Wait, What? HIMYM Proposal Confusion

Strange things are afoot at the Circle K Farhampton Inn, Ted. Before we proceed, let’s take note of the big fat SPOILER ALERT that applies to everything from here on out.

Ted-Mother-LighthouseTed_takes_a_knee Yesafter1

But then fans all over realized that things were a wee bit confusing.

Let’s look at the timeline. I did this for Ted-Mosby.com and have copied and pasted a section of it here:

  • 5/26/13: Ted meets The Mother at the Farhampton Train Station.
  • 6/2013: Ted quits smoking, two weeks into dating The Mother.
  • 5/2014: Ted and The Mother return to Farhampton Inn, very much in love with each other. They probably conceive their first child.
  • 2015: Baby girl Penny Mosby is born! (Likely late February 2015 based on potential May 2014 conception date)
  • May 2015: Ted and The Mother return to Farhampton. Ted proposes atop the lighthouse!
  • Spring/Summer 2015: Ted introduces his baby girl to Trilogy Time with Barney and Marshall.
  • 12/2015: Lily and Marshall take Ted’s daughter to meet Santa Claus for the first time.
  • 2017: Baby boy Luke Mosby is born!
  • 2020: Ted and his wife, along with Marshall and Lily, attend the Wesleyan University 20 year reunion.
  • 2021: Barney’s exploding meatball prank
  • 4/2021: Ted runs into Wendy the Waitress at the airport, tells her about his wife & two kids.
  • 2030: Ted tells his kids the story of how he met their mother.

This means the lighthouse proposal flash forward is in May of 2015. 

Why is this so significant? Look at the timeline again – this means that Ted proposes to The Mother AFTER their daughter has been born. It doesn’t seem very Teddish, now does it? But, in my opinion, it all makes sense. Here’s how I see it going down:

Curtis – the front desk guy at the Farhampton Inn – has already mentioned that countless babies have been conceived within the hotel’s walls. Ted and The Mother return to the inn, one year after they have met. It’s their first anniversary. Ted is super romantic. So amidst all of this romance and excitement, it is very easy to believe that a baby could have been accidentally created. Maybe they had a moment like Ted and Robin in season one, where they both decided to just “risk it”.  But in this case, the risk resulted in an actual kid and not just a scare for Barney.

So they make the baby in May 2014, have the baby in February 2015, putting the baby at about 2-3 months old when we see her in “Trilogy Time”.

I’m guessing that Ted proposes to The Mother when he finds out she is pregnant. That’s a very Ted thing to do. I know having a baby out of wedlock doesn’t seem like a Mosby move, but what are the alternatives? If the character of Ted accidentally got someone pregnant, how do you think he would react? By proposing, of course. Ted is a proposal slut already, but this time he would mean it with his whole heart.

In real life, people get pregnant outside of marriage all the time. I get that this is a sitcom and not real life. I get that we would not expect Ted to be one of those people. But in a show that has covered taking risks with birth control in at least 3 prior episodes, it’s not unheard of. It’s not even unlikely. And if that happens, Ted isn’t going to be someone who wants an abortion or to put the baby up for adoption. He’s not going to be someone who says, peace out, have fun raising a baby on your own because you won’t ever see me again. He’s not even the type to pay child support but not have contact with his kid. Ted is the type that will propose, because this is exactly what he truly wants – a family with the woman that he loves. So he pops the question.

BUT – The Mother will say no. Or say yes, but not right now. Like most women, she wants her proposal to be special, and motivated by true love. She doesn’t want to be one of those couples that marries because of a baby and is then miserable down the road. She doesn’t want a forced proposal. So Ted accepts that challenge and vows to propose again later, in a romantic grand gesture that they both want and deserve.

So, down the road, and after the baby is born, Ted proposes again. It isn’t about their daughter this time. It’s purely about how much he loves her, with no sense of obligation or necessity to take away from the gesture. This seems very Ted-like to me.

