HIMYM Season 9: Top 5 Predictions

We’re officially in the final season of How I Met Your Mother, and I am so far really happy with the direction that the show is taking. It’s not perfect, but these first two episodes gave me more of that old Schmosby hope. Here are my top five predictions for how this last season will unfold…

UPDATE 2/20/14: Woo doggy, some of these predictions were totally off the mark! Numbers 1 and 3 are totally ruled out, and 5 has the timing a bit mixed up. I will update accordingly :)

(Spoilery spoil spoilers ahead)

1. There will be issues when Barney finds out that Robin can’t have kids.

Something New

Update – S9E8 “The Lighthouse” showed us that Barney is aware of Robin’s infertility. We see a flashback to a scene where she casually mentions it, and Barney comforts her with a huge hug. This is also the episode where Barney’s mom, Loretta, discovers that Robin can’t have kids. This changes the dynamic of their relationship in a positive way. If you want to read my original prediction, here it is!

He and Robin have agreed that they don’t want kids, but in episodes past (last season in particular) we saw that Barney has a soft spot for children and babies. Robin is still feeling a little worried about her relationship with Barney, so I think she is really scared this will be that last straw that makes everything fall apart.

I know some people think Barney already knows, but I think that is incorrect. Here’s why:

When they are worried about possibly being cousins, Robin tells Barney it’s not really a big deal even if they are related, because they know they’re not having kids. Barney responds “yeah, and even if we did”, King Joffrey had a brother and sister for parents and he turned out awesome!

He didn’t say “yeah, and even if we COULD”, he said “yeah, and even if we DID”. But there is no possibility of “even if we did”. This could have been a non sequitur Game of Thrones reference and nothing more, but I doubt it.

Think about it – we saw Robin react to the news of her own infertility. Later, we see how Kevin and Ted react. Then we see how Marshall and Lily react in another episode. But we never see how Barney reacts, and he is clearly the most important reaction out of everyone. I don’t think the writers are going to brush this under the rug and say oh yes Barney knows, Robin told him at some point.

I believe it is the season 8 episode “The Fortress” that opens with Robin and Barney in bed. Robin is saying well what about adoption, it’s the only option that makes sense. So we think that they are finally talking about this huge issue, but it turns out they’re just doing a crossword puzzle together. The writers wouldn’t have used this little joke if it didn’t remind us of a bigger, more important issue in the storyline.

2. Ted will take the letter/artwork from Stella’s storage unit.

bg-picture-1-himym-stella-picture tedstelladaughterlucybackgroundpic

Update – Ted and the storage unit has sorta been addressed, but I still have hope for this coming together later in the season. We shall see. It’s just such a neat, easy way to connect a tiny loose end that some fans are really curious about. Here’s my original prediction:

I feel extra clever for thinking of this! Since the first season, we have seen a particular piece of decor in the background of the scenes with the kids. When Ted was dating Stella, we spotted the exact same thing (it looks like a canvas printed with a handwritten letter, with the words kinda uneven, idk why) in her house. This was originally a way to connect Future Ted and Stella when she was a possibility for The Mother. Once she was ruled out as a prospect, this little connection became an unmentioned thing of the past.

But now we have a possibility of tying up that semi-loose end! Ted will probably see the art in Stella’s storage unit, and take it along with the locket. Maybe Stella said he could take anything that he gave her, or just anything that he saw and liked. The contents of this storage unit are clearly not very important to her. Or, maybe Ted could execute some Aldrin justice and just take something he liked as punishment for Stella being a jerk.

3. Marshall riding in the “Monstrosity” will be crucial to him getting to New York.


Update – yeah, no, there was no problem from the storm that required a special vehicle. The journey with Daphne inside the Monstrosity was important for Marshall’s character growth, but that’s about it. Also all of that Marshall and Daphne road trip business was drawn out for waaaay toooo loooong. That is all.

I know Marshall hates this type of vehicle, but it does have advantages over normal vehicles. This thing can go off-road and drive over all kinds of crap. It’s a tough car, albeit a gas guzzling monstrosity. With the storm coming up, I think the Hummer will be the only thing capable of travel.

4. James and Tom getting divorced indicates good things for Barney and Robin’s marriage.


The news about James and Tom further confirms my theory that in the world of How I Met Your Mother, bad weddings equal good marriages.

