HIMYM: How Color Theory Convinced Me That Barney Marries Robin

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My blog has received quite a few visitors based on my purple wedding observations – hooray! I’ve been giving this quite a bit of thought (as it is clearly VERY IMPORTANT lol) and I have some newish conclusions. Most of them are fueled by the fact that EVERYONE IS WEARING PURPLE ALL SEASON LONG. Seriously, idk if the Gap had a sale on all things eggplant and lilac or what, but these guys are rocking more purple than Barney. Yes, THAT Barney:

We all know that yellow is the main color for this show – the yellow umbrella, little yellow school bus, Robin’s yellow raincoat, all of the pivotal moments that occur in yellow cabs, etc. There are two schools of thought regarding purple. One theory is that, since purple is the complementary/opposite color for yellow, it indicates a lack of romance. By this theory, anyone with yellow symbolism is a viable candidate to be someone’s happily ever after, and anyone wearing purple is disqualified.

But that doesn’t really mesh with how this season in particular has progressed, so I think I’m going with the alternate theory. This theory holds that Ted’s happily ever after color is yellow, whereas Barney’s happily ever after color is purple. This just means that purple people – like Robin with the purple giraffe – are not suited for Ted. But – since Barney is a foil character for Ted – this means that Robin and all her purple giraffe glory could be Barney’s true soul mate. Quinn is in purple because she is a contender, and everyone else is in purple because it signifies Barney’s upcoming nuptials.

UPDATE – I’ve been reading some other blogs, and they pointed out a couple additional facts. We could assume that Ted is purple, and looking for his yellow, whereas Barney is yellow, and looking for his purple. Or we could assume that both are purples, looking for their yellows. When we see both members of a couple in the same color – Robin and Kevin both wearing purple, for example, or Barney and Nora both wearing yellow, or Barney and Quinn both wearing purple – that means that they’re NOT meant to be together. Ex:

It has also been noted that Robin seems to only wear yellow when she’s involved with Barney. I’m not sure if this is accurate but I’ve documented all of the Robin in yellow episodes I’ve found so far:

Season 4, episode 24 “The Leap”, where Barney and Robin finally kiss and get together for reals.

Season 6, episode 9 “Glitter” – Barney is the one that tracked down the glorious Space Teens video starring Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter…

Season 7, episode 8 “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns” – this is the one where we find out that Barney is (gasp!) part Canadian…like Robin…

Season 7, episode 9 “Disaster Averted”, where Barney and Robin reminisce about what might have been had they hooked up in the (yellow) cab.

Season 7, episode 15 “The Drunk Train”. This one is a Robin with Kevin episode, which ends with them breaking up. Maybe stripes indicate ambivalence? If so that could apply to the earlier image of Robin and Ted in purple/blue stripes and plaids. I will have to investigate further…

Season 7 has been a symphony of purple. I’m pretty sad I already used “purple haze” in a blog post title because it should be used to describe the entire season. I browsed through HIMYM screen caps from season 7, episode 1 through season 7, episode 19 (The Broath). These are just the purple clothed scenes that caught my eye – there were plenty more! Click on the thumbnails to see the whole HIMYM gang in their purple finery:

The show’s writers – Craig Thomas and Carter Bays – have indicated that Barney’s wedding does not go as planned:

TVLINE | Carter [Bays, co-creator] told TV Guide Magazine that the wedding is the beginning of Ted’s love story and the end of somebody else’s. Is there anything you’d like to add to that?

All I’ll say is that when we eventually get to that future wedding day, it is definitely not what everyone would expect. It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It’s not a fake-out. It’s not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day, and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down.

Barney was concerned that perhaps he picked the wrong “tie” (woman). Call me romantic, but I want to believe that Barney will be 100% sure when he marries Robin.

“I’m not having jitters. It just occurs to me that once I put this tie on, I can never take it off. I have to wear this tie forever, and ever. And sure this tie is skinny now, but what happens if it gets fat and starts bossing me around?! Did I make a mistake? Would I have been happier with the other tie? Ted, can I tell you a big secret? …I’m not really talking about the tie.”

