This Jon Hamm GIF Dances To Your Music

It doesn’t, actually, but it certainly seems to. I can’t take my eyes off of him! Sometimes he seems like he’s doing some sort of River Dance, and other times he seems to be warming up for Tae Bo. Either way is fine by me! I went searching for (potentially NSFW) gifs that focus on Jon Hamm’s glorious endowment, but sadly didn’t find too many options. He should really get to work on that, like now. Anyway, here’s a collection of Jon Hamm sexytime gifs for you to enjoy!

B-T-Dub, in the walking gif, Hamm has his cell phone/wallet/pack of cigarettes in his left pocket. His right side bulge is entirely about being happy to see me. I don’t care if that’s not true, it makes me happy! Lest you doubt me, I present further evidence…

Enough said :)

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