So far, so good, right? Well, there’s the little hiccup of  S7E20 “Trilogy Time” to consider.

ted and daughter
L: Ted holding daughter in Trilogy Time, spring/summer 2015
R: Ted holding daughter in Lobster Crawl, December 2015

When we see Ted holding his daughter, he’s wearing a wedding ring. But this is supposed to occur either before (likely) or very shortly after (less likely) the lighthouse proposal in 2015. Trilogy time traditionally occurs during finals week, so late spring or early summer. It started in an April episode, so I usually assume it’s around then.

Why would Ted be wearing a wedding ring before he has even proposed? Solo and I have been debating this over at Ted-Mosby.com, and I’ve come up with a few ideas. At this point he – and many, many others – are thinking this is a continuity error by the writers. These fans believe that the writers, creators, and actor all made the mistake of saying “two years” instead of “one year” ago in this lighthouse flash forward scene. I find that to be highly implausible. I just can’t believe that nobody noticed this glaring continuity error before it actually aired. So here are my ideas for how to make sense of that:

Trilogy Time in 2015 could have occurred later in the summer, after the proposal. Ted could be wearing a “man-gagement ring”. This is a relatively new trend where men wear engagement or wedding rings before the marriage. The reasons are simple – don’t want to seem single when you’re really taken, want to match your fiance in showing a symbol of commitment pre-marriage, or they just already consider themselves married in their hearts so why not wear the ring.

So Ted could be newly engaged and rocking his own version of an engagement ring. Based on timing, though, I believe that Trilogy Time 2015 occurs BEFORE the lighthouse proposal.

If this is the case, Ted could be wearing a wedding ring for the same reasons. He doesn’t want to give off the impression that he’s single when he’s really not. He doesn’t want to deal with being hit on – we all know a cute baby is great lady bait, right? He may be actively seeking the same effect that Lily and Robin dealt with when wearing their engagement rings. Ted probably wouldn’t mind being invisible to other women at this point in his life.

Ted could also be wearing a wedding ring to avoid dealing with judgemental and/or questioning people who don’t approve of or understand a child born out of wedlock. Maybe him and The Mother are tired of doctors, strangers on the street, etc, asking nosy questions about the lack of a wedding ring along with a new baby. I doubt him and The Mother would actually care about other people’s opinions, but it is likely that they want to protect their baby from judgement. There are, unfortunately, doctors and nurses that would look down on them for this situation. A professional in the medical industry shouldn’t discriminate, berate, or inquire about their marital status, but it does happen.

Another idea – Ted has already proposed. He and The Mother have agreed to wait on that until after the baby is born. But, Ted is in love with his soulmate already. He knows that they are meant to be together and he knows that he would have proposed even if she never got pregnant. So he tells her that she can take all the time she needs, but he’s wearing the ring because his mind is made up. The flaw in this theory is that he is NOT wearing a ring in the scene with the lighthouse proposal.

More likely – Ted and The Mother DID get married before the baby was born. But it was a marriage of necessity, not romance. There probably wasn’t enough time to plan a fairy tale wedding and pull it off before the baby was born. The logistics of wedding dress shopping mean that it would be difficult to get the dress in time and in the right size, because they would be estimated how big she would get as she progresses with the pregnancy. So maybe it was a court ceremony, or just something simple.

But that’s not very romantic, so Ted takes the opportunity to propose again, this time for the fancy wedding and big, family filled joyous occasion that they both originally dreamed of. I personally like this idea quite a bit.

If this is the case, then Ted would have had to take the ring off at some point before the lighthouse proposal. Maybe it’s lost for real, or he just said it was lost for the symbolism of the moment. Maybe it’s being sized, idk.

Another possibility – maybe Ted’s dad or grandpa died, and now Ted is wearing his ring. It’s not unheard of.

Basically, the wedding ring that Ted wears in “Trilogy Time” is the only element that directly contradicts what happened last night. I don’t personally see this as evidence of a mistake in the timeline or continuity error. I might not be enjoying everything from this season, but I trust that the writers are at least paying enough attention to get a HUGE fact like that correct.

What seems more likely – multiple people screwed up a major plot element and no one noticed before it aired…or, the writers are adding another layer of unexpected surprises to the love story? I’m guessing the timeline is correct.

Here’s another thing to consider – we know that the kids filmed the final reveal scene back when they were filming season one. They’ve saved it because they correctly predicted that the kids would be too old for it to make sense when they finally did get to the end of the series.

