Merida’s Coronation Scheduled For July 2013

It’s official – Merida from Disney/Pixar’s Brave will have her coronation as the 11th member of the Disney Princess Line Up in July of 2013! A big thank you to commenter Gijs Van Dyck, who broke the news to me … Continue reading Merida’s Coronation Scheduled For July 2013

Disney Pinup Girls

Ooh la la! This is my last Disney post o’ the week, so I hope you enjoy. At first I just assumed my sister made these, because I know she’s on DA, an amazing artist, and a huge Disney fan. Oh, and her name is Mimi. But this is a different Mimi  – mimi-na on DeviantART – that I am not related to. Plus her name seems to be Amy Mebberson, so I’m quite sure we are not siblings. :) Amy/Mimi is, however, hugely talented and creative, so I’m really pleased that I came across her work. Without further delay, … Continue reading Disney Pinup Girls

I’m a Redhead at Heart

Have I mentioned how much I adore Emma Stone? Probably, but I will say it again because it’s so flippin’ true. Emma Stone rocks my world! I didn’t even intend for a stone/rock pun but since it’s there I’m keeping it. Makes me laugh! Here’s my new fave quote from my fave hot ginger o’ the moment: I may be a blonde at root, but I’m a redhead at heart -Emma Stone, “Romancing the Stone”, The Advocate Continue reading I’m a Redhead at Heart