Arthur Had A Dapper Giraffe – Where Is Mine?!

Hobson: And this is just a repeat of when you were certain you needed a pet giraffe to be happy. Well, you were bored with that within a week.

Arthur: Because he ate his monocle!

I’ve been on the hunt for the dapper giraffe (Sir Giraffington, the plush giraffe wearing a monocle and top hat) for months now, to no avail. At this rate I feel like it would be easier to acquire a Russian petite lap giraffe from Sokoblovsky Farms. Amazon, Ebay, Google, and a whole host of other sites can’t find him at all. He popped up once in the show Love Bites, and then vanished like the last unicorn. It’s a sad tale, truly. Perhaps someone could make him, or a plush giraffe inspired by him? Then everyone could enjoy the irony of a tall thing wearing a tall thing! Oh well. In the meantime, luck is me! I’m #1,470,916 on the waiting list for a Petite Lap Giraffe. When they look like this, they’re worth the wait. :)

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