The bad weddings we have seen include Claudia and Stuart’s, Lily and Marshall’s, Virginia’s and Clint’s, and Kelly and Punchy’s. Click on that link to read descriptions of everything that went wrong at each event. Despite all the mishaps, these relationships seem to all be going strong.

The only good wedding (without noticeable drama or setbacks) was that of James and Tom. But now their good wedding has gone, and they are left with a bad marriage that is ending. All of this is relevant because Robin and Barney are supposed to have a really tumultuous wedding weekend. As Ted says, this is “the story of a wedding day that went terribly wrong…” We also know that Lily will tackle at least one more person, Ted hurts his hand, the old people invade the Farhampton Inn, Marshall might not make it (I’m sure he will, but right now it’s not 100%), Barney has employed a ring BEAR, and there’s going to be some crap with the damn locket.

So, I think this bad wedding will equal a wonderful marriage for Barney and Robin. :)

5. I think Ted will propose when he returns to the Farhampton Inn exactly one year later, and that’s where they will make their first baby.


Update – It appears that I have this switched around a bit. There’s no confirmation yet as to when exactly baby Penny is conceived, but it seems like it may have happened when they returned to Farhampton in May of 2014. The proposal scene occurs at Farhampton in 2015, although the month is not clearly specified. 

In the flash forward type scene at the end of episode 2, The Mother is not wearing a wedding ring. What could be more romantic than a proposal at the place where it all came together for them? Plus, Ted is totally the type to want to experience all of that romantic couple’s stuff, and possibly rub it in Curtis’ face. The timeline is getting tight in terms of them getting married and conceiving their daughter, so things are going to have to move at a steady pace. If the daughter is born around January 2015 (she’s an infant in spring/summer of 2015 per Trilogy Time), she would have to be conceived around spring/summer of 2014. That would perfectly fit with the night that Ted and The Mother return to Farhampton.

It’s a little unexpected for them to make a baby before they’re married, but I can see this working out fine for the couple. Sometimes it just all comes together like that, you know? After that night, she could discover that she’s pregnant, and then they could have the wedding in the first few months, so she isn’t showing. Heck, I guess they could even get married after the baby is born, although this doesn’t seem like Mosby’s style. Then again, maybe The Mother really wants to be able to drink and let loose at the wedding.

Alternately, they could already be engaged or even married at this point. Maybe the ring is being sized or cleaned or was custom-made and isn’t ready yet. Who knows!

Other miscellaneous thoughts on season 9:


Everyone is still wearing purple like they have been for the last 3 flippin’ seasons. The Mother is also wearing purple! Sometimes it’s a dark, dark purple that borders on black, and sometimes it’s more of a blue purple, but nearly everyone is still in their purple gear. Everyone except Robin, that is. I think Robin in black and white indicates that she is (obviously) not The One for Ted, but it may also reference Barney’s tendency to wear suits. Robin is basically suited up, because she is Barney’s perfect match!

For more details on color theory in HIMYM, check out this article I wrote a while back.

How much do I love that, per tradition, Marshall brought a six-pack of beer back from Minnesota? (In the bottom of the stroller)


Check out this legendary timeline of Ted’s life that I worked on with the guys from Ted-Mosby.com. It’s pretty comprehensive.

Ted giving Robin the framed picture from the opening of the show. Oh, the feels. Ted’s first on-screen words to The Mother being “hey beautiful”, which is the same as the title of the song from the opening of the show. Double feels!

Finally, I freaking love The Mother. I love the chemistry between her and Lily, and I love the chemistry between her and Ted. I love that she is basically a girl version of Ted, except a little cooler. Seriously, I could not be happier with this casting choice!

Bonus – thoughts on each show’s episode title.

Please note that I have not read episode descriptions so if these are right I am a genius, and if they are wrong it’s just because I didn’t read the details yet!

