My Cartoon Alter Ego

I spend a fair amount of time watching PBS with my favorite little man, and I think Super Why might be my favorite show on there. You might be asking yourself, but (super) why, Corina? Well, it’s because of an awesome character that might just be my cartoon alter ego. For those who haven’t met her yet, allow me to introduce my CGI doppelgänger, Wonder Red – with the power of words!


Wonder Red knows how to have a good time:

And she doesn’t take ish from anyone:

I just need to brush up on my roller skating skills and perhaps by Halloween I will be ready to portray Wonder Red in all her word power glory! That plus her ultra-chic red purse (which looks a bit like a classic quilted Chanel bag to me, further demonstrating her good taste) will surely make me an honorary member of the Super Readers crew. FYI, though, I have been an unofficial super reader since I was just a bebe!

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