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HIMYM Season 9: Top 5 Predictions


We’re officially in the final season of How I Met Your Mother, and I am so far really happy with the direction that the show is taking. It’s not perfect, but these first two episodes gave me more of that old Schmosby hope. Here are my top five predictions for how this last season will unfold…

UPDATE 2/20/14: Woo doggy, some of these predictions were totally off the mark! Numbers 1 and 3 are totally ruled out, and 5 has the timing a bit mixed up. I will update accordingly :)

(Spoilery spoil spoilers ahead)

1. There will be issues when Barney finds out that Robin can’t have kids.

Update – S9E8 “The Lighthouse” showed us that Barney is aware of Robin’s infertility. We see a flashback to a scene where she casually mentions it, and Barney comforts her with a huge hug. This is also the episode where Barney’s mom, Loretta, discovers that Robin can’t have kids. This changes the dynamic of their relationship in a positive way. If you want to read my original prediction, here it is!

He and Robin have agreed that they don’t want kids, but in episodes past (last season in particular) we saw that Barney has a soft spot for children and babies. Robin is still feeling a little worried about her relationship with Barney, so I think she is really scared this will be that last straw that makes everything fall apart.

I know some people think Barney already knows, but I think that is incorrect. Here’s why:

When they are worried about possibly being cousins, Robin tells Barney it’s not really a big deal even if they are related, because they know they’re not having kids. Barney responds “yeah, and even if we did”, King Joffrey had a brother and sister for parents and he turned out awesome!

He didn’t say “yeah, and even if we COULD”, he said “yeah, and even if we DID”. But there is no possibility of “even if we did”. This could have been a non sequitur Game of Thrones reference and nothing more, but I doubt it.

Think about it – we saw Robin react to the news of her own infertility. Later, we see how Kevin and Ted react. Then we see how Marshall and Lily react in another episode. But we never see how Barney reacts, and he is clearly the most important reaction out of everyone. I don’t think the writers are going to brush this under the rug and say oh yes Barney knows, Robin told him at some point.

I believe it is the season 8 episode “The Fortress” that opens with Robin and Barney in bed. Robin is saying well what about adoption, it’s the only option that makes sense. So we think that they are finally talking about this huge issue, but it turns out they’re just doing a crossword puzzle together. The writers wouldn’t have used this little joke if it didn’t remind us of a bigger, more important issue in the storyline.

2. Ted will take the letter/artwork from Stella’s storage unit.

Update – Ted and the storage unit has sorta been addressed, but I still have hope for this coming together later in the season. We shall see. It’s just such a neat, easy way to connect a tiny loose end that some fans are really curious about. Here’s my original prediction:

I feel extra clever for thinking of this! Since the first season, we have seen a particular piece of decor in the background of the scenes with the kids. When Ted was dating Stella, we spotted the exact same thing (it looks like a canvas printed with a handwritten letter, with the words kinda uneven, idk why) in her house. This was originally a way to connect Future Ted and Stella when she was a possibility for The Mother. Once she was ruled out as a prospect, this little connection became an unmentioned thing of the past.

But now we have a possibility of tying up that semi-loose end! Ted will probably see the art in Stella’s storage unit, and take it along with the locket. Maybe Stella said he could take anything that he gave her, or just anything that he saw and liked. The contents of this storage unit are clearly not very important to her. Or, maybe Ted could execute some Aldrin justice and just take something he liked as punishment for Stella being a jerk.

3. Marshall riding in the “Monstrosity” will be crucial to him getting to New York.

Update – yeah, no, there was no problem from the storm that required a special vehicle. The journey with Daphne inside the Monstrosity was important for Marshall’s character growth, but that’s about it. Also all of that Marshall and Daphne road trip business was drawn out for waaaay toooo loooong. That is all.

I know Marshall hates this type of vehicle, but it does have advantages over normal vehicles. This thing can go off-road and drive over all kinds of crap. It’s a tough car, albeit a gas guzzling monstrosity. With the storm coming up, I think the Hummer will be the only thing capable of travel.

4. James and Tom getting divorced indicates good things for Barney and Robin’s marriage.

The news about James and Tom further confirms my theory that in the world of How I Met Your Mother, bad weddings equal good marriages.

The bad weddings we have seen include Claudia and Stuart’s, Lily and Marshall’s, Virginia’s and Clint’s, and Kelly and Punchy’s. Click on that link to read descriptions of everything that went wrong at each event. Despite all the mishaps, these relationships seem to all be going strong.

The only good wedding (without noticeable drama or setbacks) was that of James and Tom. But now their good wedding has gone, and they are left with a bad marriage that is ending. All of this is relevant because Robin and Barney are supposed to have a really tumultuous wedding weekend. As Ted says, this is “the story of a wedding day that went terribly wrong…” We also know that Lily will tackle at least one more person, Ted hurts his hand, the old people invade the Farhampton Inn, Marshall might not make it (I’m sure he will, but right now it’s not 100%), Barney has employed a ring BEAR, and there’s going to be some crap with the damn locket.