“Seriously kids, don’t EVER invite an ex to your wedding.” Here’s the tricky part to this rule – I don’t know that fans will be satisfied by a Ted or Barney wedding without Robin in attendance. These guys are BFFs, the whole group, and it won’t be the same without her there. I’m guessing Barney will ignore this rule of Ted’s, and ultimately be grateful that he did, because it will prevent him from marrying Quinn. Also, if Barney and Robin get married, Robin is free and clear to attend Ted’s future wedding without any lingering concerns about if they are meant to be together. I certainly won’t be satisfied by a wedding with only some of the gang.

SOOO here’s how I think it will go down: Barney will propose to Quinn, and they will plan a purple-tastic wedding because that is apparently her favorite color (or at least the color that she wears all the time). 

That’s why Lily is in a pink dress, and not a purple bridesmaid dress. If it were Robin’s wedding, of course Lily would be the Maid of Honor, and of course her dress would match the purple wedding colors. But her pink dress (which is available for purchase in real life and is not a bridal party gown at all) is great for a wedding guest outfit. 

Barney will be nervous, but not about getting married and settling down. He’s nervous because, deep down, he knows that his heart still belongs to Robin. He will see Robin all fancied up, looking even hotter than in her sundress, and he will realize the truth.

Hopefully we will see some Ross and Rachel style wedding mishap, where Barney says Robin’s name instead of Quinn’s. Robin is startled but oh-so-happy, and she steps in to take Quinn’s place in the most legendary wedding scene ever. I see Quinn storming off, and her bridal party entourage of stripper friends will storm out behind her. Barney will pull Robin up to the altar, and Lily will jump in ASAP to stand by her side as Maid of Honor.

Oh, and of course Barney’s sister, Carly Whittaker, will be there (perhaps as part of the wedding party) and then her and Ted will fall in love at first sight!

Sidenote – how is it possible that nobody has created a gif of that scene yet?! Also, when I finish this post and all of my regular work I’m totally going to binge out on Friends reruns, it has been too long.

Okay fans – whatcha think?!

Did you know that the color theory ties into the Love in the Time of Cholera HIMYM theory? It totally and correctly predicted the show’s ending!

43 thoughts on “HIMYM: How Color Theory Convinced Me That Barney Marries Robin

  1. OH MAN, what if Quinn is actually Carly Whittaker, Barney’s half sister, who lied to her dad about going to college, and became a stripper instead?! She changed her name when she got to the city! probably not, but what. a. TWIST.

    1. Ewwwwww! And also a clever plot twist I had never considered….nicely done! (It’s totally something that a relative of the Barnacle would do, too…)

      1. That’s what I think as well, along with a bajillion people online. But I think I’ve done a pretty good job of summing it all up :) thanks for commenting – I can’t wait until we see more of the wedding!!!

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  2. Wish I knew about this color thing a week and a half ago. I just got done w/ marathon Netflix rewatching of season 1 through 6. I picked up on the yellow umbrella because it was blatant, but didn’t know about the purple.

  3. I don’t think Ted marries Barney’s half-sister. The first Thanksgiving episode ends with 2030 Ted faking out his kids by saying that the stripper he meets at the end is named “Tracy,” then tells his kids that is the true story of how he met their mother. (Followed, of course, by a quick, “Just kidding!”). So ever since I caught that in a re-run, I’ve been waiting patiently for Ted to meet someone named Tracy… The writers are pretty great about continuity so far, right?

  4. Hi!… I like your color theory… I’ve had a color theory about beige… I have noticed recently the color beige tuning up in key moments, Farhampton the mother was wearing a beige trenchcoat, a similar coat and color could be seen on the roof of the WNN building Barney was wearing a similar color coat… Or it could be the damn well same coat… When he proposed to Robin, he wore the same coat all through out season 8, he wore the same coat when he confronted Nick to talk about his feelings about Robin. Could this mean something?

