If You Like Clouds, Make Them Your Friends

I enjoyed pretty much everything about SNL this weekend, even though some parts dragged a bit. I wasn’t really into the “Crabs” skit, but the way Kristen Wiig and Zooey Deschanel kept saying “Cray-abs” eventually wore me down.

“Bein’ Quirky with Zooey Deschanel” was easily my favorite skit, although the new episode of “Les Jeunes de Paris” was a close second. In terms of quotability/gifability, Bein’ Quirky was the clear winner – thanks to Kristen Wiig’s glorious depiction of Bjork!

Take things you like and make them different. If you like swans, make them a dress. If you like screaming, make it music. If you like clouds, make them your friends! 

I made a sweater for an octopus. Plus, I left one extra hole for its dreams and ideas.

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