#WorstFamilyTrip: Not The One I Just Got Home From :)

Oh Jimmy. Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy. Someday you will speak my name (well, my Twitter handle at least) on your show! In the meantime I am more than pleased to be on the featured tweets page again. Because I am awesome like that. I actually thought that if they picked any of my tweets, it would be about how my mom and step-dad carted me and my 3 step-siblings to look at Disneyland. Not go TO Disneyland, mind you, just to look AT Disneyland. What the hell, mom?!

Anyway, this tweet was in reference to a cross-country road trip when I was I believe 19 or 20 years old. That means the little sister was somewhere around 8 or 9, and full of that wonderous, glorious childhood energy that often preludes an ADHD diagnosis. Now she’s 18 and an official high school graduate – the family just returned from a trip up the California coast to see her receive that diploma (with an honor thespian designation, no less!) But in my head she might always be that little monster with a devilish grin and the ability to run like the wind. :)

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