NEW Pic of the Mom - HIMYM - Does Ted Marry Barney's Sister? I'm 99.99% Sure Yes.

NEW Pic of the Mom – HIMYM – Does Ted Marry Barney’s Sister? UPDATE: NO

Here is a REAL picture of The Mother:


face blurred pic of the mother


UPDATE: the season 8 episode “Ring Up!” officially, completely, absolutely disproved The Carly Theory. Barney’s sister is for sure NOT The Mother. Click here to see how the infamous Carly Theory has been disproven, plus a compilation of all the clues and theories about The Mother!

NEW Pic of the Mom - HIMYM - Does Ted Marry Barney's Sister? I'm 99.99% Sure Yes.

If she is, then the above picture appears to be the first photo where we can (sorta) see her face! That’s Jerome Jr in that picture, and he seems to be around the same age as he was in that episode. Maybe a couple years younger at most. The woman looks older than him, but not nearly as old as Cheryl (Barney’s stepmom). Plus, the whole headlock hugging pose is classic brother/sister.

Before we go any further – yes, I am quite aware that I spend way too much time on stuff like this. But you know what? It makes me happy!

If anyone agrees that this pic is probably of the mom, please help me find a better version of the screencap. It’s from the “Legendaddy” episode, and this is the biggest and highest resolution pic that I could find.

Since we still haven’t officially “met” Barney’s half-sister, it is entirely possible that she is the mother! From what I’ve seen online, this is the favorite theory among diehard HIMYM fans. Here’s why…

We haven’t met her yet – she is mentioned but never introduced.

-per Barney’s father, his daughter Carly is currently away at college.

She’s the appropriate age.

-supporting evidence: Ted notes that his future wife was a student in the (incorrect) class that he tried to teach (Girls vs Suits).

-as noted in my post re the mother’s age, she is most likely NOT a 17-18 year old freshman when Ted is teaching the wrong class. The classroom is full of Economics 305 students, which sounds like an advanced level class to me. Also, Cindy (confirmed as the mother’s roommate) is a PhD candidate working on her dissertation. So the mother is probably at a similar point in her education.

Future Ted refers to Barney as “Uncle Barney”.

-conflict: Ted also calls his other friends “Uncle Marshall”, “Aunt Lily”, and “Aunt Robin”

-conclusion: If Barney is Ted’s brother-in-law by marriage, and that’s why Ted refers to him as “Uncle Barney”, then we can presume that Robin is “Aunt Robin” because she is married to Barney.

-alternate conclusion: Like many of us, Ted refers to close family friends as “aunt” and “uncle”.

-way out there conclusion: Barney marries Ted’s sister, despite her being married already to some guy that Ted doesn’t like.

She doesn’t live at home with her family.

-she could live near campus with her roommate Cindy, played by Rachel Bilson

There’s been a persistent rumor running around the interwebs about how Cindy’s apartment has a picture frame (I think?) that says C + C. This could refer to Cindy + Carly (= Best Friends 4Eva?) but it could also refer to the show’s creators, Craig Thomas and Carter Bays. From what I can tell, though, nobody has been able to find a screenshot or anything actually showing this elusive symbolic object. As such I don’t think it’s all that relevant.

Ted meets the mother at Barney’s wedding.

I’m assuming Barney’s newfound extended family will be at the wedding. Why would Barney invite them? Any number of reasons, including impressing his dad, trying to best his little brother, trying to maximize the number of wedding gifts received, and bulking up his side of the pews to balance out all of Robin’s close Canadian friends and family.

Sidenote – I refuse to believe that Barney is marrying anyone other than Robin. They’re perfect for one another and I love them together and that’s what I have to say about that.

BUT Barney might not invite his dad and/or his stepmom and half-siblings. This would probably only occur if he was worried about hurting his mom’s feelings, or if she requested that they not come. She tries to be a good mom, though, so I don’t see that happening.