But they didn’t know, at that point, that Cristin would be cast as The Mother. And she isn’t a character that has been previously referenced, so what’s so shocking about that? Why does that information require a reaction scene from the kids that the actors still remember as a memorable, big moment?

So kids, I met your mom at Aunt Robin and Uncle Barney’s wedding. Surprise!

Okay, with all of the near misses and connective elements like the yellow umbrella, it’s still a very special story. But it’s not shocking. It’s not THAT dramatic. You know what is dramatic? This:

So kids, your mom and I actually got pregnant before we were married.

THAT would justify a shocked reaction scene. That would justify telling this whole story, really. I know Ted has mentioned before that he’s telling them the whole story because his mom and dad told a brief, boring story about how they met, and Ted wanted it to be different for his kids. (S2E3 “Brunch”)

This plotline gives new life to why Ted would bother with this story. His kids would probably assume – using basic addition and subtraction skills – that their mom and dad got married because they were pregnant. Nothing romantic, nothing destined to be, just two people who are stuck together via circumstances. But that’s so far from the truth! The whole story is so much bigger than that, and it’s worth telling. It justifies the entire explanation from start to finish.

What are your thoughts? Did everyone on the show make a mistake with the timeline? I can’t deny that there have been (smaller) continuity errors in the past. I’ve been working on a post compiling all of them and it is taking more time than I expected. So that is a possibility. Or, do you think that the ring is a mistake, or a red herring? Maybe you have a new idea that makes more sense than anything that anyone has come up with so far. Please share, whatever your thoughts may be!

37 thoughts on “Wait, What? HIMYM Proposal Confusion

  1. One easy explanation, it is Ted’s fault. He likes the ring to show his commitment to the Mother. That would not be unusual for someone in Love. I love you and I do not need to actually get Married to show that I want to be with just you.

    Because the other reason would be Narrator Ted forgot when he got married in relation to the birth of his first Child.

    The third reason would be Narrator Ted goofed when telling when he proposed in relation to when he Got Married and was with his wife at the Lighthouse twenty some years earlier.

    Now considering CB and CT are involved they love throwing off the Fans of HIMYM. So anything is possible with this crew.

  2. Here’s something I thought of….wasn’t Ted at the Farhampton Inn in the spring of 2012, for the whole business with Victoria and Klaus? Is it possible that sometime during that merry-go-round he had time to climb the lighthouse, look out on the vista, and vow to return with his soulmate when he found her? In context, that might explain why the experience with Cassie was so disappointing – he knew she wasn’t The One, and he only wanted to return with his true love. We didn’t see such a scene, but maybe we will at some point. This would mean the timeline was back on track: the proposal ocurred in May/June 2014, the wedding was shortly thereafter, and Baby Girl Mosby was born early in 2015. Was anything said last night (or earlier in the series, for that matter) to rule this out or to indicate that Ted had not been to the lighthouse before he went there with Cassie? Just a thought…

    1. That doesn´t add up though. When Ted says “Why couldn´t it have been you up here with me two years ago?”, he clearly indicates that he was there with someone (Cassie), and also the mother then references him vomiting that time two years ago. That means the two-years-ago thing definitely is 2013.

      Also, though I´m not denying he might´ve been there before, but considering how much Ted (who usually knows it all) wanted to get that map at the hotels front desk, I´d be surprised to find out he had already been at the lighthouse.

    2. Based on the tweets from the writers it looks like this is the correct timeframe and the proposal occurred in 2015. It got so confusing and I really appreciate everyone chiming in with their thoughts!

  3. a have a different theory.(well 2 actually).
    – since during Trilogy they purposely never say that baby is Ted’s and in Lobster Crawl they never say the year that Marshall and Lily take Ted’s baby to see Santa (“…a few years later”), the e are two options…
    1) the baby in Trilogy is NOT even Ted’s baby…all they say is that he loves her. it could very well be Marshall and Lily’s second baby or even the adopted baby of Robin and Barney.
    2) the narrator just “misremembered” the date as being 2015 when in reality it was actually 2018 (this would explain Ted having a wedding ring on…but not explain how those kids are clearly not 12 & 11 years old in the story telling).
    not saying either are right, just an idea since they were purposely vague who the baby actually belonged to and when Ted’s kid went to see Santa.