The Locket (the locket was a key plot point of this episode, although we didn’t actually see it)
Coming Back (the end of the show had Ted and The Mother coming back to the Farhampton Inn)
Last Time in New York (plays on the season 2 episode title First Time in New York, and also probably relates to Ted’s last days in New York before his planned move to Chicago)
The Broken Code (The bro code has been broken repeatedly, by Ted, Barney, and Robin. This one should be interesting)
The Poker Game (Let’s hope Barney isn’t playing poker, because we know how he gets when he gambles)
Knight Vision (This relates to a family member that is named something like Knights Templar – I need to research and confirm)
No Questions Asked (Could this be when Barney finds out about Robin’s infertility?)
The Lighthouse (A romantic moment between Lily and Marshall, perhaps?)
Platonish (Likely a new word that Barney makes up to describe a relationship – it sounds appropriate for describing Ted and Robin in the past)
Bass Player Wanted (I’m thinking this will be when Barney or Robin meets The Mother)
Mom and Dad (This could be about Barney and Robin each having their divorced parents in the same place, or it could be a reference to Ted and The Mother as the kid’s mom and dad)
Rehearsal Dinner (I feel like Lily will tackle someone this episode)
Slapsgiving 3 (No need for explanations here…looking forward to the return of the slap – again!)
How Your Mother Met Me (Hooray! Hopefully this is about The Mother possibly crushing on Ted before technically meeting him, based on what she has heard from the group and also her seeing him over the course of the weekend)
Sunrise (I hope this episode is all about new beginnings and hope and happiness)
Daisy (Some think this means The Mother’s name will be Daisy, especially because we have seen several flower names already – Lily, Heather, Buttercup, and Daphne. I think this is too easy of an answer for such a big secret, and the writers wouldn’t reveal this mystery in an episode title.)

So what do you think gang? I would love to hear feedback!

35 thoughts on “HIMYM Season 9: Top 5 Predictions

  1. One point corina. Marshall staches the alcohol behind or rather in the wedding pulpit. He is with Ted outside before it rains and helps Lily hold Barney inside. She kind of tackles Barney as he slips out the window.

    You are right Barney does not know yet about Robin’s infertility.

    1. That does count as a Lily tackle but I’m hoping for something even more dramatic. Her basically being hammered the entire weekend bodes well for more tackle opportunities!

  2. Hey Corina! Loved the post, as usual… Can I confess that I really haven’t noticed the ‘Hey Beautiful’ thing? What a bad fan am I… But, amazing, anyway! *-*
    Now, I have some comments on your first two comments… I’m gonna follow your own list, ok?

    1. There will be issues when Barney finds out that Robin can’t have kids.

    Yeap. Totaly agree with you on this. But I feel like the locket is gonna be a bigger issue here. I mean, This baby thing is probably gonna be something Robin feels like she had to have talked about with Barney beforehand, and now that she haven’t, she feels she ‘Can’t go through with this wedding’. But it seems like an issue that could be solved in a two or three episode arc. The locket thing, however, I feel like that’s gonna be the mentioned “Wild Card”, as the end of Episode 01 – The Locket suggests. And I feel that it’s gonna be the breaking point for the other diseasters to come.

    2. Ted will take the letter/artwork from Stella’s storage unit.

    Cuttos for you for thinking of that, really! I just hope the writers think f that too… I’m scared, sometimes, that we -as fans – overlook at some stuff, and the writters don’t even think about. It’s frustrating, really.. But I hope they read your post and put it in the show! lol

    Now, I have some other ideas on the day we see Ted in LA, in fact, this is something that’s been bothering me for quite some time now: Ted tells the Mother (nameless bitch! I’m soooo curious to find out her name!!) that he loves her when the movie they’re going to see – Wedding Bride III – is sold out (ref. S07E17 No Pressure). I was thinking, maybe, we would see Stella’s return on season 8, which would give us some more Ted-Stella-Tony stories, leading Tony to write Wedding Bride II and III. But it hasn’t happened. Now, I think that, when we see Ted in LA, we’re gonna get more stories, and Tony, after a writer’s block, comes up with the sequels of Wedding Bride, based on Ted’s visit.

    But now, the timeline is quite tight. I mean, there’s no time for that to happen, and then Wedding Bride II comes up, then Wedding Bride III comes up, then Ted says I love you, then they get married, then they already have a baby in 2015. It’s all too tight!! I don’t know how they’re gonna do that now… any thoughts?

    And hey, a suggestion – maybe you could get the picture of Marshall talking to Daphne, at the end of Ep.02, to illustrate the Monstruosity! =)

    1. I’m about to do a post on the locket, because I agree that it’s the real game changer here. Barney loves Robin unconditionally, and I think he will be able to understand why she didn’t tell him about her infertility. I also think it will actually be good for him. He is going into this wedding with many insecurities about himself, and Robin has insecurities about how committed Barney truly can be. This will be a Robin issue that could balance the scales a bit. Plus, each time Robin lies she becomes a bit more compatable with the master liar himself!

