Hair Color Personality Quiz – Arlene Dahl’s Key To Feminity (Always Ask A Man)

Last week I shared with my readers the true Key to Feminity, as per Arlene Dahl: Always Ask A Man. Yes, it’s just that simple! If you’re looking to accent your femininity via hair color, though, Arlene has some more detailed assistance available. Take these quizzes to find out if you’re true to your hair hue. [My comments in bold & brackets – I couldn’t resist] Please comment and let me know how accurate the quiz was for you – or if you’ve been inspired to update your look to better match your inner beauty…

Blonde Personality Quiz

  1. In selecting sleepwear, do you prefer:
    1. Pastels
    2. White
    3. Black
    4. Flesh color, or none at all
  2. If your escort wants to drive the long way home on your first date, would you:
    1. Protest a little
    2. Refuse flatly
    3. Say yes
    4. Say maybe
  3. If circumstances made you the extra girl on a date, would you:
    1. Excuse yourself politely
    2. Go along happily
    3. Protest a little
    4. Get rid of the other girl
  4. On entering a crowded room, would you:
    1. Scuttle for the nearest chair
    2. Pause and look the situation over
    3. Enjoy a long walk across the room
    4. Wait for the best-looking man to offer you his chair
  5. If a man brought you a gift of jewelry before the engagement, would you:
    1. Blushingly refuse it
    2. Call it an engagement present
    3. Accept it with thanks
    4. Have it insured

The girl with the blonde personality would check the following answers:

  1. d. Flesh color or none at all (You like the blonde look all-over, remember?) The redhead would choose black or yellow,the brownette pastels, and the brunette white. [Yellow wasn’t even listed as an option, so I don’t know why the redhead would select it. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen attractive yellow lingerie in my life.]
  2. c. Say yes. (You’re impulsive and affectionate.) [and perhaps a little slutty, taking the long way home without a hint of protest! You know where that leads, right? Actually I’m not sure where it leads but I’m guessing at least second base.] The brownette would protest a little, the brunette would refuse, and the redhead would say maybe.
  3. b. Go along happily. (You thrive on competition.) The brownette would excuse herself politely, the redhead would call up and ask another man to go along, and the brunette would eventually get rid of the other girl.
  4. c. Enjoy a walk across the room. (You’re self-confident). The brownette would scuttle for the nearest chair, the brunette would pause and look the situation over, the redhead would wait for the best-looking man to offer her his chair. [This seems like a great way to stand and look out of place for a long time. Also, would she accept a chair from the second best-looking man? Inquiring minds want to know.]
  5. c. Accept with thanks. (You’re used to being coddled.) The brownette would blushingly refuse it, the redhead would call it an engagement present, the brunette would have it insured. [I guess jewelry isn’t an appropriate gift when you’re just courting? I like how the redhead just gives any piece of jewelry the same symbolism as an engagement ring!]

Brownette Personality Quiz

  1. If your best boyfriend asked you your idea of a perfect date, would you choose:
    1. A concert
    2. An intimate dinner at home
    3. A sporting event
    4. Tickets for a hit show
  2. If your husband told you he had to go out with a beautiful blonde for business reasons, would you:
    1. Believe him
    2. Make a scene
    3. Go along with them
    4. Get a date for yourself
  3. When furnishing a new home, would you spend the most money on:
    1. The living room
    2. The bedroom
    3. The den
    4. The kitchen
  4. If your husband left you for another woman, would you:
    1. Get a divorce at once
    2. Have a nervous collapse
    3. Look around for a new man
    4. Wait for him to come back
  5. In a bridge game with the girls, do you usually:
    1. Win
    2. Underbid
    3. Try for a grand slam
    4. Spend more time talking

If you are a true brownette, you would:

  1. b. Choose an intimate dinner. (You’re unselfish, and proud of your domestic talents.) [I initially said intimate dinner, but I changed my answer once I realized that I actually had to cook it myself.] The redhead would choose a sporting event. (She likes to please her man, and be where the action is.) The brunette would suggest a concert for social and cultural reasons. And the blonde would most enjoy a hit show.
  2. a. You would believe him. (You’re loyal.) The redhead would make a scene, (she’s supposed to have a temper,) the blonde would go along, and the brunette would get a date for herself. [I want some more info on this beautiful blonde before they go out. I don’t trust her! We know that blondes are used to being coddled, after all.]
  3. d. You would spend the most money on the kitchen. (You’re practical.) The redhead would shoot the works on the bedroom, the blonde on the living room. The brunette would concentrate on the den for home entertaining. [I realize this makes me sound like a teenage boy but I totally LOLed at “shoot the works on the bedroom”]
  4. d. You would wait for him to come back. (You’re patient.) The redhead would get a divorce immediately, the blonde would fall apart (she’s not used to rejection), the brunette would look around for a new man (to make him jealous). [Patient is not the same thing as a doormat! Leave his ass! But don’t be a silly blonde and have a nervous collapse, or you’ll never be able to find a new beau]
  5. b. You would underbid. (You’re cautious.) The brunette would win, the redhead would try for the grand slam, and the blonde would spend most of the time talking.

