up looking tore up from the floor up over her breakup with Don, Barney says:

Robin, seriously, I love you, but it’s like you have squiggly carton odor lines coming off you right now.

Later, when Robin has reverted back to being a clean, hot girl, Barney says:

You saucy little minx, you sundressed up.

Problem: The bad part about this connection is that Barney has a later encounter with Nora, and she’s wearing a sundress. Barney mentions that he thought it was too late for sundresses, and Nora says it’s never too late. So that could indicate that she’s the bride, but I hope not.

Back to the wedding! Lily shows up in a pink dress that seems like bridesmaid’s dress…but technically it’s just a dress. The Kate Spade “Amelia” dress, to be specific. So this dress isn’t made to be a bridesmaid’s dress, but Lily certainly could have worn it as one.

Problem – BIG problem – with this theory. Take a took at the image below – the left side has Barney with a purple and white boutonniere, and the right side shows his tie and a wedding bouquet. Both are from the same scene in the episode “Best Man”, where Ted is giving Barney a pep talk as he gets ready. If the wedding color is purple, Lily’s dress does not fit the color scheme, and as such is not likely to be a maid of honor/bridesmaid dress. We know that Robin would have Lily as her maid of honor – or at least a member of the wedding party – so a pink dress in a purple wedding does not indicate good things for Barney & Robin. If Lily isn’t in the wedding, I would have thought that she would coordinate her outfit with Marshall’s, so again, I’m totally confused by Lily’s outfit.

Let’s move on, though, because this purple pink business bums me out. If that’s how it plays out, I’m going to hope that the bride bails on Barney and Robin steps in to take her place, or some similar plot twist. Okay, so, back to the wedding. Lily says that the best man is needed, and we see that Barney needs Ted’s assistance. So, Ted is definitely Barney’s best man.

BUT – that doesn’t rule out Ted being ROBIN’S best man also. In the episode “False Positive”, Robin requests that Ted be her best man if she marries anyone besides him. Also, Lily is in her pink dress and seems to be performing official maid of honor duties, ie making sure the groom doesn’t bail before the wedding. Why would Lily be directing members of the wedding party if she weren’t close with the bride? I just can’t imagine Nora – or any of Barney’s current/former/future prospects – consulting with Lily.

Here’s a stretch but I like the idea of it anyway…it goes all the way back to the first appearance of that beloved Canadian teen superstar, the one and only Robin Sparkles!

When Robin is still hiding her sordid history from Ted, she makes up a fake husband and wedding. Ted learns from Marshall that Robin isn’t married, and so he tries to lawyer her into telling the truth by bombarding her with questions. She has to say that the marriage was at the mall, because it explains her aversion to malls. But then she elaborates…

Ted: Band or DJ?
Robin: String quartet played at the ceremony, but for the actual reception, we had a seven-piece band. We paid extra for the sax ’cause I just love that smooth alto sound.
Ted: How many bridesmaids?
Robin: Seven.
Ted: Flowers?
Robin: Azaleas.
Ted: Color scheme?
Robin: Dusty rose and sienna.
Ted: Husbands name?
Robin: (she hesitates) Um…
Ted: You were never married!

Shortly thereafter, Ted is so frustrated that he yells at Robin, “No wonder your fake husband moved to Hong Kong!” Robin responds indignantly, “He moved there for BUSINESS!” I consider this to be one of the funniest scenes in the entire series, btw.

The point to all this is that Robin likely has dreams for her future wedding, like many girls do. She might not even know for sure that she wants to be married, but most of us have fantasized about our wedding dress, flowers, etc one time or another. So Robin’s rapid-fire responses could be referencing her actual dream wedding. I don’t think that Lily’s dress seems very dusty rosy, but a quick Google image search reveals that apparently some people do consider that color to equal dusty rose. I’m also confused as to why anyone would want sienna as a wedding color, but hey, those Canadians are crazy, amiright?

That being said – Robin could also be spouting off facts about her friend’s wedding. In the same episode, there are several mentions of “Robin’s friend from Canada that got married way too young”. The gang suspects that Robin’s “friend” is actually Robin, but this is later proved untrue. The friend is most likely Jessica Glitter – we learn much later that Jessica did settle down very early. Robin is not happy about this, because Jessica got pregnant and ditched Robin. So, it makes sense that Robin could have been referring to Jessica’s wedding, or she could be making shit up on the spot. I realize that this is in no way definitive but I really wish it were because then I could feel extra clever!