So, I think this bad wedding will equal a wonderful marriage for Barney and Robin. :)

5. I think Ted will propose when he returns to the Farhampton Inn exactly one year later, and that’s where they will make their first baby.

Update – It appears that I have this switched around a bit. There’s no confirmation yet as to when exactly baby Penny is conceived, but it seems like it may have happened when they returned to Farhampton in May of 2014. The proposal scene occurs at Farhampton in 2015, although the month is not clearly specified. 

In the flash forward type scene at the end of episode 2, The Mother is not wearing a wedding ring. What could be more romantic than a proposal at the place where it all came together for them? Plus, Ted is totally the type to want to experience all of that romantic couple’s stuff, and possibly rub it in Curtis’ face. The timeline is getting tight in terms of them getting married and conceiving their daughter, so things are going to have to move at a steady pace. If the daughter is born around January 2015 (she’s an infant in spring/summer of 2015 per Trilogy Time), she would have to be conceived around spring/summer of 2014. That would perfectly fit with the night that Ted and The Mother return to Farhampton.

It’s a little unexpected for them to make a baby before they’re married, but I can see this working out fine for the couple. Sometimes it just all comes together like that, you know? After that night, she could discover that she’s pregnant, and then they could have the wedding in the first few months, so she isn’t showing. Heck, I guess they could even get married after the baby is born, although this doesn’t seem like Mosby’s style. Then again, maybe The Mother really wants to be able to drink and let loose at the wedding.

Alternately, they could already be engaged or even married at this point. Maybe the ring is being sized or cleaned or was custom-made and isn’t ready yet. Who knows!

Other miscellaneous thoughts on season 9:

Everyone is still wearing purple like they have been for the last 3 flippin’ seasons. The Mother is also wearing purple! Sometimes it’s a dark, dark purple that borders on black, and sometimes it’s more of a blue purple, but nearly everyone is still in their purple gear. Everyone except Robin, that is. I think Robin in black and white indicates that she is (obviously) not The One for Ted, but it may also reference Barney’s tendency to wear suits. Robin is basically suited up, because she is Barney’s perfect match!

For more details on color theory in HIMYM, check out this article I wrote a while back.

How much do I love that, per tradition, Marshall brought a six-pack of beer back from Minnesota? (In the bottom of the stroller)

Check out this legendary timeline of Ted’s life that I worked on with the guys from It’s pretty comprehensive.

Ted giving Robin the framed picture from the opening of the show. Oh, the feels. Ted’s first on-screen words to The Mother being “hey beautiful”, which is the same as the title of the song from the opening of the show. Double feels!

Finally, I freaking love The Mother. I love the chemistry between her and Lily, and I love the chemistry between her and Ted. I love that she is basically a girl version of Ted, except a little cooler. Seriously, I could not be happier with this casting choice!

Bonus – thoughts on each show’s episode title.

Please note that I have not read episode descriptions so if these are right I am a genius, and if they are wrong it’s just because I didn’t read the details yet!

The Locket (the locket was a key plot point of this episode, although we didn’t actually see it)
Coming Back (the end of the show had Ted and The Mother coming back to the Farhampton Inn)
Last Time in New York (plays on the season 2 episode title First Time in New York, and also probably relates to Ted’s last days in New York before his planned move to Chicago)
The Broken Code (The bro code has been broken repeatedly, by Ted, Barney, and Robin. This one should be interesting)
The Poker Game (Let’s hope Barney isn’t playing poker, because we know how he gets when he gambles)
Knight Vision (This relates to a family member that is named something like Knights Templar – I need to research and confirm)
No Questions Asked (Could this be when Barney finds out about Robin’s infertility?)
The Lighthouse (A romantic moment between Lily and Marshall, perhaps?)
Platonish (Likely a new word that Barney makes up to describe a relationship – it sounds appropriate for describing Ted and Robin in the past)
Bass Player Wanted (I’m thinking this will be when Barney or Robin meets The Mother)
Mom and Dad (This could be about Barney and Robin each having their divorced parents in the same place, or it could be a reference to Ted and The Mother as the kid’s mom and dad)
Rehearsal Dinner (I feel like Lily will tackle someone this episode)
Slapsgiving 3 (No need for explanations here…looking forward to the return of the slap – again!)
How Your Mother Met Me (Hooray! Hopefully this is about The Mother possibly crushing on Ted before technically meeting him, based on what she has heard from the group and also her seeing him over the course of the weekend)
Sunrise (I hope this episode is all about new beginnings and hope and happiness)
Daisy (Some think this means The Mother’s name will be Daisy, especially because we have seen several flower names already – Lily, Heather, Buttercup, and Daphne. I think this is too easy of an answer for such a big secret, and the writers wouldn’t reveal this mystery in an episode title.)

So what do you think gang? I would love to hear feedback!

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