HIMYM How I Met Your Mother apartment floorplan

TV Floorplans – How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Sex and the City

These amazing renditions show off the floorplans of your favorite shows! Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has done everything from How I Met Your Mother to I Love Lucy. Also I have just decided that there should be a Lucy themed episode of HIMYM. (Ted, you’ve got some ‘splaining to do!)

Others I am hoping to find – The Brady Bunch, Full House, Roseanne, Family Matters, That 70s Show, and the entire layout of Bayside High (Saved by the Bell)…

HIMYM How I Met Your Mother apartment floorplan
How I Met Your Mother floorplan – Ted’s apartment (now Marshall and Lily’s apartment, formerly Robin’s apartment, was essentially another of Barney’s apartments as well)

Edited to add – oh mah gawd the cockamouse is included! I love this even more now.

The Big Bang Theory floorplan – Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment & Penny’s apartment

Sex and the City floorplan – Carrie’s apartment

Friends floorplan – Monica and Rachel’s apartment & Joey and Chandler’s apartment (or vice versa, depending on which rerun you’re watching :) )

Seinfeld floorplan – Jerry’s apartment

Golden Girls floorplan – version 1 – Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia’s home

Golden Girls floorplan – version 2 – Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia’s home

Frasier floorplan – Frasier, Martin, Daphne, and Eddie’s apartment

I Love Lucy floorplan – Ricky and Lucy’s home

Note – I originally made these images as links to the artist’s page, but I want you to be able to click to enlarge and see all of the great little details. So, here are all the relevant links giving full credit!

Nikneuk – Deviant Art



23 thoughts on “TV Floorplans – How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Friends, Sex and the City


  2. ·
    Hello Corina.
    Thank you very much for your post and comments.
    On the new drawings I have to say that I have no desire to do more.
    The continued attacks by Brandi Roberts (the owner of from FantasyFloorplans) are discouraging me.
    She said that my drawings are copies of her regisstered crude and ugly sketches and wants to sue me …
    If you want more floorplans of series you can settle with the things that she makes …
    At first this was an illusion but now I’m very sad with all this bullshit…
    Thanks again and Merry Christmas…

    1. Hi Iñaki,

      I understand why you don’t want to do more, but of course it’s disappointing that we won’t see more of your art. I looked at the other person’s work and did not feel that they were similar enough to justify what she was saying, for what it’s worth. Best wishes to you for the new year!

      :) Corina

  3. I have amateur sketches I did of the Tanner’s house from Full House, including a conjectural “sandwiched” stairway that connects the kitchen to the second floor’s hallway, including a hallway that runs under Jesse-Joey’s and Michelle-DJ’s room, as well as an angled chimney duct that runs from the family room to Danny’s fireplace in his room. Danny’s room had a door in the back wall, which I assume ran to a sundeck. I know it’s all conjectural, but Dave “Joey Gladstone” Coulier said on Myspace that theye were fairly accurate. They’re either in GIF or Bitmap, so it’s easier to modify.

    1. .
      Hello Ken.
      Be aware of Brandi Roberts, the owner of fantasyFloorplans, if you want to upload somwhere or try to earn money with your drawings.
      This woman has demands me (and it’s the thrd time) for copyright infringement and all my drawings has been retired from the ETSY store…
      The letter by her attorney says that my drawings”incorporate designs, symbols, language, images, or photographs that infringe upon the concerned party’s copyright or other intellectual property
      Brandi Roberts was not the first person in making TV floorplans (even exists a published book by Mark Bennett about this matter and the drawings of Brandy Roberts are suspiciously similar to the floorplans in this book) and everybody are free to make our own designs or ilustrations based on the same theme.
      Obviously she hasn’t an exclusivity contract with all the TV production companies to be the only person in the world to make floorplans based in TV shows and I know perfectly that the monopolium it’s a felony and something illegal.
      But apparently this diva thins the contraire…
      Luck with your wotk or hobby
      And sorry for this comment but just now I’m very angry, sad and dissapointed with all this bullshit…

      1. Inaki that’s awful, are you still dealing with that? I really want to buy that book now – mostly because I just plain want it, but also because I would like to see a comparision. Were you forced to take down your work or did you do that by choice? I think I would want to fight it, but I can be like that sometimes :)