    1. Robin also wore a beige trench coat when she tried to seduce Barney at his apartment. Maybe this neutral color indicates true feelings being revealed, or important aspects coming together? Thank you for pointing this out so I can research more…

  5. Well, the yellow / purple theory keeps delivering! In the latest episode (8.13) Ted says the colors will be cream and lilac – which are the pastel versions of yellow and purple! (and Robin’s dressing room is further evidence)

    And it also explains why the groom’s men have a little lilac flower in their lapels… AND NOW it makes sense that this is the first flower Ted gives the mother when they meet (according to DVD S6 extra) – it’s the one he has at hand.
    The old lady at the station wears purple too. Only upon re-watching episode 8.01 did i notice the mother wears purple ALL OVER. and of course she owns many yellow things (and a very yellow apartment, at least during 2010).

    also, i wouldn’t pay too much attention to Lily’s dress being pink. i just don’t think Robin would be the kind of bride to pick out uniform bridesmaid dresses (though so far her and Barney’s wedding plans seem too traditional for such a couple, at least in my view)

    I wonder how Ted cuts his hand.. you never know with these guys!

    can’t wait for that background items post! thanks Corina for your insightful posts!

    1. I love your observation that cream and lilac are pastel versions of yellow and purple! I’m working on a new post that covers all of the color theory stuff, but whew is it in-depth. Doing lots of research so I don’t miss anything important.

      At one point I thought maybe purple indicated something bad, but now I’m thinking that it is just the color of Barney and Robin. Because Barney and Robin are so essential to Ted and The Mother, it makes sense that the colors would complement in that fashion.

      I hope you’re right about the dress, but I was thinking that Robin and Barney might throw Patrice a bone and let her be the maid of honor? Or at least a bridesmaid? I hope so, she deserves to get something nice out of all of this.

      1. ah, I’m dying to see Patrice in a crazy bridesmade dress :) Also, with all the tension a bride has to take on her wedding day, it would be the only day Robin could legitimately scream at everyone like she does at Patrice :P or maybe finally she’ll be openly nice to her?

        I think kids is another reason why Robin and Barney are so compatible – both of them don’t seem keen on havign any. Barney’s the last person who would be bothered by her inability to have kids (i think).
        Still, somehow i imagine Ted cutting his hand in something relating to Barney. Maybe it’s his absolutely final way of letting Robin go before he meets the One.

        I get you on the last thing, Corina. Single person among lovey-dovey couples here too :-\

        1. lol and people at the wedding would be like wow, bridezilla, but no – that’s just how Robin is to Patrice 24/7! I don’t think Barney will be really upset about the kids thing; he already knows she doesn’t want kids, and they went over all of that back when they thought she was pregnant. But I do think he will feel a little betrayed at being the last to know.

          Ted will probably Ted up something really basic like putting on a corsage or handing over the wedding cake knife. Alternately, it may be collateral damage incurred while preventing Barney from heading out the window. I’m so curious!

          Maya, you and I are both probably just too awesome for most people to handle. Someday our Ted Mosby equivalent will arrive! (but I would prefer a Marshall, all things considered)

  6. oh, and something else i thought of regarding the wedding -maybe Lily’s dress is pink because she’s not the maid of honor. Maybe it’s Patrice! she was instrumental to getting those crazy kids back together, and maybe on Robin’s wedding day she gets to live a dream!!

    also, maybe what happened to Ted’s hand has something to do with the band? it’s far-fetched, but i’m imagining Ted would defend the honor of the bass player at some point, even without meeting her :)
    otherwise, if things went so wrong, i’d expect Marshall & Lily to be waiting for the train too. why is Ted alone there?? and then the mother shows up in a taxi but no other band members or wedding guests do?

    1. Yes, Patrice could totally be the maid of honor! Or at least a bridesmaid, she was indeed instrumental to their connection.

      I’m wondering if Ted’s hand relates to him knowing that Robin can’t have kids, and Barney not discovering that until later? Just a hunch but it is a plot point that will have to be addressed at some point…

      I think Ted left to go brood on his own instead of hanging with his happily coupled up friends. He would be overjoyed for all of them, yes, but (speaking as a single person among couples) it can be so, so hard sometimes. Like it is literally painful at times to be surrounded by love when you’re feeling all alone. So I think that is at least part of the reason why he is there by himself.

  7. We know that “Love in the Time of Cholera” is Ted’s Favorite novel. In that story, a yellow flag enables abiding love to prevail. Rain also signals key events in the novel, just as it does on the show.

