Do Want: Dapper Giraffe, Please (Courtesy of Love Bites)

He’s wearing a top hat. Why would a giraffe, who’s already tall, need a top hat? It’s hilarious. With this one toy, my baby will know the meaning of irony. -Dale, on Love Bites

Dear people of the internets: I know that you found my blog because you’re trying to find/buy Sir Giraffington. I am too! I will keep looking & will definitely post links here if I can ever find him. Please do so in return? Thanks! -Corina

I have found a dapper giraffe! He is not, sadly, Sir Giraffington the Dapper Giraffe. But he is a handsome gentleman, don’t you think?

I re-watched part of this episode just to confirm that this handsome fella was indeed named Sir Giraffington the Dapper Giraffe. I want him even more now! Giraffes are pretty much my favorite animal, and I’m rather fond of monocles and top hats as well. He’s a tall thing wearing a tall thing, it’s hilarious!

PS – Does anyone know where Sir Giraffington can be purchased? I’m not desperate to find him the way Dale is, but I am quite fond of him. When searching online so far I’ve only been able to find Sophie the teething toy giraffe, who, btw, seems like a handy gal to have around. Or at least a handy gal to buy for my favorite little man who just started teething. Anyway, if anyone can locate this dapper giraffe, please let me know!

11 thoughts on “Do Want: Dapper Giraffe, Please (Courtesy of Love Bites)

  1. trying to actually find one … kills me no one was smart enough to have something that cute and unique on a nationally televised show ready to order.

  2. It is really cute, but if you didn’t hear the show’s been cancelled. What I don’t understand is why Abbys’ farting hippo from NCIS isn’t in stores nationwide.

    1. I was hoping the show would last, but not surprised if its been cancelled. I don’t watch NCIS so I’m not familiar with the farting hippo but I’m certainly intrigued!

  3. My husband made me a Daper Giraffe for our wedding anniversary. He ordered a good size giraffe. He found a top hat and monical. and attached them and also added a tasteful ascot. I love it so. I told him after that episode I wanted one and he made it happen. Love him so :)

  4. guys… I actually have that giraffe (or, at least one really close to it) I have the giraffe, yes, but not the accessories with it. All you have to do is buy the top hat and eye thingamabob though! WAM! Dapper Giraffe Complete. Lol, it’s not that hard, just a home project, sew them on maybe? i dunno. I’m a giraffe lover, and honestly just add ur own accessories!!! instead of paying a bunch of money for for a giraffe with extra accessories, buy a giraffe WITHOUT accessories, then add your own. That’s probably what the show did… took a normal giraffe stuffed animal then sewed on the hat and eye thingamabob… hope this helped

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