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HIMYM Season 7, Episode 4 Review: The Stinson Missile Crisis


Confession – I didn’t OMG love last week’s episode like many people seemed to. This may or may not be due to my irrational prejudice against Victoria. I really enjoyed this week’s episode, but other reviews online seem less enthused. So perhaps I do not represent the norm of HIMYM viewers. Regardless, here are my thoughts on “The Stinson Missile Crisis”…

This is my fave conversation quote of the whole show:

“The truth is, I thought I’d be married by now, and going through all this stuff alongside you guys. But, even if I meet the girl of my dreams right this second, I’m still one night and nine months from having a family of my own…and that’s assuming the mother of my children is just a huge slut.” – Ted 

“Don’t lose hope Ted, that slut is out there!” – Marshall


-Dr. Barney Stinson of
-PS: loved that the “Google ads” at right on that site were:

Lorenzo von Matterhorn
The exclusive tell-all interview!

Big Bouncy Balloons
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Meet Local Canadians
Find out what’s really happening up north.

-Arnie Linson, Attorney at Law, of
-Jack Fantastic!

Didn’t Love:

Future mysteries:
They show Lily in labor, presumably 6-8 months or so in the future. She’s yelling, “where the hell is Marshall?!”. Future Ted says that’s a crazy story – I look forward to seeing it. One thing that is not a mystery, though, is the gender of the baby. In the episode “Last Cigarette Ever”, future Ted notes that Marshall’s last cigarette was on the day his son was born. So congrats to Lilypad and Marshmallow for their future baby boy! I guess it could still be a girl but that would be strange.
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