BDB Family Tree – Vishous, Jane, Payne

Let’s get down to the deities, shall we? Just a handful of spiritual entities, making trouble and giving the Brothers endless headaches. Good times, true? Anyway, here’s another fun family tree for The Black Dagger Brotherhood book series by J.R. Ward. This one includes the bloodlines and known relatives/descendants of:

Vishous, Jane, Payne, The Scribe Virgin, The Omega, Lash, The Lessers, Lassiter, and Devina

General Notes:

  • No bloodline colors are directly provided for any of these characters. I did include red for the mating of Manny and Payne, because Manny is a descendent of Wrath’s bloodline.
  • Qhuinn’s family color is turquoise, and his father is brothers with Lash’s adoptive father. So, I assumed that Lash’s father shared the same bloodline color. 
  • It is possible that the Scribe Virgin is totally above bloodline colors, but she could use the Chosens’ bloodline color – gold.
  • If I were her I would pick white as my bloodline color, cause that is clearly her most used hue.
  • I searched very hard in the books to find every goddamn Lesser name, so please appreciate my hard work. I was ready to name them all little shits and call it a day, but I decided to be thorough. 

Here’s a master list of all the family trees, to be filled in with links as I get them published:

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