Awkward White People Problems

For those of you at home, “awkward” is a white people word that can be applied to every situation.

-Charles Barkley on SNL – “White People Problems” sketch 1/7/12

This makes me laugh because it’s true. I avoid awkwardness like it’s the plague! But it’s a wily opponent that’s tough to evade…especially if you’re a white person? IDK. But I think proper credit needs to go to Louis C.K. for originating the concept of “white people problems” (or at least labeling them as such – something tells me this is a joke concept that just keeps on giving).

2 thoughts on “Awkward White People Problems

  1. I posted a quick picture of the “Sketchers Shape Ups, How i Met Your Mother Trojan Minis Bowl” On The YourMother FB. This season of SNL is really stepping it up. For years I’ve said they just need to Cameo the crap out of a season, and get some great hosts, people care about. After seeing Tom Hanks, on the elton John episode, I knew this seaosn would be it, and it hasn’t disappointed, minus the Zach G, episode. After seeing years of his stand up, before his career really took off, anyone should know that SNL is the wrong placve for him.

    1. Oh man I loved that part, I forgot all about it. I laughed for like 10 straight minutes wondering who would admit to needing Trojan minis :) I was pleasantly surprised at Charles Barkley – he wasn’t hilarious, no, but he had pretty good timing and he made me laugh. Honestly, though, I would be perfectly happy to just have Justin Timberlake host like every other show. I’m pretty attached to Omeletville & the Barry Gibb Talk Show. Make sure Jimmy Fallon is there too and I am a-ok.

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