The Real Housewives of Disney

This version of the Disney Princess crew – and Kristen Wiig as a boozy Cinderella – makes me so very happy. The rest of Lindsay Lohan’s SNL comeback went downhill pretty fast, but this cracked me up. Here’s the best and most glorious gifs celebrating the show that Bravo needs to get to work on…

This spring the drama is getting animated!

The Magic Kingdom is my playground...
and I like to play

I'm the fairest of them all - until you cross me

I don't need to rub a lamp to get what I want...

I'm out of the tower and into the spotlight

And I'm a huge fucking mess!

Edited to add…

Be our guest Be our guest Caviar Versace
Be our guest Be our guest Rolls Royce Versace

Priceless reactions to Belle’s autotuned single:

4 thoughts on “The Real Housewives of Disney

  1. funny , if they did it right that would be a great show . they for got sleeping beauty she could be the one who sleeps with everyone’s husband :)

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