Guys I Don’t Like Almost Anything About This HIMYM Article

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHERHave you all read this yet? It’s pretty much full of do not wants. It was published on March 18th so I’m a bit behind the curve but take a look if you haven’t already:

The last two episodes of How I Met Your Mother’s eighth season may be titled “Something Old” (airing May 6 and featuring the return of Robin’s dad, played by Ray Wise) and “Something New” (May 13), but don’t assume that means we’ll finally see the long-anticipated nuptials of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin (Cobie Smulders). “I don’t want to necessarily promise the wedding,” executive producer Carter Bays says. “It’s more complex than that.”

What Bays does promise is a “fantastic bachelor party” for Barney on the April 29 episode of the CBS comedy and “some earth-shaking events in the finale, including some new tidbits about the mother.”

The finale takes place during the week leading up to the scheduled wedding: Barney and Robin connect in a sweet way; Marshall takes his first trip with baby Marvin to see Grandma in Minnesota; Lily gets offered a new job; and Ted makes a big decision that “will end the series as we know it,” Bays says. “We’re going to be taking some surprising risks with time. The finale is almost like a pilot for the new series that the ninth [and final] season becomes.”

Keck’s Exclusives First Look: Barney’s HIMYM Bachelor Party

Alright, let’s break this business down.

“I don’t want to necessarily promise the wedding,” executive producer Carter Bays says. “It’s more complex than that.”

W. T. F. I’m assuming this is them being deliberately coy, because the alternative is that we can’t trust what the writers have said in the past. Take this article from July 18th, 2011:

TVGuide: So Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) does get married, right?
Craig Thomas: Barney does get married. It’s not the smoothest wedding day, but it’s epic — truly epic.

How I Met Your Mother Scoop: Barney’s Epic Wedding and How Ted Got His Groove Back

Next we skip on ahead to May 15th, 2012:

TVGuide: Everyone noticed in the 2015 flash-forward in “Trilogy Time” that we can’t see Barney’s left ring finger.

Thomas: Very intentionally done that way. One of those little moments where you realize what a good actor Neil Patrick Harris is because he can somehow make hiding his left hand seem perfectly natural. We don’t want to give away too much. Remember: Barney and Robin’s wedding won’t be smooth, but they will get married.

How I Met Your Mother Boss on Barney’s Bride: “It Had to Be Her”

And then there’s this article from December 16th, 2012: (NOTE – this was before season 9 was confirmed, so Carter Bays was speaking as though the show might have ended with the season 8 finale)

TVGuide: And he’s going to propose to Patrice. Is he really or is it all a ploy and he’s proposing to Robin?

Bays: Well, Barney’s always a sneaky guy. But Barney is moving very quickly with Patrice, and their relationship comes to a boiling point this episode. But we know he won’t marry Patrice. We know that the series ends with Barney and Robin getting married. That’s the one we can’t hide, but we’ve concocted a windy route of them getting there.

How I Met Your Mother Boss on Show’s Fate, Barney’s Proposal and More

Sooo…wtf, man? Are the scenes of Robin and her dad dancing at the reception a ruse? Is this a wedding that doesn’t actually happen, but then another one does? Has it al been a ruse?? I don’t like any of this business whatsoever. Let’s review the other info in this article also, because I’m not sure how I feel about all of it:

The finale takes place during the week leading up to the scheduled wedding: Barney and Robin connect in a sweet way; Marshall takes his first trip with baby Marvin to see Grandma in Minnesota; Lily gets offered a new job; and Ted makes a big decision that “will end the series as we know it,” Bays says.

Lily has already been offered a new job with The Captain, so I’m assuming that’s what this is referring to. Unless she gets yet another new job offer? Barney and Robin connecting in a sweet way could be when Robin agrees that he should keep his apartment, because she loves him for who he is. We still haven’t seen Marshall and Marvin visit Minnesota, so that should be coming soon.

As for Ted’s big decision…it could have already happened, or it might not have. It may have been when he was sitting amidst the ruins of Abby’s destruction, and deciding not to date anymore. The whole series has been centered around him trying to find the one, so this was a big, defining moment for him. But there could be an even bigger moment ahead! I just don’t know!