    1. For your first theory, I would say it is highly unlikely that it´s Marshall or Barneys baby as they say that Ted is the one who brought her. The second one, they could try of course, but I am betting they have a different plan than trying to explain that Ted forgot.

    2. I’m pretty positive that’s supposed to be his daughter. I did a big article on all that because it was so confusing that I couldn’t sort it out in my head. I needed to see it all laid out and it’s still confusing lol.

  4. Just saw Carter Bays post on Twitter that it’s not a mistake. Very happy about that, since I have been trusting them to releive me of my confusion since MONDAY.

    1. Of course he’s going to say that, though. He also tried to explain his way out of the fact that Barney was unable to drive in Arrivederci, Fiero yet had learned to drive a moving truck in time for the next week’s episode.

      Even if they come up with a believable explanation, the fact that they created such a risky scenario (when they could have simply said he proposed to her when they went back for their one year anniversary) leads me to believe they forgot.

      They forgot that Marshall had “never been in a fight before” when revealing he was a badass in “The Fight.” They forgot that Tom was a middle-aged white guy rather than Jai Rodriguez.

      The show is amazing at tying things together, but it still makes plenty of mistakes. This was obviously one of them.

      1. It could be a cover up, sure. But I really don’t think that’s the case.

        I’ve been compiling discrepancies and have the following notes:

        Barney’s driving – that part of the episode was a flashback scene that could have occurred at any point from after Ted became friends with Barney. So it’s not just a one episode jump. I do agree it was presented in a very confusing manner.

        Marshall fighting – no matter how hardcore fights with your brothers can be, it’s still not necessarily the same as a fight with an unknown person. That being said, I think this was a mistake.

        I don’t think they forgot about Tom, I think they just picked a new actor for whatever reason. I dunno.

        I just am not going to jump to the assumption that it’s a mistake, simply because the timeline is confusing at the moment. That doesn’t always equal an error; it could just be part of a plan that we don’t see yet.

        Furthermore, there’s a huge huge huge degree of difference between arbitrary facts about the characters and the actual relationship with the mother in the final season. This is the season where it’s all coming together so I believe any logical group of people would take extra care.

        Also, it wouldn’t just be Thomas and/or Bays that overlooked this “error”. You don’t think Josh Radnor would have noticed? What about the whole cast doing read throughs? The production team, etc.

        This isn’t like oh we said 6 seasons ago that they returned to farhampton in 2014 but oops we said 2015 for the proposal. This is like 3 episodes apart. The information is fresh. And they said two years twice, so it’s not like just one line slipped by.

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        1. Exactly what I am thinking. The first thing I thought of when Ted says “not two years later..” I see them, I feel the proposal coming and I think: NOOOOOO what about the timeline!!? Someone must have noticed unless they knew it was all part of the plan.

      2. funny, cuz i was thinking: “the fact that they created such a risky scenario (when they could have simply said he proposed to her when they went back for their one year anniversary) leads me to believe” that it’s far from a mistake!

        it was so clear and then repeated that i knew they were messing with us loud and clear :)

        I agree, Corina – this just added more twists and turns to the story, PLUS interest to the viewers, because they know early on that Ted ends up getting everything he dreamed of – that is what;s truly risky for the show! Especially so close to the end.
        Yes, Ted is a romantic and kind of traditional in a way, and does get the dream girl, house and family – but as he learns throughout his years of growth on the show, what you really need to be happy doesn’t always come in the way, time, or order he had always imagined. (his house, his job, the love of his life…)

        These kinds things always remind me of what Robin said at his wedding with Stella – you can’t just skip to the end, it’s not the amazing romantic story you deserve. And in the “Murtaugh” episode (side-note: another episode that illustrates how different she is from Ted and compatible she is with Barney), that it’s not about the end, it’s about the journey :)

    2. yay! i saw something about that tweet in the “HIMYM is my life” Tumblr (which i got to from your Tumblr, Corina :))

      this season leaves me very ambivalent, because on the one hand i want to know how everything ties up (wedding ring in Trilogy Time, damn you!!), but on the other hand it just means that it’s all ENDING, no more romantic mysteries to look forward to every week :,(

      this might be minor compared to the whole timeline craze right now, but do you think this also means that Ted&Mother go back to Farhampton every year? maybe to celebrate the anniversary of their meeting, in a place that’s both romantic and critical to their story.
      seems like a Schmosby thing to do :)

      1. So far it seems like they go back every year…my newest post explores the idea that their son was conceived at one of these anniversary trips. And I still think their daughter was conceived when they returned in 2014. Maybe Lily and Marshall made some more babies there too. It seems to be a fertile place!

