They Make Smart Girls Stupid

Caroline: What’d you see in that guy anyway?

Max: He had these muscle thingies

Caroline: Ohhh those things?

Max: I don’t know what those are called but they make smart girls stupid

2 Broke Girls, episode 1

Sigh…ain’t it the truth? I’m not sure how I feel about this show yet, but it was better than I expected. I like to give new shows a couple episodes to get broken in, and I suspect this one could do well. Mostly I just want that boyfriend to come back… (sans shirt, obviously). Want a bigger, higher resolution version of this image? Click on over to my new post – appropriately called Big Image – 2 Broke Girls Quote & Yummy Shirtless Noah Mills. Enjoy! :)

9 thoughts on “They Make Smart Girls Stupid

      1. omg lol ever since i saw that episode ive been wondering what d you call those things and i’ve googled it but couldnt find the answer and ive given up…ive only recently been reminded of it when asked what’s my fetish hahahaha and i knew it was those things and i looked it up again…thankfully i stumbled upon your blog thanks! now i know what my fetish is. hahaha it’s populary known as adonis/apollo ‘s belt in the bodybuilding world…

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