I’ve Found San Diego’s Secret Job Portal: The Corner Bakery Cafe Downtown


I’ve been doing the job hunt thing again, and checking all of the usual sources – Craigslist, Indeed, etc. Anyway, when I was looking at Craigslist, I noticed that a bunch of jobs seemed to all be in the same location. I figured I was just imagining things, but then I started to look in other categories, and found the same results. They’re all in the same place.


After a second or two of thought, I realized that Craigslist must default to showing one specific, central location on the posting if the only location specified is “San Diego”. After perusing listings, though, I ended up with the distinct impression that all of San Diego’s jobs are exclusively available at the secret job portal: The Corner Bakery Cafe downtown.


Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we could all just head down to the corner job store and buy ourselves a job or two? If that’s always been your dream, I invited you to join me in the Corner Bakery Cafe AU, where you swing by, sit down, and peruse a menu of available jobs to be had.


Imagine all of the interviewers in the back of the cafe, folded up on shelves, hoping it’s their chance to be called. Way in the back there are kindly gentlemen in dusty polyester suits, desperately hoping to find someone, anyone, who wants a job as a Betamax technician or a gal Friday or door to door salesmen. The waiters and waitresses can provide recommendations or surprise you with the job du jour, which might end up being your new favorite!


I think this needs to be a comic strip or a sitcom. I’m not the best at drawing but if anyone wants to help out I will happily publish their rendition on this post! I realize that the Corner Bakery Cafe is a franchise with locations all over, but I can’t decide if it’s just this San Diego location that is the job portal, or every Corner Bakery Cafe. Obviously one job shop, no matter how magic, can’t really serve an entire country, so my final determination is that all Corner Bakery Cafes are, in fact, portals to available jobs. I plan to visit the one in downtown San Diego ASAP!

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