  5. Everybody seems to be forgetting that Barney and Robin’s wedding is taking place in May 2012, NOT 2013… Remember season 8 timeline ended in 2012 ( s8 something new) which was the episode where everyone was on their way to the farhampton in.. All storyline in season 9 is still placed in 2012. As it is, when Ted proposes to the mother, it is in May 2014, which fits perfectly with the timeline the story has always kept

    1. No, that´s not right, the wedding is in 2013. I don´t know where you´re getting this from, but the season 8 timeline ends in 2013 where the s9 timeline starts.

      1. Kristin, you´re right! I was the one who seemed to be forgetting that; I just watched the episode again and it does say spring 2013… Got a little confused there

  6. Hi!
    I’m a long time reader but this is my first post, so go easy on me!
    I have a controversial theory I have to get off my chest.
    I can’t help but think that much has been made of Robin’s inability to have children in recent episodes and that maybe there is a reason for that focus.
    I think that the baby with Ted in ‘trilogy time’ is actually Robin and Barney’s.
    In the part of the episode where the baby is introduced, Ted, the baby and Barney seem to be central. I would expect Marshall to to play a bigger role than Barney in this scene, if it were Ted’s baby.
    Also, Ted saying that its good that the baby is more like her mother, would work just as well, if not better, if Ted were talking about Robin/Barney’s baby , as it would if he were talking about his own.

    Now I know lots of people will think I’m mad for this, but I think the baby will be their own biological child, not adopted, just a complete lucky break or maybe Robins doctor was wrong.
    I think it would be a perfect surprise to give the woman who doesn’t believe in miracles a miracle of her own.

    I’ve even named my imaginary plot baby and I’m going with Daisy!

    1. I see a other people are thinking the same thing, and it could be, but I don´t understand the scene in Trilogy time if that´s the case. Why would Barney comment on Ted breaking tradition by bringing a girl if it was HIS daughter? I mean, sure, Ted could have insisted the baby should come to see StarWars, but it just doesn´t add up to me.

      1. Really, I think his objections are fairly tongue in cheek and I think that would fit well with Barney, even when he’s talking about his own children.
        He also stops Marshall mid sentence in that scene, with the ” I know, he loves her” line. What was Marshall about to say? Maybe to cut Ted some slack, he wants to spend time with the baby because he’s about to become a father himself maybe?
        I just can’t see the writers and producers messing with such elaborate timeline mess ups, given how central to the show time is, but playing with the expectations of the audience about Robin and Barney’s future would provide a good twist. After all, we’re already pretty sure how things work out for everyone else, Robin and Barney are the only couple with some mystery left.

  7. I have so many thoughts after this episode. First off, I keep looking at the whole proposal and something just seems off to me. Why there? I get that Ted and The mother might go to Farhampton every year for the anniversary of when they met and everything. But they meet at the trainstation. I don´t see how a lighthouse where we don´t know if she´s been at before is significant to their relationship. And Ted is the kind of guy who would either go all out or try to make an unromantic place like the trainstation very romantic. He has the ring with him, so obviously he knows he wants to propose unlike it was with Stella. In the pilot Ted says that a marriageproposal is something you plan out for months. And it seems to me the casual proposal he makes at the lighthouse is just not that Mosby. I get that Ted wants to take the girl of his dreams to the places he loves, like he says himself, he has ruined so many places by bringing the wrong girl. But that doesn´t explain the location for the proposal. To me, even though the proposal is really sweet and beautiful, it doesn´t seem like him.

