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HIMYM: How Color Theory Convinced Me That Barney Marries Robin


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My blog has received quite a few visitors based on my purple wedding observations – hooray! I’ve been giving this quite a bit of thought (as it is clearly VERY IMPORTANT lol) and I have some newish conclusions. Most of them are fueled by the fact that EVERYONE IS WEARING PURPLE ALL SEASON LONG. Seriously, idk if the Gap had a sale on all things eggplant and lilac or what, but these guys are rocking more purple than Barney. Yes, THAT Barney:

We all know that yellow is the main color for this show – the yellow umbrella, little yellow school bus, Robin’s yellow raincoat, all of the pivotal moments that occur in yellow cabs, etc. There are two schools of thought regarding purple. One theory is that, since purple is the complementary/opposite color for yellow, it indicates a lack of romance. By this theory, anyone with yellow symbolism is a viable candidate to be someone’s happily ever after, and anyone wearing purple is disqualified.

But that doesn’t really mesh with how this season in particular has progressed, so I think I’m going with the alternate theory. This theory holds that Ted’s happily ever after color is yellow, whereas Barney’s happily ever after color is purple. This just means that purple people – like Robin with the purple giraffe – are not suited for Ted. But – since Barney is a foil character for Ted – this means that Robin and all her purple giraffe glory could be Barney’s true soul mate. Quinn is in purple because she is a contender, and everyone else is in purple because it signifies Barney’s upcoming nuptials.

UPDATE – I’ve been reading some other blogs, and they pointed out a couple additional facts. We could assume that Ted is purple, and looking for his yellow, whereas Barney is yellow, and looking for his purple. Or we could assume that both are purples, looking for their yellows. When we see both members of a couple in the same color – Robin and Kevin both wearing purple, for example, or Barney and Nora both wearing yellow, or Barney and Quinn both wearing purple – that means that they’re NOT meant to be together. Ex:

It has also been noted that Robin seems to only wear yellow when she’s involved with Barney. I’m not sure if this is accurate but I’ve documented all of the Robin in yellow episodes I’ve found so far:

Season 4, episode 24 “The Leap”, where Barney and Robin finally kiss and get together for reals.

Season 6, episode 9 “Glitter” – Barney is the one that tracked down the glorious Space Teens video starring Robin Sparkles and Jessica Glitter…

Season 7, episode 8 “The Slutty Pumpkin Returns” – this is the one where we find out that Barney is (gasp!) part Canadian…like Robin…

Season 7, episode 9 “Disaster Averted”, where Barney and Robin reminisce about what might have been had they hooked up in the (yellow) cab.

Season 7, episode 15 “The Drunk Train”. This one is a Robin with Kevin episode, which ends with them breaking up. Maybe stripes indicate ambivalence? If so that could apply to the earlier image of Robin and Ted in purple/blue stripes and plaids. I will have to investigate further…

Season 7 has been a symphony of purple. I’m pretty sad I already used “purple haze” in a blog post title because it should be used to describe the entire season. I browsed through HIMYM screen caps from season 7, episode 1 through season 7, episode 19 (The Broath). These are just the purple clothed scenes that caught my eye – there were plenty more! Click on the thumbnails to see the whole HIMYM gang in their purple finery:

The show’s writers – Craig Thomas and Carter Bays – have indicated that Barney’s wedding does not go as planned:

TVLINE | Carter [Bays, co-creator] told TV Guide Magazine that the wedding is the beginning of Ted’s love story and the end of somebody else’s. Is there anything you’d like to add to that?

All I’ll say is that when we eventually get to that future wedding day, it is definitely not what everyone would expect. It’s not a wedding day that will go completely smoothly, but it will end with Barney being married. It’s not a fake-out. It’s not going to be something where he runs away from it. Barney Stinson will get married that day, and we will show to whom and exactly how it goes down.

Barney was concerned that perhaps he picked the wrong “tie” (woman). Call me romantic, but I want to believe that Barney will be 100% sure when he marries Robin.

“I’m not having jitters. It just occurs to me that once I put this tie on, I can never take it off. I have to wear this tie forever, and ever. And sure this tie is skinny now, but what happens if it gets fat and starts bossing me around?! Did I make a mistake? Would I have been happier with the other tie? Ted, can I tell you a big secret? …I’m not really talking about the tie.”

“Seriously kids, don’t EVER invite an ex to your wedding.” Here’s the tricky part to this rule – I don’t know that fans will be satisfied by a Ted or Barney wedding without Robin in attendance. These guys are BFFs, the whole group, and it won’t be the same without her there. I’m guessing Barney will ignore this rule of Ted’s, and ultimately be grateful that he did, because it will prevent him from marrying Quinn. Also, if Barney and Robin get married, Robin is free and clear to attend Ted’s future wedding without any lingering concerns about if they are meant to be together. I certainly won’t be satisfied by a wedding with only some of the gang.

SOOO here’s how I think it will go down: Barney will propose to Quinn, and they will plan a purple-tastic wedding because that is apparently her favorite color (or at least the color that she wears all the time). 

That’s why Lily is in a pink dress, and not a purple bridesmaid dress. If it were Robin’s wedding, of course Lily would be the Maid of Honor, and of course her dress would match the purple wedding colors. But her pink dress (which is available for purchase in real life and is not a bridal party gown at all) is great for a wedding guest outfit. 

Barney will be nervous, but not about getting married and settling down. He’s nervous because, deep down, he knows that his heart still belongs to Robin. He will see Robin all fancied up, looking even hotter than in her sundress, and he will realize the truth.

Hopefully we will see some Ross and Rachel style wedding mishap, where Barney says Robin’s name instead of Quinn’s. Robin is startled but oh-so-happy, and she steps in to take Quinn’s place in the most legendary wedding scene ever. I see Quinn storming off, and her bridal party entourage of stripper friends will storm out behind her. Barney will pull Robin up to the altar, and Lily will jump in ASAP to stand by her side as Maid of Honor.

Oh, and of course Barney’s sister, Carly Whittaker, will be there (perhaps as part of the wedding party) and then her and Ted will fall in love at first sight!

Sidenote – how is it possible that nobody has created a gif of that scene yet?! Also, when I finish this post and all of my regular work I’m totally going to binge out on Friends reruns, it has been too long.

Okay fans – whatcha think?!

Did you know that the color theory ties into the Love in the Time of Cholera HIMYM theory? It totally and correctly predicted the show’s ending!

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