You Have To Walk Away From The Past In Slow Motion

As it explodes behind you like a John Woo movie!

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This is the reason I tell my friends not to look back. You have to walk away from the past in slow motion as it explodes behind you like a John Woo movie!

-Chloe, Don’t Trust The B season 2 episode 1 “A Reunion…”

It’s so very true. Also, everyone, and I mean everyone, looks cool doing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re the biggest badass on the planet or a total dork, if you and some people walk together in slow motion, set to kickass music, you will look fucking awesome. Bonus points if you’re rocking matching outfits. Be sure to make brief eye contact with the camera and then allow just a hint of a smug smile. See also:

So, what’s your favorite slow motion walk scene? There are a ton that I couldn’t find videos or gifs of so I didn’t include them. But if anyone can point to some that should be added I would be happy to do so!

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