HIMYM Season 7 Episodes 1 & 2 Review

Monday night gave us two brand new episodes of How I Met Your Mother – “The Best Man” and “The Naked Truth”. Both of them were pretty much on par with the past season, bringing lots of laughter and even some tears. Definite spoilers ahead!!!


  • Barney & Robin dancing to Deee-Lite! “Groove is in the Heart” came out in 1990, so it probably didn’t get to Canada until like ’98, ’99. Robin’s sweet dance moves were not a surprise, given her impressive moves as seen in the video for Canada’s favorite hit single, “Let’s Go To The Mall”
  • Classic Schmosby Remix! Had it stuck in my head all night and I didn’t mind one bit
  • Lily yelling “Hakuna Matata!” when she takes her fake shot
  • Robin’s truth voice (have we heard before? must investigate…)
  • “Robin, get me my legal pad…it’s PROS AND CONS time!” (and kids, they really cheered)
  • “I need…a color chart!” High Five! “COLOR CHART, COLOR CHART, COLOR CHART!” (and kids, we really chanted)
  • Edward Forty-Hands (40-Hands?) appears to be an awesome game. I also enjoyed the similar version on That 70s Show, where they substituted beer steins for 40s (“See Foreman, now at the bachelor party you can hold a beer, even after you’ve lost the ability to hold a beer, from drinkin’ all the beer!”)
  • Drunk Marshall. Jason Segel is so, so good at playing that funny drunk guy that we all love.
  • Ted explaining that Barney’s percentages are always the inverse (Barney said 83%, Ted says actually 17%)
  • Barney’s alter ego Barnell
  • Punchy’s wife is plus size and nobody makes any fat jokes about her
Didn’t Love:
  • Barney’s two fat jokes early on:
Barney: Sure, this tie is skinny now, but what if it gets fat and starts bossing me around?!
Barney: Single file ladies – no fatties!
Ted: That’s ridiculous
Barney: You’re right, it’s Cleveland…single  file, ladies!
  • The return of Victoria…I just can’t get on board with this. I dislike Victoria and I’m really not sure why. Her and Ted have a very romantic back story with unfinished business, so I’m not surprised that she turned up again. Based on prior clues it doesn’t seem possible that she is the mother, so I can tolerate her presence. I can’t quite explain it…she’s an attractive woman, but there’s something about her face that I find aesthetically unappealing. But this should make a good story arc for a while. I tried to see if she was sporting a ring on her left ring finger but wasn’t able to get a glimpse.
  • Barney’s fake fingernails. SO GROSS.
  • Barney using Robin’s love confession as a script for his call with Nora. Poor Robin, this scene made me cry a little.
New Mysteries:
  • The Ducky Tie (appears to be the topic of next week’s episode)
  • Marshall getting drunk in the future – at a casino with Barney? Wearing a shirt that says Marshall hearts Steph forever? I wasn’t able to catch a good look at that scene either, I will clarify and add screenshots after I watch online.

2 thoughts on “HIMYM Season 7 Episodes 1 & 2 Review

  1. I was kinda excited to see Victoria return, the Wedding Episode where he meets her and the episode about Marshgammon are two of my favourite episodes. Haha I agree about the Schmosby Remix! Twas epic…lol. and One thing I’m not so sure how I feel about is Robin and Barney as a couple. I don’t hate the idea of it, and I want them to be happy, but I dont think the bride at the wedding is her. It might be Norah, but maybe not even her? Still too early to tell.

    At Any Rate, I Love Your Reviews and Posts :)
    Keep On Keepin On!

    –Justin Blythe
    Plymouth, NC

    1. I begrudgingly admit that it might be alright for them to close all the loose ends :) Because Ted can’t have any lingering doubts in his heart when he meets The Mother. I’m thinking that Barney is about to marry Norah, but then backs out. He expressed some hesitation last episode, and I like the idea of him being 100% confident if it was with Robin. But we shall see…

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