Redhead Personality Quiz

  1. If you were invited to the races, would you:
    1. Bet on a long shot
    2. Play the favorites
    3. Study the racing form first
    4. Close your eyes and choose your horse at random
  2. If an attractive stranger smiled at you, would you:
    1. Smile back
    2. Take out your compact
    3. Blush and pretend not to notice
    4. Strike up a conversation
  3. If your date were an hour late, would you:
    1. Wait patiently
    2. Leave
    3. Bawl him out when he arrived
    4. Pout effectively
  4. If someone sent you an unexpected check, would you:
    1. Buy something glamorous to wear
    2. Have the TV fixed
    3. Buy a present for your husband or best beau
    4. Put it in the bank
  5. If your date took you to a casino in Las Vegas, would you:
    1. Play the nickel slot machine
    2. Watch him play and count his winnings
    3. Study the odds
    4. Bet your last chip at roulette

If you are a true redheaded personality, you would:

  1. a. Bet on a long shot. (You always rise to a challenge.) The brunette would study the racing form first, the brownette would play the favorites and the blonde would close her eyes and pick a horse at random.
  2. a. Smile back. (You respond spontaneously.) The brunette would strike up a conversation, the brownette would blush and pretend not to notice, the blonde would take out her compact.
  3. b. Leave. (You’re impatient.) The brownette would wait patiently, the brunette would wait but bawl him out when he arrived, the blonde would pout effectively.
  4. c. Buy something for her man. (What’s more important? Besides, you usually have something to make up for!) The brownette would have the TV fixed, the brunette would put it in the bank, and the blonde would buy something glamorous to wear. [I was on board with the redhead traits right up to question 4. What’s more important than buying something for your man? Having a functional TV, to start. I’m not sure why I’m buying him presents to make up for something, because per Arlene this seems more like the man’s job. God forbid I infringe upon his God-given rights to placate me with jewelry! (after the engagement, of course) But I’m not opposed to a surprise gift for my best beau…I’m just more likely to spend money on a TV.]
  5. d. Bet your last chip at roulette. (You’re an incurable optimist.) The brownette would play the nickel slot machine, the blonde would count her winnings and the brunette would study the odds. [My favorite casino game is standing on the sidelines and counting my man’s winnings. Sometimes he lets me blow on the dice for good luck, but mostly I keep my mouth shut and just look pretty.]

Brunette Personality Quiz

  1. If you are hostessing a dinner party for the man in your life, would you:
    1. Have it catered
    2. Cook it yourself
    3. Have guests bring potluck
    4. Entertain at a restaurant
  2. When you go wardrobe shopping on a limited budget, do you:
    1. Buy exactly what you need
    2. Buy impulsively
    3. Bargain-hunt in the newspapers, first
    4. Buy on approval, and let your husband or beau decide
  3. If you had to spend an evening alone, would you:
    1. Curl up with a good book
    2. Catch up on your correspondence
    3. Try to balance your checkbook
    4. Wash your hair
  4. In choosing an ideal mate, which would you consider the most important qualification:
    1. Love
    2. Security
    3. Social position
    4. Character
  5. If you were furnishing a new apartment, would you:
    1. Go to a decorator
    2. Do it yourself
    3. Get the apartment already furnished
    4. Have a “housewarming” with each guest bringing a house gift

The true brunette would:

  1. a. Have it catered. She’d want everything perfect, with no slip-up! The brownette would love to show off her culinary skill, and would do the work herself. The blonde likes to be entertained, too, and would suggest a restaurant with good food and atmosphere. The redhead would do the unexpected – have a buffet, with guests bringing potluck.
  2. c. Bargain hunt in the newspapers, first. (You’re practical, and you plan ahead.) The redhead would buy on approval and let her man make the final decisions; the brownette would buy exactly what she needed, and the blonde would buy a dress on impulse. [This redhead doesn’t buy on approval or let her man make the final decision on nearly anything. It’s nice if he likes my new dress but I think we will both survive if it’s not his cup o’ tea. Arlene would not approve.]
  3. a. Curl up with a good book. (You enjoy mental exercise.) The brownette would catch up on her correspondence, the blonde would try to balance her checkbook, and the redhead would wash her hair. [Apparently women are only capable of trying to balance their checkbook – especially those dumb blondes, amiright?]
  4. c. The brunette would choose social position. (You know that love may fade, money may be lost, but social position brings personal power.) The redhead would marry for love, the blonde for security, and the brownette for character.
  5. a. Go to a decorator. (You’re a true executive with the ability to delegate authority.) The practical brownette loves feathering her own nest, and would furnish with bargains from auctions and junk shops. Blondes, though more helpless, love to be surrounded with glamour. They would take a beautiful apartment – already furnished. The redhead would make a lark out of the project, giving a white elephant housewarming and asking her friends to bring furnishings. [If silly helpless blondes can’t even decorate their own apartments, how does Arlene think they will manage an entire household?]

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