        1. .
          Thank you very much for your support, Corina.
          It´s very awful to my (appart ffrom the frustrating and humilliating feelings) cause just today a german magazin called Jolie has been published with an article about Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and the name of the ETSY store.
          Now I’m unemployed and the sale of handmade originals was ma only way of life.
          I expected some orders from the people who purchase and read this magazine but now this itemas are dissapeared from the website.
          I made a counter notice (the process of reclamation in ETSY) to recover my 29 erased items.
          But the process is long (from 10 to 15 days) but I hope that my drawings will be re-uploaded and her claims rejected.
          But I’m affraid of legal issues.from her attorney.
          I know that I have the reason but I have not the money and legal resources to afford issues like this.
          Her idea of “I paint cats so you can’t paint cats” is absurd and some like dictatorial,
          I supossed that she is jelous and don’t want to share a piece of the pie (I don’t know if this expression exists in english) but her behavior is the behaviour of a diva.
          I´m nervous and sad…


          1. I am not a lawyer at all so keep that in mind, but I do know some people throw around letters from attorneys just to get their way. She might be trying to bully you even though she knows she doesn’t have much of a case. Obviously I don’t know for sure but if you need any help with a strongly worded letter of response I am here!

        2. .
          I forgot two questions.
          1. In Amazon you can see a preview of this book by Mark Bennett.
          I read the table of contents and the floorplans are from “old” TV shows mostly from 50s, 60s and 70s.
          His style is very similar to the style of Brandy Roberts (or viceverse) cause both made drawings as blueprints.
          Undetailed (more undetailed and rude in the case of Brandi Roberts) but very similar in tecnique, colours, etc…
          She deserves that Mark Bennett demand her for plagiarism
          2. When a website like ETSY or Deviantart (In Deviantart she has made the same claim twice but finally I recovered my works there) received a copyright infringement notice they retired automatically the works from the websites.
          Without making a comparison, without asking me before, without thinking a little bit to see the obvios and take a decission before a little analisis.
          Aparently it’s athomatic and quick.
          But the appealing processs is long
          I feel very undervalue as a seller…

    2. Ken I would love to see those! Do you have them posted online anywhere? If not you are welcome to email them to me and I will post them with full credit to you.

      For a large part of my childhood I thought of that house as the PERFECT home (I grew up mostly in apartments) so I would love to see all the details :)

      1. .
        Thank you very much.
        I am preparing all the documentation to send the counter notice to ETSY legal department to recover my works.
        Is the second time that she makes this claim on ETSY and the last time I recovered my works.
        I hope to recover them again but I am affraid if a cannot recover my works and the claims delivers in a legal isssue.
        She is bulling me and I know that I am losing orders and money by her guilt.
        I want to stop her for future claims but I don’t kno how to do.
        My only options know is recover mw from this attacks and wait future attacks…

  4. Inaki,

    Is there somewhere we can buy these drawings? I’d love to get a couple of them. Thanks – bridgette

  5. Hey,I noticed that there are a few things wrong with sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. For example how do they say goodnight to each other with morse code, and how did sheldon climb out of his window to Leonard’s if they are disconnected like u have drawn? Sorry, just a few things I’ve noticed.

    1. .
      In this floorplan both bedrooms shares a portion of wall so this is possible.
      in the episode in which Leonardis in the bed with Priya and Sheldon try to comunicate via Morse all the episode is shoot from inside Leonard’s bedroom.
      We don’t see never Sheldon in taht scene.
      Why do you suppose that Sheldon is in his bed and not standing behind Leonard’s bed ???
      In fact, in the silence of the night, is not necessary being bed to bed to make morse sounds…
      About the scene in which Sheldon climbs out of his window we don’t see all the path.
      We see Sheldon outing from one window and, in other shot, entering by the window of Leonard.
      I have not drawn the ledge but there may be L-shaped ledge around the building.
      Why do you deduce that the cornice must be straight or that the windows are in the same wall ???
      Why in the Halloween party (in Penny’s apartment) there were people on the other side of the window ??? Is there a balcony or deck without doors to that deck ???
      Why the staircase are so much stairs ??? If tyou count them you will notice the absurd height of the floors…
      Another questions:
      How did they get the time machine inside the apartment ???
      How could throw Penny her boyfriend’s things out the window if the distance from the ladder to the window is larger than the ladder to the entrance door of the hall ???
      And the answer to all the questions: This is not a real apartment, they are only a group of sets without the “fourth wall” built in a soundstage…

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