HIMYM Season 7, Episode 4 Review: The Stinson Missile Crisis

Confession – I didn’t OMG love last week’s episode like many people seemed to. This may or may not be due to my irrational prejudice against Victoria. I really enjoyed this week’s episode, but other reviews online seem less enthused. So perhaps I do not represent the norm of HIMYM viewers. Regardless, here are my thoughts on “The Stinson Missile Crisis”…

This is my fave conversation quote of the whole show:

“The truth is, I thought I’d be married by now, and going through all this stuff alongside you guys. But, even if I meet the girl of my dreams right this second, I’m still one night and nine months from having a family of my own…and that’s assuming the mother of my children is just a huge slut.” – Ted 

“Don’t lose hope Ted, that slut is out there!” – Marshall


  • Kal Penn as Robin’s therapist – and possible future love interest?
  • Poor, poor Patrice, getting blamed for everything
  • Robin is really good at encouraging her ex-boyfriend’s current girlfriends to go to Europe
  • Barney’s Bimbo Delivery Systems:

-Dr. Barney Stinson of StinsonBreastReduction.com
-PS: loved that the “Google ads” at right on that site were:

Lorenzo von Matterhorn
The exclusive tell-all interview!

Big Bouncy Balloons
The bigger the balloon, the harder they soar.

Meet Local Canadians
Find out what’s really happening up north.

-Arnie Linson, Attorney at Law, of LinsonBreastLawsuit.com
-Jack Fantastic!

  • Ted trying to justify his part in the trio by mentioning Batman & Robin & Alfred, Romeo & Juliet & the apothecary, salt & pepper & cumin (I totally thought he was going to say Salt, Pepa, & Spinderella, which made more sense to me and was also much, much funnier. Just imagine those three as Salt & Pepa!)
  • “It’s fascinating how profoundly little…I know about vaginas” – Marshall
  • “When we the last time we got rip-roaring drunk in clothing that highlights our genders?” – Robin
  • “Mama loves the musky” – Lily
  • “Screw it, who says that two bros can’t rock a birthing class?” – Marshall
  • So your plan was to be out on the town, dressed provocatively, drinking with another woman’s man? You a dog!” – Robin’s therapist (did he have a name? I don’t think I heard/saw it anywhere)
  • “He asked me if I believe in destiny, and I DO.” – Crazy girl that Barney’s phone cold-called
  • All of the Halloween costumes! Here’s what I’ve come up with for HIMYM Halloween timelines:

  • 1997: Salt & pepper and cumin
  • 1998: Lady & the Tramp and their bowl of spaghetti
  • 2000: Lewis & Clark and their canoe
  • 2001: Sonny & Cher and a hanging chad
  • 2002-2004: Ted as hanging chad still?
  • 2005: Gay pirate (Captain Jack Sparrow) & his parrot & a hanging chad – Barney as Maverick from Top Gun, a devil, & a penguin. Robin supposed to be Gretel but didn’t dress up.
  • 10-30-06: Barney as Borat
  • 2006: Dr. Frankenstein & his monster and a scared villager
  • 2007: R2D2, C3PO, and the robot Luke’s Uncle almost bought from the Jawas
  • 2010: Matador & bull, Robin as nurse (for a commercial, not really for Halloween), Ted as hot dog, Barney as Johnny Lawrence from the Cobra Kai dojo in The Karate Kid, Randy as a lobster

Didn’t Love:

  • Still no scenes with Ted and Nora together – are they trying to imply that she’s the mother? She does love yellow, and there’s the yellow umbrella to consider, but I see this as a purposeful attempt to throw us off. Plus Ted seems the type to pick up on an accent as soon as he hears it, so I feel like all of the back story would have a vague British accent if she were the mom.
  • Marshall not knowing about a very important area in the ladybits region. This seems inconsistent to me, just because him and Lily like to get kinky and Lily doesn’t seem like she would mess around with a guy who doesn’t know how to please her properly. Although it would explain some of her Robin crush fantasies…
Future mysteries:
They show Lily in labor, presumably 6-8 months or so in the future. She’s yelling, “where the hell is Marshall?!”. Future Ted says that’s a crazy story – I look forward to seeing it. One thing that is not a mystery, though, is the gender of the baby. In the episode “Last Cigarette Ever”, future Ted notes that Marshall’s last cigarette was on the day his son was born. So congrats to Lilypad and Marshmallow for their future baby boy! I guess it could still be a girl but that would be strange.

3 thoughts on “HIMYM Season 7, Episode 4 Review: The Stinson Missile Crisis

  1. I really liked this episode also. The back and forth scenes between Robin and her therapist were hilarious, especially when she finished up her story about Marshall & Lily and it turned out to have nothing to do with her situation. For some reason, I think the baby is gonna be a girl, named Steph (becuase of the T-Shirt) or maybe its a name for the baby Marshall really likes…its kinda just a hunch, I know he stops smoking when his son is born, but that could possibly be their second child.

    The entire episode I thought that Robin assaulted Norah in a fit of jealous rage, but it turned out she was, in a way, protecting Norah and Barney. Which I thought was really cool.

    One of my favourite parts of the whole episode was when Barney was “Jack Fantastic”, because you have to think about Barney getting licenced in Cosmetology, just to play a gay guy with a straight twin, so he could pick up chicks, in the same way he learned the art of Japanese Cooking, just to get the chance to see Lily’s boobs…and also the Jack Fantastic character reminded me of Neil Patrick Harris on SNL (If you haven’t seen this episode, look it up, its amazing!)

    Overall it was a pretty good episode, can’t wait to see what mysteries next week’s episode has.

    Until Then,


    1. I think that scene – with Marshall in the Steph shirt – is possibly set at the same game that Barney dominates in “Atlantic City”. Per wikipedia it is called ” “行還是不行”, Chinese for ‘Deal or No Deal’ Lautschrift: Xíng háishì bùxíng” I don’t know if that translation is accurate, but I do know that Marshall is the only other person (possibly in the world) that could succeed at that game. I loved that part of the episode, so I definitely hope they bring it back.

      Jack Fantastic was fricken awesome. Of course Barney would go through all that trouble, he probably knows how to give a hell of a haircut, too!

      1. I hadn’t thought of that, it does make a lot of sense though, if anyone can pick up a completly random game and dominate at it, its Marshall Eriksen. I also thought that the birthing scene and the drunk Marshall casino scene happen in the same episode, bc Lily says “Where the Hell is Marshall!?”…such mysteries. I can’t wait to see how they un-ravel.

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