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Do Want: Dapper Giraffe, Please (Courtesy of Love Bites)


He’s wearing a top hat. Why would a giraffe, who’s already tall, need a top hat? It’s hilarious. With this one toy, my baby will know the meaning of irony. -Dale, on Love Bites

Dear people of the internets: I know that you found my blog because you’re trying to find/buy Sir Giraffington. I am too! I will keep looking & will definitely post links here if I can ever find him. Please do so in return? Thanks! -Corina

I have found a dapper giraffe! He is not, sadly, Sir Giraffington the Dapper Giraffe. But he is a handsome gentleman, don’t you think?

I re-watched part of this episode just to confirm that this handsome fella was indeed named Sir Giraffington the Dapper Giraffe. I want him even more now! Giraffes are pretty much my favorite animal, and I’m rather fond of monocles and top hats as well. He’s a tall thing wearing a tall thing, it’s hilarious!

PS – Does anyone know where Sir Giraffington can be purchased? I’m not desperate to find him the way Dale is, but I am quite fond of him. When searching online so far I’ve only been able to find Sophie the teething toy giraffe, who, btw, seems like a handy gal to have around. Or at least a handy gal to buy for my favorite little man who just started teething. Anyway, if anyone can locate this dapper giraffe, please let me know!

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