Does Zappos Really Offer “Fits For Every Body Type”?

This recent Zappos ad says that the brand is offering jeans for “every body type”, but the body types shown are all pretty similar. Flat stomach, long legs, nice ass. So my first reaction is, wow, their definition of “every” is pretty much the opposite of mine. All of those jeans seem to be for just one body type. Some people think that it’s all the same model, but the ab and belly button areas seem a bit different to me?

I was debating how I felt about this, so I took a look-see at their selection of denim. I was pleasantly surprised to find a wide range of available sizes and styles, including 112 pairs specifically noted as being part of their plus size collection. They also use plus size models/mannequins to show the jeans, which is refreshing to see. The sizes listed were a little confusing, but from what I can tell they offer jeans up to size 28W and/or 4XL. That’s pretty good! Many stores limit their “plus sizes” to maybe size 18 and 1X, so this is a nice selection of reasonable sizes to fit the average woman. Petite, junior, maternity, misses, and tall were listed alongside plus size as “specialty sizes”. There are also small and average sizes including 00, 0, and XXS.

It seems that Zappos is doing great with the selection, but this ad missed the mark a bit. Still, it encouraged brand discussion and presumably page clicks, so perhaps they’re right on the money?

Thanks to Jezebel and Sociological Images for the picture and info!

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