Problem: The damn flowers, again. Purple flowers are not dusty rose flowers, or sienna flowers, or hot pink flowers like Lily’s dress. I hate these flowers. Also, I think the wedding flowers are calla lilies, but azaleas look similar, so I suppose maybe there could be some wiggle room there?

Ted has to marry someone outside of the group – we already know this. But in the grand tradition of successful sitcoms, we have to have people within the group hook up, break up, get back together, etc. Robin and Barney getting married ensures that they will remain close as they grow older, and it keeps the entire group tightly interconnected. If either of them were to end up with someone else, it is very likely that they would grow apart – and who wants that?! So, I’m still Team Robin, and I still think that Barney + Robin = True Luv 4Eva. Which reminds me, we’re still waiting to discover who Steph (that Marshall hearts 4eva) is, too…

12 thoughts on “HIMYM: Does Barney Marry Robin?

  1. sorry for the long post and probably not so proper English in advance i hope it make some sense

    well Becky newton has been casted for cb&ct new comedy show “the Goodwin games” so wat r the chances do u think of BN continue in season 8.

    given the description we have got now of Quinn that she is a stripper and probably a gold-digger i don’t think she is a serious bride candidate i would consider even if writer wants us to show that way.why would they choose they choose BR relation ship (which they have been building over the years) over this make no sense.

    to be honest i m very confident that robin is the bride& ready to bet any thing on this.
    at this point writers wants us to be clueless about the bride but given the clues we have got in season6&7 i think robin is most probably the bride.if not wat is the point of personal growth they both r going thru if not getting back together and making things better for good.what story would they make by showing someone else as bide and dragging her till season 8 end make no sense to me.i think in season 8 focus will come back again on ted and his journey and barney robin journey as couple to the wedding.whre ted will meet his wife.

    show Quinn will mean as a bride will mean that writers have no new story to tell and they want to drag things till end. i m BR fan only started to watch this show again b/c of their chemistry and in the hope that i will see them together.i haven’t been able to enjoyed the show lately due to the thing which r happening.so i m waiting till may hoping for good.Not going to watch NORA2.0 or drama (will the won’t they) any more in season8.probably hav to say good by to HIMYM.

    lastly i found this site while i was lurking for some BR related articles take a look at that:
    Reasons Why Robin is Barney’s Bride
    wats ur opinion on that

    1. I really enjoyed everything you said, thanks for commenting! That livejournal link is amazing and I will for sure need to devote some time to soring through everything. My fave part was analyzing the symbolism of clothing colors. I still really truly WANT Barney and Robin together, but I’m worried that the signs point elsewhere. Hopefully with this new info I can evaluate and come up with a better outcome :)

    1. Great read! I agree with most of your points but I still think the wedding will originally be planned as Barney and Quinn’s. That’s why Lily’s dress doesn’t match the wedding colors and why it will be oh so shocking when it ends up being Robin instead!

  2. lilly asks ted that the bride wants to speak to him, which does make sense for the bride to be norra cos ted is not close to her but on the other had ted and robbin have a strong friend ship

    1. Yeah I thought maybe she said “the bride” just to keep the mystery going for us, not because she is/isn’t particularly close with the bride. The way she said it though seemed kinda confused, like why does the bride need Ted? Which makes me think it is Quinn (or possibly Nora, but I hope not, because I never liked her). But I still think the ceremony won’t go as planned and Barney will end up marrying Robin!

  3. Okay, so I have a thought about Lily’s dress. The writers have said that there are some mishaps that happen throughout the wedding. Well, I was thinking, what if one of those mishaps include Lily’s maid of honor dress being ruined? It would explain why her dress doesn’t match the flowers and why it was just a regular dress. I could see something bad happening to it so they had to find an alternative dress. It would also be a good way for the writers to throw us off the trail of the Robin-bride thing. What do you think? Am I just grasping for any hope I can find? Or does it make sense?

    1. I don’t think you’re grasping – that sounds plausible to me! Maybe it will be like when everything went wrong for Lily and Marshall. I hadn’t considered that before, thank you for commenting :)

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  4. You’ve got some really good points, but these new episode show that it can’t be Nora whom Barney will end up with. So I would guess either Robin or Quinn, but Quinn said that they needed a break so a hope that means, that Barney’ll end up with Robin (cause they’re the best together, I didn’t like Quinn that much). But still I think there must be some kind of a twist, so I like the thought of the originally Quinn wedding, but someone gets hurt and it end up with a Barney-Robin wedding! :)

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