      I am super pleased with myself for thinking of the artwork thing and Stella’s storage locker! But I never considered that this could be the catalyst for inspiring sequels to The Wedding Bride. Really, Tony’s only other option would be to tell the story of him and Stella after “Jed” is out of the picture. But the Ted equivalent was the most interesting and dynamic character, from what I can tell, and he’s the one people would expect to see again in a sequel.

      The timeline is super tight and I’m not quite sure how they’re going to manage everything. In season 7 Ted tells Marshall about how he is still one night and nine months away from having his own family, and that’s only if the girl is a huge slut. (That slut is out there, Ted!) So it would not be surprising if they ended up pregnant earlier than they planned, ie before the wedding or maybe even before the engagement. I can’t wait to find out!

    2. Hi tamiris Garcia don’t read on unless u want to know the mothers name…….

      Tracy I think. In season 6 it might have been ted meets a girl called Tracy. He teases the kids and said that was their mum. The kids actually believe him at first which indicates that the mother is called Tracy, penny and Luke (the kids) obviously know their own mothers name!

  3. Yeah, PP is right. We know Marshall does make it to the wedding based on flash forwards.

    Another prediction about Marshall : I have a feeling he will be a high ranking government official. Maybe even the president. Don’t have much to base this on and I know I could be very wrong, but on one episode, Marshall went to a college party and Barney pretended to be Ted in order to prove that architects are sexy. At that party, future ted mentioned that several of his classmates made it pretty far like Attorney General and Supreme Court Justice. Could just be a coincidence, but every time they talk about Marshall’s future, I always got a ” president ” vibe.

    Who knows though, right ? We all will just have to wait and see.

    Oh and my other crazy prediction ? On the final episode we will see Ted talking to the mother in a hospital bed. The writers will lead the viewers to believe she is on her death bed, but nope. She just had a baby. She is in her 40’s, but she still had a baby. A girl, that they name Robin.

    And before anyone says anything, yes I know my predictions are lame and cheesy.

    1. I would not be at all surprised if Marshall became President, but I think Supreme Court justice makes a bit more sense for him. Either way though he is on track with his new judgeship job!

      I’m totally NOT on board with Mother is dead theories, but I do like this one about her maybe being pregnant. People have babies at that age all the time, and sometimes parents make new babies when they are sad that their current “babies” are growing up. My mom refers to that as a change of life baby, as in when empty nesters (or soon to be empty nesters) realize they want more kids. That would also explain The Mother’s continued absence as Ted tells his kids this epic story.

      I don’t want the baby’s name to be Robin though :)

    2. Brenda the baby’s name is not robin. The girl is called penny and the boy is Luke.

  4. It could also be an opportune time for him to tell his children about how they met. The mother is recovering at the hospital and he sits them down to tell them the story. Ted would be an older dad and would be in his 50’s, but I can still see it.

    FWIW, my mom had my little brother when she was 40.

    1. I don’t think it is a probable ending but it is certainly possible. Plus it’s a take I haven’t really seen before, so it would be a big surprise!

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  5. The reason I thought President for Marshall was because those positions ( if those are even the correct positions, I can’t remember) and ones appointed by the president. What are the chances that Marshall just happened to be in the same graduating class with those people unless he happened to appoint them himself.

    1. I completely forgot about appointed positions, good call! I think this is a totally viable theory. Marshall would make a good president too. And can you imagine Lily as First Lady?! She would be so well dressed but also a force to be reckoned with.

      I think we all can support Beercules for president!

      Sent from my iPhone


      1. i had a thought. I kind of got the feeling that james is not divorced. I think James husband has died. The reason being that the himym writers did announce a death this season. Also James prob didnt want to ruin the wedding by announcing a death so he is playing the absence of his spouse as divorce, which is why he is still wearing the ring and prob why his mother tried so hard to get the ring back, maybe shes the only one who knows.

        1. I never considered that. It seems like a weird thing for him to keep secret, but I guess it could work. The only thing is – if James didn’t want to ruin the wedding, he probably wouldn’t be talking so much shit on marriage and weddings in general. He could have just said Tom was sick and kept his mouth shut. Instead he seems to be reacting like he is actually bitter and in the midst of a divorce.

