It’s All Happening…HIMYM Season 9 Premier TONIGHT – Meet The Mother!


Summer has ended and fall TV is finally back, which means the much-anticipated return of Ted Mosby, The Mother, and the whole HIMYM gang. I’ve already covered every teeny tiny detail we know about The Mother, so I won’t go into that here. The guys at have already covered allll the spoilers available for season 9, so I won’t go into that here either.

Here is what I am looking forward to/thinking is important:

Finding out The Mother’s name. (We’ve waited sooooo long to discover this!)
Does Lily think she stole her phone? (Scene with the two of them on the bus should be interesting)
Will she approach Ted first?

That last point is the one that I’m most interested in. I know we probably won’t see it until the end of the show, but I feel it’s a crucial moment for Ted. He is always pursuing women, even to the point of dating people who are totally wrong for him. He always tries just a little too hard. I get it, because I am kinda similar in the trying too hard manner.

BUT – we see him watching The Mother play bass at the reception. He does not approach her. He sees her, but does not meet her. This is important. Later, at the Farhampton train station, it’s a toss-up as to who approaches who first.

On the one hand, Ted is reading what is presumably The Mother’s favorite book (Love in the Time of Cholera), so that could inspire her to strike up a conversation. On the other hand, she is carrying the infamous yellow umbrella, which Ted will surely recognize. Ted is also sitting on the only bench, so he may approach her just to offer his seat. Either way, it’s a far cry from the days when Ted would immediately pounce on any prospect (and potentially declare his love for her).

I think Ted refraining from hitting on her is an important step in his development. It’s also an important step in how he relates to fate and the universe. Once Ted stops trying to force things, destiny (not the stripper) will bring the one right to him.

Finally, my last major curiousity…is she the Love Solutions missed date? I don’t care what anyone says, I’m hanging on to this theory til the bitter end. Something to ponder – at the end of that episode (Milk), when Ted is in the car with Robin, the song playing is “Mother of Pearl”. The lyrics say “Mother of Pearl, I wouldn’t leave you for another girl”. Now that we know for sure that Robin is not The Mother, perhaps these lyrics speak to the missed date instead. Foreshadowing, perhaps, that one day he will choose her over Robin? I’m not sure. But I am still fascinated by the scenario and I very much hope that the missed date will at least be addressed. As The Mother. I won’t give it up!

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  1. Corina, I still think the way the mother turns at the train station means something. I have a couple of ideas why this may be important. One you hit on… who makes the move. I think it will be Ted. I like that he would offer up his seat on the bench. See the way she turns away from him.

    I could be wrong but the writers sometimes leave little hints in these clips to keep us guessing at thin air. So taking that into consideration I think the mother recently broke up with her Wall Street boyfriend Louis, This could be part of the Ted slow play.

    We know from spoilers and the title of the third episode next week THE BROKEN CODE that Ted is still pinning for Robin. So both of these two may have recent heart issues.

    We know Ted gives her his boutonnière. At the train station to possibly cheer her up. She also may turn away from Ted because of something that happens awkwardly at the Reception from either of their points of view. Lily may have talked to the mother and told her something private about Ted. Any of the cast could have revealed a Ted vulnerable secret to the Mother.

    We can go on and on with reasons why the mother may be shielding herself from Ted. It could simply be the angle of the rain. But Ted and the Lady on the Bench have a revelation moment conversation. The mother may just be giving them room to talk.

    I need to look up that conversation with the older actress in that scene. It was published around the time the episode came out. Time to go to the archives. Corina you are especially good at that and Solo and I have appreciated your assistance over the years.

    I will be very excited this afternoon. I will get out the popcorn and Laptop. Probably will text you once or twice but try not to spoil the surprises that we have not seen yet.

    1. I agree that Ted will offer her his seat. He would likely do that anyway, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the old lady sitting next to him encourages it. She might even encourage Ted to hit on The Mother, because she’s tired of listening to him talk and/or because she has heard his whole damn story and wants it to have a happy ending.

      So far Lily doesn’t seem to have revealed any secrets yet, except for dorky Ted facts that make The Mother like him more. I can see her as the professional type that doesn’t flirt or engage with the guests at all. Her job is to play bass, and if she’s in the best wedding band around, we know that they all do their jobs well. I doubt that the best wedding band in NYC includes men or women that act like guests at the reception.

      If it were me approaching the Farhampton station, I would keep a bit of a distance so as not to intrude on a possibly personal conversation. Also because I wouldn’t want it to seem like I was angling for the guy to give up his seat. I don’t want to guilt anyone into being chivalrous, I just want them to be chivalrous if that’s the type of person they sincerely are.

  2. Hi Corina!
    thanks so much for your thoughtful posts :) they’re always a pleasure to read.

    about the first move question:
    There was one clip that seared itself into my brain from years ago – the first showing of the yellow umbrella, from the 3rd season opener if i’m not mistaken. It’s shown flying off in the rain across a wet pavement -and narrator Ted says something like “you know the short version, the one with yellow umbrella”.

    That always gave me the notion that the mother would be holding the umbrella in the rain until some sudden wind swept it away, so Ted being the gentleman would rush to grab it and return it to her – only to hold it and realize that’s the one he’d lost a few years back. Bang! you’ve got a special ice-breaker for the two :)
    (“hey that’s mine!” “no, it’s mine!” :))

    OK maybe that’s insanely specific for such a vague clip, but that umbrella being swept along in the rain, even though it only looks like just a random street, really feels like a clue to the actual moment of them meeting!

    about the “Milk” date, i don’t know. it should be referred to, but i have a hard time believing she’s the one, just from what we know of her.
    First, i think she’s a few years younger than Ted, and he signed up when he was what, 27? it’s unlikely that such a young woman would sign up to a dating service at 22-25, right? unless she signed up as a weird joke.
    In addition, like Cindy said, “guys are always falling in love with her”, so why would she need that service? unless she signed up as a way to meet someone that is suitable and not just an endless parade of men who are “reaching” for her.

    Also, about the song.. i think it says “mother of pearl, I wouldn’t trade you for another girl”. Right then and there it seems to be referring to Robin (closeup on the tiger stripes!): Ted would never trade her, or the *faith* he has in her being the “one”, for any other girl – not even for a real, available, perfect girl – which is a fact in Ted’s heart that will be transformed throughout the next 8 years.

    1. Hi Maya,

      Thanks for your comments and compliments – I find them to be a pleasure to read!

      I like the idea about the wind/rain blowing the umbrella away, and Ted grabbing it for her. It is the perfect ice breaker, and it works perfectly with the yellow umbrella having such great significance. It seems like their first meeting absolutely has to involve that umbrella, because otherwise it’s not really part of the story of how they met.

      In the Milk episode Ted notes that the perfect match girl is the same age as him. I do think she could/would have signed up because she is clearly busy and probably not meeting quality men. She’s probably just like Ted, dating different people but never the right person. I just assume that her being a bass player and a PhD student and a reader and a painter of robots playing sports, etc, would be rather time consuming.

      The song must be referring to Robin, I just wanted to it refer to The Mother. :) I like when things all connect like that, what can I say.

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