All of Cindy’s boyfriends fall in love with her roommate.

Granted, this might be because they can sense that she is more into the ladies than the gentlemen. But it could also be because her roomie Carly is just as charismatic, charming, and sexy as her big brother!

Cindy & The Mother’s apartment is decorated like Jerome & Cheryl’s house.

-Cindy & mom’s apartment is decorated with several ceramic animals (owl, camel, etc) and Jerome & Cheryl’s house is similarly packed full o’ ceramic animals, most notably cat figurines and an owl. Cindy’s & The Mother’s apartment also has a figurine of either a cat or dog with its ears folded down (probably a dog?). I know this is a stretch; that’s why I put it last.

Finally, I really want these to be pictures of the same dog, because then that would prove I was correct in my prior post “I’m 99% Sure These Are Pics of the Mother”. But I don’t think they are, so sad.

80 thoughts on “NEW Pic of the Mom – HIMYM – Does Ted Marry Barney’s Sister? UPDATE: NO

  1. My theory is the Carly is Cindy’s girlfriend, not the Mother. That’s why there’s C+C, because they were best friends before Cindy realized she was in love with her. Cindy did not seem to be BFFs with her roommate at that point in time, but we know she’ll be around, because Ted somehow knows that in the future, Cindy and her girlfriend adopted a little girl. So maybe that’s how the mother winds up at the wedding, through her roommate’s girlfriend. Maybe the mother is in the band at Barney’s wedding, which Ted booked because Cindy recommended it, and Cindy was around because Carly was around to help with her half-brother’s wedding.

    I hate the Carly-is-the-mother theory. First because it’s too convenient (all Ted’s stuff about chance and destiny and timing and how he’d have never met the mother if not for blah blah blah would be meaningless — he’d have met her because she was his friend’s half-sister). Second because it’s too obvious and seems like a glaring red herring, which we know Bays and Thomas love, and so many people have thought of it that it would ruin the surprise.

    1. I LOVE that idea! Wish I had thought of it myself. :) After I wrote this post, I started to mull over it because something was bothering me but I didn’t know what. It’s exactly what you said – it’s too easy. The show’s creators do love a red herring, so everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

      Maybe the whole story had to be told because otherwise Barney wouldn’t have ever grown and matured enough to want to find his father? Or been able to develop a relationship with him and become close with the rest of his step/half family?

      I can’t find anyone that even says for sure that they’ve seen C + C, so I kinda doubt it’s there. But that is a perfect explanation for if it does exist. It would also explain how Ted knows about their family, like you said. I hadn’t thought of that either!

      I also like the idea of the mother as a wedding band member. My next post is about the wedding and my speculations on the bride. I am newly inspired thanks to your comment :)

    2. absolutely my thoughts! Ted’s whole romantic, destiny, love at first sight story would not be very romantic if it was that convenient! I do not, however, see Cindy having too much to do w/ it since the creators had the mother planned out from the beginning…they were just waiting for the last season to approach so Cindy was a fill in and add-on to the story line.

      My theory is that the episode where he does the “love match” and then at the end he blows her off (which would make sense for C+C to show that robin was a vital part of the storyline of ted’s searching for love b/c he was still hung up on her at the time and that victoria was right in her most recent appearance ‘you’ll never find love until you stop hanging out w/ robin” so I see Robin marrying barney, them leaving for sometime to let Ted really concentrate on his lovelife (or just finally closing that robin door and no longer seeing her as an ex) and maybe trying a “match” again?!! I’m a huge fan and I’m sure I’ll be greatly disappointed in the finale…I usually am w/ the greatest shows (sopranos to mention one lol)

    3. “(all Ted’s stuff about chance and destiny and timing and how he’d have never met the mother if not for blah blah blah would be meaningless — he’d have met her because she was his friend’s half-sister)”

      I think you are missing the whole point of the show – the reason WHY all that stuff he’s been telling the children (every episode, basically) is important is because he is telling the story of their friendship and that friendship led him to his wife.