    Somebody mentioned lilacs in the boutonnières. The white flowers in the boutonnières appear to be Calla Lilies. These flowers are also known as marsh-lilies, which is cool, for obvious reasons. But wait, it gets better! Calla lilies are the flower associated with a sixth wedding anniversary and, by my reckoning, Marshall and Lilly have been married six years at the time of the “Farhampton” wedding.

    1. just read your comment, Mark, and – WOW!
      very in-depth, cool and interesting insights!! thanks for sharing them :)

    2. This information is amazing! Mark, thank you so much for sharing all of this. I did not know that about the book and the yellow flag. I did know that about the Calla lillies but I somehow never connected it to the HIMYM storyline like you did. I hope to read more comments from you in the future!

  8. I’m re-watching a lot of episodes these past couple of weeks.. cuz, well, i can’t wait till September!
    So I’m seeing so much purple and yellow.. mostly purple though. i think t goes back even to season two!

    first, you should check out all the episodes that have flowers in them, especially at events like weddings. Lily and Marshall’s wedding – the flowers are purple and yellow; so is Robin & Barney’s wedding; and of course Ted’s own wedding, as seen in “Lucky Penny” if i’m not mistaken (but not in the wedding he imagines at the end of “Milk”).

    So are the flowers at the Architects’ Ball – when Ted meets Victoria again in season 7 (though not at the wedding where they first met; maybe this idea hadn’t been developed back then). Victoria is a column of purple at the Architects’ Ball, BTW. I think it ties to the purple-needs-yellow theory, and “purple+purple don’t mix”
    I’m sure there are even more, requiring in-depth research :)

    Also, almost every shirt Kevin wears is purple! But Robin wears yellow when she has a connection to Barney, I think. or purple when Barney is the yellow (ducky tie?)
    Kevin tries to paint a whole room yellow, but it just doesn’t fit :)

    Reading too much into this? maybe. Gonna watch more episodes? heck yes!

    1. Nope, I don’t think you’re reading too much into anything. The flowers are a good clue that I need to investigate further. I also liked your point about Kevin trying to paint the room yellow (trying to be yellow, perhaps) but it just doesn’t fit. He simply wasn’t Robin’s lobster.

  9. So, this is a different twist on your theory. Stay with me, and if you have any questions, please ask.

    There is a very common theory going around that by 2030, when Saget-Ted is telling his children the story, the Mother has already died, and he’s introducing the kids to the idea of him dating/marrying Aunt Robin. There is a TON of evidence supporting this (The drawings of The Kids and Aunt Robin but none of the mother, Saget-Ted never using tenses implying that she is still alive, I could go on and one). A supporting theory to this is Ted’s favorite book: Love in the Time of Cholera. In the book the main characters love each other but sadly end up with other people. It isn’t until the end of the book when their spouses have died that they reunite and realize their true feelings. The HEARTBREAKING thought here is that Barney has also died at this point, and Ted and Robin, do in fact, eventually end up together. You can do a TON of research on this. The factors are all there to make this theory viable. I’m not exactly happy about it, but it makes a lot of sense when you put it all together.

    How this ties into your BRILLIANT color theory. Robin only wears yellow with Barney, but purple when she’s with Ted (ESPECIALLY season 7). And we already know the Mother is yellow. If Barney and the Mother are the yellows, and Ted and Robin the purples, then it would stand, following this theory, that the yellows are temporary. True love, yes, but only until passing. At which point purple is still end game. Backing this thought up is how much Marshall and Lily wear purple, but not yellow. (Marshall is a Vikings fan after all) If Purple needs Yellow to thrive, then that would make them the exception to the rule, and when it comes to relationships, Marshall and Lily are always THE rule.

    Let me know what you think/if you want me to follow up with this theory at all. I have scoured the web looking for points for and against this theory, and it holds a lot of water.

    1. First of all, this is fascinating. I’m working on an updated color theory post, and this will certainly be factored in. Point by point…

      I don’t really think there is much evidence to the mother actually being dead. I know she isn’t included in scenes with Future Ted and the kids, but there isn’t a whole lot of room for conversation in those scenes. And obviously she couldn’t be shown anytime sooner because she hadn’t been cast yet at all. I don’t think the drawings of the kids with Robin prove anything, because that was a detail specifically included about Robin. There are no drawings of the kids with Ted, or Marshall and Lily, either. So I don’t think that part holds water.

