They Put Smart Girls In Glamour :)

I created a mini meme inspired by this quote – and this actor (Noah Mills, swoon!) – from 2 Broke Girls, and then it ended up on Tumblr and Pinterest, and today it made the print issue of Glamour magazine! (Click images to enlarge)

Caroline: What’d you see in that guy anyway?

Max: He had these muscle thingies! (points to her hipbones)

Caroline: Ohhh those things? (makes a V with her hands at her waist)

Max: I don’t know what those are called but they make smart girls stupid.

2 Broke Girls, episode 1

This is the first time I’ve had anything in print since those poems I submitted for my friend’s zine back in high school. I don’t think that quite counts, but this definitely does. I am so grateful to everyone that shared, posted, tweeted, and pinned this little creation of mine!

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Big Image – 2 Broke Girls Quote & Yummy Shirtless Noah Mills (hi-res image)

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Now go buy your October issue of Glamour so I can sign it and you can cash in once I make it to the big leagues! :)

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