    Second, I keep wondering what they´re looking at when they are looking out from the lighthouse. I´m guessing it´s water, but I don´t see what the ocean has to do with the past. I highly doubt that the “It´s like travelling back in time” thing is a coincidence. They both say it and it had to have some significance. Time and love are the two concepts I feel HIMYM is based on. Time travellers brings up what Ted would do if he could travel back in time, and he obviously goes to see the mother. I keep thinking; what if that is what they are doing? That they are going back to places to re-experience moments of their lives that would just have been better if they were together or if something had gone differently? I know it doesn´t exactly explain why either of them say that it´s like travelling back in time, but there might be something there that should not go unnoticed.

    I have thought about this and gone crazy about this for six days and considering this, here´s something for your theory on the reproposal:
    In 2014 Ted proposes to his girlfriend in Farhampton. Ted starts planning the wedding and goes all crazy with it, as he has been dreaming of that day since he was just a little girl. They get married (some fall day in Central park, of course ;)), she gets pregnant at they have a daughter in early 2015. In may they go away for their first weekend alone, to Farhampton. They decide to do some timetravelling, so they pretend it´s a year ago. They do everything as they did that perfect weekend one year ago, including the proposal. Just to relive it. This is what I´ve come up with to make the whole baby being Teds daughter while he´s also married yet doesn´t propose till 2015 when she´s not pregnant in the proposal scene-thing work. Also, to me, this reenactment could be the more casual proposal, maybe the first one is the grand romantic Ted-ish gesture.

    Now, that exact plot is kind of far fetched. But like you write, Corina, you are saying you think they get married out of necessity, and later have the big dream wedding. The 2015 then would be the proposal that they WANT, and not the one they need to just have. I think the whole time travel thing is definitely relevant to the timeline. The writers are messing with us by messing with the timeline and they are trying to throw us off with some time travel (kind of). Anyway. Enough about that.

    I can´t let the travelling back in time thing go. Just the sign we see in Big days, that has this biblephrase on it: “To everything there is a season”. There´s a time for everything. Right place, right time and timing is everything, you know. Knowing when to act, and when not to, remembering that when things are bad, there will be a time for happiness again. All us fans know how important time is in the series so we go all crazy when somethings not right with the timeline we´ve pictured. So sorry about all the comments for this episode, I have gone crazy trying to wrap my head around it and this blog is the only thing keeping me from going insane! Haha. Thanks Corina.

    1. about the lighthouse too, you get the impression it’s their first time together up there, in 2015, right?
      but we know they came back in 2014 to that same inn, so why be there and NOT go to the lighthouse?

  8. Hi corina
    Happy birthday btw!
    Little birthday revelation:
    Time travellers;
    Two things ted said in his final monologue that are unusual
    “But none of those things is the thing I’d do first: you KNOW the thing i’d do first”
    [maybe the kids KNOW exactly what dad would do because it’s an obvious answer cos the mom has died and they all lost her too soon especially cos there were so many years they could have been together if only their paths had crossed more directly]

    “I’m always gonna love you till the end of my days and beyond.. You’ll see”
    [if they were happily ever after wouldn’t you say we’re gonna be madly in love and happy until death do us part.. Or some variation of that?
    Take “the bodyguard” song I will always love you. I have a long distance mariage and even I don’t say that to my husband because if I did he would say, “what, are you going somewhere? Are we breaking up or am I dying?”
    I will always remember..
    I will always love..
    I will always cherish..
    I will always treasure..
    These usually refer to something finite, something that could be long and meaningful or brief and meaningful, but nonetheless, something that has ended…..]

    Of corse the only thing that thwarts this is that ted narrator always says during the series, “kids you know how your mom does” this or that.

    Also I have to say that in Platonish when Marshall said robin is still in love with you, I screamed out with excitement.
    I guess I really am a ted/robin die-hard.
    It makes me wonder why the writers are bring up scenes that give us a nostalgia for the robin/ted relationship at the beginning of the series.
    Also we’ve been told that robin being the mother is impossible which is the case 8 years later.
    But the writers are the Kings of turning things on their head and spinning on a dime. So maybe the twist will be that robin and teds good chemistry/bad timing will work out after the mother dies (I’m not hoping the mother dies of course but there are signs)

    Only reservations about the mother: it just feels like she should have had a little more pizazz and sparkle than just the one note manic pixie girl who is nerdy dream girl who also has a knack for meeting complete strangers and solving all their problems without even a little backstory (I found this so contrived- oh isn’t this convenient, the mom met barney and saw right into his soul she MUST be meant to join the group..!?)