      BUT – Love in the Time of Cholera is a huge, substantial piece of evidence. It is a key element in the show, and the relationship between Ted and the mother, and that is how the plot actually goes. It is entirely possible and even plausable that things work out the same way they do in the book. I hate that idea, but I can’t discount its validity. It would really bum me out if anyone was dead, and if Ted and the mother aren’t together at the end. That’s absolutely not how I want the show to end. But it is a very possible outcome because of the parallels to the book.

      In terms of what they are wearing…I have fixed feelings. I did some research, and we start with all the purple as of season 7, episode 1. Basically everyone is wearing purple, so I don’t think it means anything that Lily and Marshall both wear the same color. I do think it matters that Robin wears yellow for Barney. I think Barney and Ted are both purples seeking their yellow. But it does get really confusing with everyone throughout 3 seasons wearing the same color.

      Here’s a problem with both of our theories – when Ted meets the mother, she’s wearing purple. AND she’s wearing purple in season 9 episodes 1 and 2. So if you are correct, and purples belong together, then she and Ted are perfect for one another. So that makes your theory about them not ending up together probably wrong. But if I’m correct, and yellow and purple go together, then maybe she and Ted aren’t going to end up together at the end. In that case I’m wrong. I don’t know!

      Right now I’m thinking purple is the color of love actualized, and yellow is the device that brings them together. There are yellow accents – the ducky tie, the umbrella, etc – but purple is the real focal point. If I can find some yellow accents tying together Lily and Marshall that would really make a lot of sense. For now, I don’t know. Please let me know what you think and also check out the new article once it’s up!

      1. I’ve actually looked for both Marshall and Lily with yellow, and so far, nothing.

        As far as the theory of the Mother being dead, it’s a lot of little things that add to that theory. Such as Saget-Ted never saying anything like “remember last week when…” or anything else that implies the mother is currently with them. As far as the pictures of Robin and the kids, the episode was in fact about Robin eventually getting over her “fear” of children, but for there to be 3! pictures in the background of Aunt Robin and the kids, but NONE of the mother…that’s a bit strange.

        Then of course, there is the Time Traveler’s episode-Self Explanatory (possible foreshadowing or red herring).

        Another big thing is why would Ted be telling his children this LOOOOONNNGGGG story, when they already know the shortened version? What is the point? And why do the kids never get a text from Mom saying dinner is ready, or anything else to save them? (A way to incorporate the mother without having cast her yet) I understand that he wants the kids to understand the journey he took up to that point, but WHY? Unless it’s to explain the past to soften the blow of Dad and Aunt Robin getting together. This is definitely foreshadowed by the first scene with Robin, where Ted says he felt like he was going to marry that girl SOMEDAY. Doesn’t mean she’s the mother…just someday. Great way to get over the Robin-doesn’t-want/can’t-have-kids obstacle.

        Also-WHY should we STILL be hearing about Ted not getting over Robin??? He hasn’t gotten over her in 9 years!!! Thru engagements, and proposals, and everything else, Ted is still hung up on her. I’d love to think that meeting the mother cures him of this obsession, but 9 years has already made that seem unlikely. Why do we keep beating a dead horse…unless it’s not dead.

        The ONE rebuttal I’ve heard from people regarding this theory is how disrespectful the kids were in the pilot about hearing this story. Personally, I think this is a red herring. If they went down without a fight, that would be a bit suspicious from the get go. Also, that was a pilot. Things usually change from the pilot. If they continued throughout the seasons, that would be different. But it’s a rebuttal easily debunked. The other rebuttal I’ve heard is that this is a sitcom-they wouldn’t do that. Um…did anyone watch the end of Roseanne? Granted, that was a train-wreck, but it’s not unprecedented. And with episodes such as Time Travelers (I bawl every time), Symphony of Illusion, and Bad News, no one can deny that the creators are not always happy-go-lucky with this show.