  6. hi Corinna-
    great blog- I’m a die hard HIMYM fan-
    I think the mother can’t be dead (yet anyway) cos of too many “to this day” references
    Cant be divorced because he talks too lovingly still about the things their mother does- yes even a divorcee dad would still be kind about the mother of his kids when talking to his kids- but the way in which Ted speaks of her is quite reverent and gives an air of a loving relationship so I don’t see a divorce here-
    BUT if mother is alive- why are the kids pics with Aunt Robin? my theory had always been that the mother wasn’t there- but this may be too much of a stretch-
    so maybe it’s just the plain and obvious- Aunt Robin flies in and out and has no children while jetting around the world and just like Marshall and Lily babysit the daughter for Ted and Mother, Aunt Robin comes and takes the kids out sometimes for an outing… (if it was something more, wouldn’t ted be in the drawings too?)

    re: sickness and not being around- it has now been confirmed that someone will die by the time the show is over-

    MAYBE the mother is about to die or about to leave

    Still doesn’t explain why a man would sit his kids down and tell them about a how he had to became the man he ended up being before he met the mother-
    why do you tell someone about how you ended up becoming who you are? ONLY if the present situation is an unexpected one, right? and you have to explain how this came to be and the only way to explain it is to go back to the beginning and put all the pieces together- you tell this story and that and then you piece the puzzle together and it all makes sense then..right?

    so maybe the kids started off saying, but how did this happen, or why did this happen, or why is this happening, or hey, this is out of the blue, Aunt Robin, our famous TV reporter Aunt who flies in and takes us out for outings when she’s in town..?
    And Ted has to sit them down and tell them that Aunt Robin figures a little more importantly than they think-
    so he starts by telling them that actually, the way he met their mom would never have happened if he hadn’t met Aunt Robin- and that actually he was madly in love with RObin for years before he met their mom- and thank god he did meet their mom becasue he fell madly in love, married her and started a family with her and got these two wonderful children, and that’s why he’l’l always love their mom- for giving him his two beautiful kids-

    Only thing is:
    IF Ted ends up with Robin (which would happen given the story all these years of will they/wont they), it would only work is a few things were accomplished-
    1) we have to feel that this was always meant to happen ie. not that people dying or being left just made them the last two standing. so we can’t feel that the poor mom is like standing there like chopped liver…but that instead it was always meant to be this way (like Love in the time of Cholera where there was young love but bad timing and reunited later after years apart and lives apart)
    2) We have to feel that this is a step forward, not a step backward ie that they’ve been working their way to one another in some way or another all along-
    3) We have to feel that it is the right ending and that no one is left with a broken heart (this is a comedy after all- remember how it just felt right that ross and rachel got back together and joey wanted this too cos he knew it all along and stepped back)- so we would need to feel that Barney was helping this along- maybe he realizes that the real couple who work are Ted and Robin who complement each other and make each other better- rather than BArney and Robin who are too alike and like clones of each other (the writing isn’t helping this clone thing in my opinion)
    4) either something will have to happen to the mother that MAYBE the kids don’t know about, but that we the audience know about that puts her in an unfavorable light- (ah, BUT this doesn’t work because A) if the Mother leaves Ted why would he still be talking so lovingly about her? and B) even though in some ways, it just wouldn’t feel right if ted and robin end up together cos the mom’s dead, Ted does say that he’s gonna love the mom till the end of his days and beyond– so it would have to be that IF Ted ends up with Robin, things ended with the mother in a way that he can always treasure his love for her but move on and find love again (or return to his first love– which often happens in life). So maybe she is taken away from him after all…

    other random stuff- I loved your spotting of that frame at Stella’s!
    I also loved that you noted that Barney doens’t know about Robin’s infertility- I had NO idea about that– when the gang all find out later about Robin was Barney not there? I guess not–

    I found it really odd that Barney can’t see that it is RObin who is also having doubts about whether her feelings for Ted are gone- not just Ted who is still “feeling” something…
    Also in No Pressure- Robin had a funny look on her face when MArshall said he was getting over her. She didn’t look relieved- she looked like she was hiding some deeper feelings.
    Personally, I think she loves Ted but initally feared she could never give him what he wanted (a family), and then it was confirmed when she discovered she can’t have kids (so no matter how much she loved Ted or still harbored feelings for him, she can’t ask him to make that sacrifice) and then in No Pressure- TEd says he’ll make that sacrifice and she realises she’ll wreck his life if he doesn’t have a family as Ted was born to be a father- his lifelong dream- so he has to deny her feelings and lock the door so Ted can move on and find his girl, marry the girl, have the kids, do all the things she can’t do with him- BUT it doesn’t mean she didn’t love him-
    and every time she is having doubts or needing someone guess what always resurfaces? her love for Ted…
    Or maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see– but then again maybe so is Ted…
    The mother seems perfect for him- actually the mother is a female version of him- personally I don’t know couples who are direct clones of one another and the fact that they do and like exactly the same things- does that make them a perfect couple? or just perfect compatibility for what Ted is looking for- a perfect mate to partner up with and have kids with…