    Ok now im getting ranty sorry about that!
    Happy birthday!!

  9. I think they just miscalculated the years. I did some calculations too in the past and after a while I gave up. When they did trilogy time they probably didn’t know that there would have been 9 seasons so they really might have done a miscalculation in the years. The proposal was supposed to be in 2014.
    Also because in the FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 9, Ted’s bring the mother there ONE year later. and in the 9th EPISODE Ted’s bring the mother 2 years later?!?! Ok…maybe they like that place! XD Dunno…it is very Teddish to go there every year but… I’d like to think that there is a mistake…let’s see…

  10. This is something I thought of. When people say “two years ago” or something like that, it does not have to be literally two years ago to the date/month. It could just be two years ago, at a very different time of the year, but it is still perfectly acceptable to label that time as “two years ago”. Also, they might not have a fixed time for trilogy time, they could just intend to watch it once every three years. As such, it is possible that Ted proposed early in 2015, (he might have brought the mother there for New Year or something in fact) they had the marriage soon after, the mother got pregnant, and the baby was born around Sep/Oct. I know this is pushing it quite a bit but it could be a possibility!

    1. I thought of this too, but then I checked the average temperatur in Long island in january/february, and there is no way they would go out wearing those clothes in weather that cold. Also, the trees are looking pretty green for it to be wintertime.

  11. But in the trilogy time episode, ted is wearing a wedding ring in his left hand meaning he’s already married.

    1. That is the most confusing part of the whole thing! It could be something done to purposely mislead us. It could be an error from when that episode was filmed. It could be correct and the error is from season 9. It could be totally irrelevant. It drives me nuts that I don’t know at all which option/s it is!

  12. So the flash forward actually said “NOT two years later”… so it’s gotta be before May 2015…even slightly – maybe January 2015. Perhaps they went up to Farhampton shortly after learning the Mother was pregnant? My thought that would reconcile everything is Ted actually planned the entire wedding for the same weekend he proposed. He proposes, the mother says yes – and then all their friends/family surprise her for a wedding that same weekend. Sounds like the silly romantic thing Ted would do. I bet Penny was born sometime in the Fall of 2015. That explains why she still looks like a new baby by Christmas 2015 and why he’s wearing a ring for “Trilogy Time.” Who says Trilogy Time has to be in the spring or summer?

    1. I know a lot of people think that “not two years later” really means a different amount of time, but I still believe it’s just roughly two years. Penny needs to be born early enough in 2015 that she can be a few months older as of December 2015 than whenever Trilogy Time was, because she is clearly an older baby at that point.

      The timing of it all is very confusing and I know I’ve sorted it out before but I can’t do it again. At this point I’m comfortable waiting and seeing what they have in store for us in the finale :)

  13. Wasn’t there a flash forward when Ted takes his kid to college and runs into Robin bringing her kid to the dorm? Were those both his kids, and were he and Robin together by then? It was so long ago I can’t quite remember, but it seemed as if the kids were Robin’s girl and Ted’s boy, and they seemed attracted to one another. Anyone remember?

  14. So what’s your conclusion on Ted’s Wedding Ring in Trilogy? — now that the finale is over…

    I noticed at http://ted-mosby.com/how-i-met-your-mother-timeline-the-life-of-ted/ that Ross (I think is the blogger there) crossed out the “Ted has on a Wedding Ring” commentary… Not sure what that meant. I’ve been a little obsessed about this the past few days. I think I also read that the ring is also included in another flash-forward on another episode when Luke is born… All of your theories above make sense and could be explanations, but that doesn’t jive with the cross out above…. unless Ross is quibbling that it’s really an ‘engagement’ ring… (which does not appear in numerous other post-engagement flash forwards in season 9).

    Couldn’t find your referenced “Solo” discussion on that forum. Read all the comments in the Trilogy posting so I assume it’s somewhere else. Thanks.

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