Also – “the finale takes place during the week leading up to the scheduled wedding”. Sooo the wedding doesn’t actually happen in season 8 finale? Do we see anything from it at all? More importantly, will Ted (will any of us!?) meet The Mother this May? Chronologically speaking, Barney and Robin are to be married on May 25, 2013. In the recent episode “The Time Travelers” (S8E20), Ted discusses how he is just 45 days away from meeting The Mother. That episode was set in early April, 2013, so the timing lines up. But will the timing hold true for us viewers, or just the characters? I don’t know!

Please tell me your thoughts – I need some input on this :)

9 thoughts on “Guys I Don’t Like Almost Anything About This HIMYM Article

  1. Hello, Corina. Yep it is a messy ending to Season 8. The only thing I see you left off is the Captains next step in his Job offer to Lily. Could be a big move or just a distraction. Unless I missed it in your statement you left off the female guest star for April 29th. This episode was set for April 15.

    CB and CT moved around a lot of episodes. My speculation is we have seen most of the wedding in parts. We just need to know how Ted hurts his hand and a couple other missing parts.

    There are a few more spoilers but not as important. We know who the other tie is etc. Anyway you need to say Hello to me sometime. Use this address.

    • Thanks for reaching out – I’m adding you to my blogroll if I haven’t done so already. You inspired me to do some more research and I just don’t know that I like the direction this season is heading in. More thoughts on that later.

  2. yep — it sounds as though we will not be seeing the full wedding in the Season 8 finale — Maybe that means Season 9 will take place on May 25, 2013 to finish the story? Or maybe it means we won’t see the conclusion of the Barney/Robin wedding until the series end in a flashback episode?

    There are a couple of things I keep thinking about. When Ted and Victoria broke up (the second time), it’s because Ted could not stop being friends with Robin. Ted told Marshall and Lily, but made them promise not to tell Robin. But Narrator/Future Ted says she found out, but more on that “later” (I hate when he does that). I think Robin finds out Ted ruined his engagement to Victoria because of her on the wedding day… which is why things don’t go smoothly. She starts to have second thoughts. Perhaps this is something that the season 8 finale will center around.

    Season 8 Finale has been described as the “series finale” and the launch of a “new series as we know it in Season 9.” Season 9 must be all about how these tangent stories Future Ted has been telling his kids have to do with him meeting their mother. How the goat factors in, the St. Patty’s day bump girl, the blind date from “Milk,” the pineapple incident, etc. Otherwise, why would he include these things in the story at all? Clearly, these pieces must have something to do with the ultimate story. So…perhaps that means will not see the conclusion of the Robin/Barney Wedding until a flashback episode in May 2014 when Ted finally meets the mother.

    • Sharon, I hope we see the Mother, or more specifically; the actual actress who will play the mother. I think Ted hurts his hand around the Mother plot-line. It could overlap with Robin and Victoria.

      I would like to see them bring in the Episodes Milk, No tomorrow, The Autumn of Breakups, and Farhamton in episode 24 something new. To me the wedding can be in Season 9. When they close 8 with a story, make it Ted’s.

      The filming for Season 8 is done, but they can still edit in or out the story we have all been waiting for, since 2005. Show us all the times Ted missed her by that much.

      One thing I am not doing is holding back on CB and CT if she is not revealed by the end of Season 8. I am already writing my review of season 8. The surprise will be IF we see her.

      • I want to see all of those episodes tied in as well! I still want to see the wedding this season though :) Also if they go with some super negative ending with someone being dead or divorced I will not be happy.

        Is your review of 8 mostly positive or negative? I’m very conflicted on that.

        • Corina, I try to stay positive in my comments. This season has a lot of disruptions caused by the producers. Some relates to the late changes for Season nine.

          The stories that ended season 7 into season 8 lacked continuity and back storied. The relationships of Ted/victoria and Robin/Nick seemed rushed and incomplete.

          The writers did not have enough time to fit everything in. By the way I personally did not like the way Victoria was torn down.

          Some of the Episodes in Season Eight had strong character growth and over the top emotional acting. That saves it for me. Now if they can only finish this story strong instead of stringing the audience along.

          CB and CT need to let go of this mother is revealed last notion. Let Ted’s Story progress. It has been held hostage for many seasons now.

          So I am reserving my review grade of Season 8 until after May 13. I usually have a quick grade for each episode. If I add them up right now we are just C passing.

    • That makes MUCH more sense than my intrepretation and I find it much less annoying as well. I’m still not sure about how much we will see tonight but I. CAN’T. WAIT.

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