    while I dream that my hubbie would love HIMYM and SATC and want to do exactly all the things I want to do, if he actually did love and want to do everything I wanted to do, it would be like being with myself- couples are also great when they compliment one another not be being complete opposites but by finding similarities and differences- this was the great thing about Robin and Ted- do we think that somehow there are any differences between Ted and the Mother- it doesn’t seem likely- this goes back to what writers said about her ending up being this pixie manic dream girl thing–

    So it’s a toss up how this will end—but some way somehow I do hope that we can feel he has an amazing relationship with the mother who is everythings he wants at the time- but that still- he ends up with the women that loved all along- Robin-

    Dont forget that Claus, in his description of what real love is, spoke about feeling it instantly and knowing it straight away- not something that simmers and develops over time- he was basically describing Robin and Ted- not Robin and Barney.

    OMG this was supposed to be short and ended up long! so sorry!

    1. First, thank you for the compliment, and don’t ever apologize for writing a long comment! Bloggers dream of long comments like this I promise :)

      I’m going to go through it point by point because I love what you have to say and I think there are many valid points to consider.

      I’m with you on the mother not being dead. I’ve just never gone for the idea and I never will. If anyone is sick/dying/dead, I think it must be Ted. But, I don’t really believe that’s the case at all.

      In terms of the drawings with Aunt Robin – I’m assuming they have those drawings of them with mom, dad, Aunt Lily, Uncle Marshall, and Uncle Barney as well. We just didn’t see them because they weren’t relevant to the plot at that moment.

      I loved this part of your comment:

      “why do you tell someone about how you ended up becoming who you are? ONLY if the present situation is an unexpected one, right? and you have to explain how this came to be and the only way to explain it is to go back to the beginning and put all the pieces together- you tell this story and that and then you piece the puzzle together and it all makes sense then..right?”

      I think they can go either way with this issue. They can make it just that Ted is a huge dork that wants to tell the kids the whole story, because his parents had a crappy story (“The Brunch” episode) and he wants to do it right. Or, they can make it that there is another element, a big piece that has to be explained. I think it’s going to be unexpected, like you said. But I think it will be unexpected in that the kids will think (based on dates/timing) that they only got married because they were pregnant. So they could easily assume it was a one night stand scenario, or two people that dated but weren’t necessarily meant to be together, they just messed up and made a kid. But the truth of the story is so, so, so much more than that, so Ted breaks it down for them.

      If this idea of mine isn’t accurate, then I think your thoughts on the kids asking about Aunt Robin is extremely likely. Ted could have mentioned before that if it weren’t for your Aunt Robin, I never would have met your mother. And then if they ask for more details, it actually requires this long, detailed story to fully explain the circumstances.

      It’s really hard for me to find a way to be okay with Ted and Robin ever ending up together. I wouldn’t even consider it a possibility if not for the plot of Love in the Time of Cholera. That’s a pretty solid clue that things may not end as we expect. But I can’t see Barney ever being okay with losing Robin, and I can’t see Robin ever actually being the person that Ted should be with. Plus we’ve spent so long building up to the mother, it will be really strange and uncomfortable if something ends up being wrong with her – either wrong like she is sick/dying or wrong like she ends up being a cheater, commitment phobic, etc. So usually I don’t even think of this possibility because it bums me out. I will be the first to admit that I’m wrong if it comes to that though :)

      I do agree that Robin also has lingering feelings, but I think she realizes they aren’t on the same level as Ted’s feelings. The interesting part is that her feelings may actually be stronger and more legitimate than Ted’s, because she sees their possible relationship for what it really would be. I still get the impression that Ted thinks if him and Robin just got together she would magically be romantic and into adopting kids with him and basically not being the real Robin. I adore the chemistry between NPH and Colbie and I think it really works on the show. I also think that Barney has been harboring these feelings for Robin for a long time, without really accepting them.