        Another nail in the proverbial coffin: Carter and Craig have already shot the last scene with the children, at the end of season 1. They didn’t know who the mother would be at that point, but they had to shoot all the footage with the children while still kids. In the Sept. 6 issue of Entertainment Weekly, there is a blurb titled ‘How the Show *Will* End’ “In 2006, the creators realized that Ted’s future kids…were maturing quickly, so they taped the last two minutes of the entire series–evidence, they say, that despite the late decision for a season 9, their endgame was planned all along.” Now, yes, I understand the difficulties of shooting with aging children and not having a mother cast. But it would be extremely weird to go thru all of this, and NEVER see the happy family together. And for Bays and Thompson to POINT OUT that they have, in fact, had their endgame since the beginning–that’s a huge sign to me. (Keep in mind, they did consider keeping the kids throughout the years as series regulars, which meant they would have grown with the show. Had they taken that route, we could have seen them all together. It wouldn’t have been hard either–weekly story-time with Saget-Ted. So why didn’t they?)

        On the Barney point, which I usually refuse to speak of because I CANNOT STAND the idea of Barney dying: (I have ‘Suit Up!’ with a necktie tattooed on my wrist…I’m pretty hardcore =P) In the Season 8 episode, Bad Crazy-the one with Mike Tyson holding baby Marvin, they have quite a few flash-forwards to Robin and Lily meeting up and talking. At this point, we already know Robin and Barney are supposed to be getting married. But they keep Robin’s left hand hidden in almost the entire flash-forward sequence. EXCEPT one quick flash in 2025, and I’m pretty darn sure she is NOT wearing a ring. We know, thanks to the Exploding Meatball Sub, that Barney is still alive in 2021, but that is the last we know.

        Anyway, I know this is really long-winded, but there’s all that. I really do want to get to the bottom of this color-theory though. EVERYONE is freaking in purple. So how in the heck are we supposed to make sense of it all. I’m willing to lay good money on the fact that someone will write a thesis on it one day. (Someone already wrote a thesis on the Olive Theory)

          1. Aaargh I don’t like this idea! It’s a totally valid theory but my response is basically to cover my eyes and chant do not want do not want la la la. :)

        1. Yeah there’s basically nothing with Marshall and Lily both wearing yellow. I see so many people looking at specific episodes and saying, oh, these characters are wearing purple in this one episode which clearly proves this or that. But they’ve been wearing all purple since season 7, episode 1. I keep trying to finish my article on it but it’s so confusing and there is so much information that I get overwhelmed and have to take a break!

          I just mentioned this in another comment, but basically I feel like Ted is telling the story to explain that him and the mother didn’t just get married because they were pregnant. Here’s what I posted on Reddit about it – I’m going to do another article but I’m not quite there yet:

          “To be clear – I don’t think there NEEDS to be a theory. I am perfectly happy with Ted telling them for the reasons mentioned in “The Brunch” – his parents had a brief story, so Ted wants to tell his kids everything.

          BUT – if there needs to be a reason, I want it to be something other than someone being dead. I don’t buy into that theory anyway, but it got me thinking.
          Soooo my guess is that Ted is explaining all of this because the kids can do basic math and they understand that Ted and The Mother were pregnant before they got married. So the kids would assume that their parents got together because they were having a baby. But really, the story is so much more than that. Thus, Ted takes it back to where it all began.

          Supporting evidence – Trilogy Time shows us that baby girl Mosby has to be born as of late 2014/early 2015 (2015 more likely as she seems to still be a few months old as of spring 2015). We see Ted and The Mother returning to the Farhampton Inn as of May 23rd, 2014. Neither of them are wearing engagement or wedding rings.
          The Mother is either early pregnant as of this moment, or about to get knocked up. I suspect Ted is proposing that night, which would make sense if she’s already pregnant OR make sense as an occasion where one might (accidentially?) make a baby.

          Isn’t that a much more pleasant idea than someone being dead? It also works for filming the finale in advance when the kids were younger. They could have done a reveal scene of the kids being like, okay, so you told us this whole story but really you and mom are married because the condom broke?! Or something to that effect.”

          Back to your comment! Why are we still hearing about Ted obsessing over Robin? Ugh, I wish I knew. I hate that this element has carried over all the way to literally days before the wedding. Ted should have buried those Robin feelings the second he heard of the engagement, and never brought them up or demonstrated them ever again. Basically right now I feel like he’s being selfish and annoying by still clinging to this idea of him and Robin together.