      He knew from the first time they hung out one on one that they had something special between them. And he has obviously thought she was hot since the first moment. So I think maybe Barney fell for her a lot earlier than we realize. He was maybe just so caught up in being Barney that he didn’t recognize or understand the feelings when he had them.

      In terms of them being too similar…in this show it seems like similarity is a good thing for couples. Lily and Marshall are extremely similar and they work together perfectly. I use them as a sort of baseline to compare other relationships to, so I think they indicate a promising future for Ted and his lady counterpart.

      Whew! My response ended up longer than I planned also!

      1. Wow thanks corona for that amazing response. Now if barn dog and r train make it to the later I will be at peace with it! I would write more but it’s 3;18 in Barcelona where I’m working at the moment but now I will sleep in peace. From one himym fan to another… Till your next post!!!! ;-)))

  7. hey Corina,

    at first i wasn’t on board with the idea that it would bother Barney that Robin can’t have kids. I just figured he knows and doesn’t mind, and that the crossword scene was just a funny bit to get the viewer’s attention to how quirky a couple B&R are.

    but after re-watching the season opener and noticing the dialog you refer to, i totally see how it’s implied that he doesn’t know yet!
    though i’m thinking that it’s not her actual infertility that will bother him, but the fact that she told everyone, everyone but him. Especially that she confided in Ted (who loves her so unconditionally that he was willing to give up his dream of children just to be with her)

    Plus, i don’t know if this has been mentioned anywhere in the comments/posts lately, but it has been in my mind for some time regarding the “wildcard” and this weird wedding three-some..

    Remember when Ted and Victoria broke up last season? we think Ted calls Robin urgently to tell her about Victoria’s request and make his choice, but at the end of the episode we discover he only talked about the Mosby Boys book series :)
    Saget-Ted says Robin eventually found out what really happened (that Ted chose her, even if it’s just her friendship, over a chance of happiness with Victoria) – “but we’ll get to that”

    and if i’m not mistaken, they didn’t get to it yet! it has to come out during this wedding weekend, right??

    1. Yes, I agree that’s exactly why Barney will be bothered. I do feel that he loves Robin unconditionally and would want to be with her even if he had been planning on having kids someday. Barney is, for all his quirks, loyal to his loved ones. So I imagine it will break his heart to discover that Robin told everyone (especially Ted) about her infertility when really Barney is the only one that absolutely SHOULD know.

      They haven’t gotten to the Victoria thing, so it must come out at some point this season. I think there may be a fight between Barney and Robin re the infertility, and then Robin discovers the Victoria thing and re-thinks her feelings for Ted. But ultimately I think she will realize that she loves Barney and she will choose him over Ted, so then Barney can be secure in the relationship.

      I dunno man, it’s all complicated with this Ted still longing for Robin business and all the lies. There’s so much to cover, I hope they get to it starting tonight instead of just playing out filler stuff.

      1. nope. Monday was just another filler :(
        actually it was kinda worse, because it wasn’t only weak, but reflected poorly on a lot of the characters. They either came out pretty bad – and in Ted’s case seemed to make the opposite of progress – or the development they were supposed to be having was not well-written, and came out flat in my opinion.
        the episode didn’t seem that well crafted to me, even with the weird reverse meeting stories (Lily with a Robin wig – what the what?!)

        yes, rant rant rant. When are we getting to the real stuff??

        the only part that made me laugh was the knight. silly as it might have been, i liked his variations and puns :)

        Probably the ONLY thing that made my heart skip a beat in this episode was the *PURPLE umbrella*!! did you catch it? well, this whole wedding weekend so far is in a deluge.
        Barney shows the umbrella only for a few frames when they come to see the minister, but it just screams “I’M A SYMBOL!”.
        Plus, it has a pattern that reminds me of the mother’s outfit at the train station!

        Talk about complimentary colors, eh? and complimentary couples, maybe?
        this episode (and that umbrella) made me think of how extreme and opposite the “meant-to-be” couples are on this show, both in history and personality: on one side of the spectrum, sweet and kitschy Lily-pad & Marshmallow; on the other, Barn-dog and R-train (train was it?). Yet with all their crazy differences, both of these couples are perfect together, so well connected, loving and accepting.

        So i’m thinking Ted and the Mother will be the couple that represents the middle of the spectrum – they have each been with more people than M&L, but definitely less than B&R; they will be totally in love and romantic but not as kitschy and crazy as M&L or as.. i dunno, perverse? gritty? as B&R.. and so on. The show demonstrates how there are many different ways to be a good couple, but the level of connection and love is the same <3

        also, the connection and completion of each other are signified by the colors, and possibly in those umbrellas too – telling you again that Robin belongs with Barney and Ted with the Mother. Any other configuration would be wrong.

          1. I really liked her point about the couples spectrum as well! It does make sense and it shows how well all three couples work together because they aren’t exactly the same, but they’re still similar enough for good chemistry.

        1. I did not hate this episode, but I didn’t love it. I’m still waiting for the episodes to be as good as or better than the first two of season 9. It wasn’t just because the mother was in them, either. It was because they had real heart and actual funny moments that made me laugh.

          I actually enjoyed the switched up how we met stories, mainly just because Barney and Robin – or Neil and Cobie, more accurately – were so so SO PERFECT as Marshall/Jason and Lily/Alyson. They both took on just the right voice tones and facial expressions to really make it work.

          Ted’s storyline was super annoying but I did like the knight. And in the end the relevance was explained, so it didn’t feel completely like filler. But I am seriously hoping we don’t see much more of her over this season. Cassie was fine for one episode but she got old pretty quick. If I recall correctly she was originally supposed to be played by Ellie Kemper (The Office, Bridesmaids). I think she would have been much funnier, although I do concede that anyone playing that role would be super annoying.

          I did not catch Barney’s umbrella, good job on spotting that! Idk how I missed it, I watched the episode like 3 times. I don’t have a widescreen TV though so occasionally things on the edges slip by me. I’m still conflicted on the color theory stuff but each new episode seems to piece it together a bit more. I do of course agree that Robin belongs with Barney and Ted with the mother, though!

          1. Barney and Robin are not as good compared to Marshall and Lily. I think at the end Ted ends up with Robin too

  8. I predict that Marshall will win the bet about Ted ending up with Robin because the Mother’s name will end up being Robin, and he’ll win on a technicality.

    1. I don’t want this to happen but it is a real possibility, especially with how many times they’ve referenced that bet since we found out about it. Maybe we will find out tonight?

    2. I’m sorry but that makes absolutely no sense and would be a stupid angle for the writers to play just to put an end to the bet. the only way the bet can be settled is if one of them dies or if they do eventually end up together….as long as they’re both alive, there’s always the possibility that they someday end up together. basically…the only way the bet can be officially settled on the show is if the mother is dead and Ted ends up with Robin…or if Ted or Robin dies in the end having never gotten together.

      1. I don’t really like the idea either. That stupid bet seems surprisingly important and I’m hoping it’s just to throw us off. Maybe the end up together when they’re old and senile and in a home, who knows. Maybe this is all the notebook! Okay but really I do agree that it makes little sense. The only ways to disprove the bet are all (in my opinion) bad endings to the show. So technically it should go on as an unimportant element.

  9. My prediction has been the same all season long. The mother’s name is Daisy, and she is Lily’s long lost sister. Most likely a sister she doesn’t even know she has. I think this because both their names being flowers could be because they were named by the same person. Now stay with me here. I think Lily’s dad fathered this child with Barney’s mom. I know it seems a bit far-fetched but they’re both sketchy people and this would tie the whole group together as a family thus giving real meaning to the aunt and uncle names. Of course, however, I can’t overlook the fact that Cristin looks nothing like either of them. And then, of course, there is the simple fact that Lily and the mother look alike, act alike, and talk alike. I was beginning to withdraw my prediction when the “Bass Player Wanted” episode aired and the mother asked for Linus to bring her drinks whenever she had an empty glass. The SAME thing Lily asked. In my opinion they are just too much alike to not be related and I think that it would be a really neat twist to throw in at the end there. We’ll see. :)

    1. Well we know now that her name isn’t Daisy. But I am still comfortable entertaining this theory, because hey, why not?

      Mickey Aldrin was not the best dad or husband, so I can easily buy him having an affair or making an illicit sister or brother at some point or another. The same could actually be said for Robin’s dad, which is another possibility that people are considering. Barney’s mom certainly got around, but the timing doesn’t line up. The Mother is younger than Barney and James and they probably would have noticed growing up that their mom suddenly had another baby in her belly.

      With all that in mind, The Mother totally looks like a combination of Robin and Lily. And she shares similar personality traits, quirks, mannerisms, etc with each member of the group. So I think much of that is just demonstrating how she is the missing puzzle piece to their front porch this whole time.

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