          I mean, I get it. I really do. I have been in love for far longer than was appropriate, when the other person was absolutely not an option. And I would have stopped being in love if I could just figure out how. I think the important part is WANTING to be over someone. I don’t think Ted WANTS to be over Robin, and therefore he never will be. And I think it’s crappy that another woman may be the only reason he wants to get over Robin. Crappy in that the mother deserves better than to be his newest distraction from his never-ending obsession with Robin. I just wouldn’t feel comfortable dating a man that had been so obsessed with his ex so very recently, you know?

          In terms of the kid’s drawings (I’m jumping around a bit, sorry) – I don’t think it’s at all strange to have shown those. We also didn’t see any pictures of them with their dad, or Lily, Marshall, or Barney, so not having any pics with the mom seems like a non-issue to me. If they showed pictures of the kids with everyone but the mom then sure, I get it. But I don’t read much into that particular moment.

          I do think that the kid’s disinterested behavior bodes well for the mother being alive. Yes, they’re teenagers, but that’s no reason to be assholes about hearing the story of their dead/dying mother’s love story with their dad. I will accept that there is a tiny chance they’re trying to just be normal and not make a big deal of it, but that doesn’t ring true for me.

        2. Hi ! I read most of the comments about the “the mother and Barney being dead” thing, and while I respect your opinion and theory, I hope to God it’s not true!!! :( The show literally cannot do that to me! I would not be able to handle it. I understand where you’re coming from with the time traveller’s episode and several others. I would like to share a couple points of my own disproving those theories ( some of them are a bit far-fetched but I just don’t want to believe anyone dies!). Okay first of all about the “Bad Crazy” episode where there are flash forwards to Robin and Lily discussing baby Marvin and Mike Tyson, I checked her hand and paused the screen each time and her left ring finger was not visible and any time, so it’s not possible to see if she was wearing a ring at “17 years later”. Second of all, I know everyone has a huge problem with the story beginning when he met Robin, and his further obsessing about her for eight years. I think it makes perfect sense to start how he met their mother at the moment he met Robin. His journey to his future wife all ties in with Robin. Hear me out: From the moment he meets her, it was his goal to be with her, that’s why he and Victoria broke up the first time. Let’s not forget that she was the reason he didn’t meet the date the dating site picked out for him in season 1! Then he went on to date her for a year, further preventing Ted from meeting anyone. After they broke up, Ted got a tramp stamp, which let him to Dr. Stella Zinman! Whom he was destined to be with, get engaged to and be left at the alter for her ex Tony! Who in “right place at the right time” was meant to run into Ted and over him the lecturing job at Columbia. At Columbia he met Cindy, who as we all know is the mother’s room-mate at the time. However being as her was so not over Robin, it wasn’t the right time to meet her so no grant encounter occurred just yet. Fast forward to Ted running into Cindy on the subway where she helps him save? the wedding by getting a band for them cause her old roommate ( the mother) plays in one! :) Oh I forgot to mention Ted meeting Victoria again, calling her up some months later and eventually getting her to leave Klaus ( who was doing his own thang as well), and get back together. Ted was all set to marry Victoria as his daddy clock was ticktocking, but what prevented him? Robin! So Robin is pivotal to Ted and the mother’s love story as he would have married Victoria ( or someone else), and never met the mother ( because of her wedding ) and it all stems back to him dating her and getting the tramp stamp. So as a result of all that, I don’t think Ted ends up with anyone else but the Mother. I just think that he sees Robin as the main reason he met the love of his life, that’s why he starts the story when he met her. The time traveller’s episode however is a bit tricky for me to refute, but I will say, that at the point where the episode takes place, Ted is really in a bad place. The woman he loves and who he believes he wants to end up with is marrying his best friend, and all his best friends are happily coupled off. He feels sort of hopeless and who knows maybe even suicidal? ( let’s hope not but it does happen with people). I know at this point he doesn’t have a job either. So he is really alone and I think the reason he says if he could do it over he would run to her apartment and see her is cause he really needed her at that point and if he knew what he knows now it would have it even sooner. Also we know how Ted feels about New York and he’s leaving it for Chicago, he has to be in a really bad place.

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