      1. Also, it wouldn’t actually be that easy at all. Barney still hasn’t met his sister, and likely never would have if not for life/destiny/etc bringing him to a point where he could. I’ve been trying to backtrack it a bit – Barney wouldn’t have met his family if he hadn’t found his dad. Barney wouldn’t have found his dad if they hadn’t cleaned his mom’s house AND Marshall’s dad hadn’t died. Etc, etc, etc. So the whole no it’s too easy thing doesn’t really make sense, in my opinion.

    4. What you’re forgetting is that Ted explicitly states that Carly is the mother, “saw your mother’s ankle” , “your mother got her umbrella back” and every description of his perfect woman fits Carly perfectly and description of his wife

      1. I don’t think that Ted ever explicitely states that Carly is the mother. Unless I missed something? I do agree that Carly is the perfect candidate but then again they might just be messing with us. Hopefully we will find out soon…

        1. Are you sure because ım sure about moms name is tracy because when ted tells them ı met one stripper and stripper says ım tracy and kids became suprised and marshall and lilly says uncle ted its not reffrnce for cindy

  2. Here’s what we know:
    1) The Mother is Cindy’s roommate (he promises to never fall in love with her, then in 2030, says “oops”)
    2) The Mother (cindy’s roommate) has many strange habits according to Cindy (all of which annoy Cindy) and Ted tells Jen in the episode ‘double date’ that he wants someone who can not only “tolerates the quirks, but appreciates them”
    3) The Mother laughs at his joke that he had told Jen
    4) The Mother is in the class he accidently teaches
    5) The Mother is at the St. Patrick’s Day party in Season 3
    6) The Mother has brown hair

    What does all of this mean? No idea. :/

    1. And Ted meets her at the wedding! Also I’m assuming she likes dogs, wants 2 kids (a boy and a girl, obv), etc as per Ted’s wishlist for his perfect woman. Also based on her ankle she is white. But most people on that show are, so that’s not really a shocker.

      1. I never really pondered much on the idea of Barney’s half-sister, but reading this has given me something exciting to think about! What I have been considering (as many other fans have) is all of the FACTS, the things we know for absolute certain. For one example, the mother was at the party in the episode “No Tomorrow” Season 3.
        Also (and this is a point that many people easily look over), it is revealed in the end of Season 6 that Barney is the groom at a wedding, and it is revealed at the end of season 7 that Robin is the bride at a wedding. It is not yet known if it is the same wedding, although it is extremely likely (not to mention what everyone – especially you, by the sounds of things – wants to see!). It is very likely that Barney and Robin are about to get married, but it is not fact just yet. We all know how good the writers of this show are at creating twists!
        Just putting it out there.

        1. Based on what the writers have said, it is for sure Barney and Robin getting married. But I think you could be 100% correct in that the original wedding was to be for Barney and Quinn. Another commenter noted that this would explain why Lily’s bridesmaid dress doesn’t match the (purple) flowers.

          And yes, I am very invested in the Barnman and Robin ending up together :) I just love their chemistry!

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  3. I like all the attention to detail you put in and I also want this to be true. But my theory is they haven’t planned it farther than the next season let alone the very end.

    1. But next season is season 8 and there’s a chance that it’s the last one so wouldn’t they have had to plan out the end? I know they do make allowances in case the show is cancelled after the current season (at prior points the mother could have been Victoria or Stella, but that was changed when they were picked up for more seasons) so idk for sure. I want it to be true but I also agree with Vera in that it’s just a litttttle too easy, you know?

    2. Actually, I’ve read that the finale is all planned and there is a definite decision of who the mother is and how they will meet which I assume will come together in the final season. I don’t know if they have developed the transition to that ending season yet, though.

      1. I think they do know who the mother is supposed to be – because all of this is roughly based on their real life adventures. But as of January (I had to research lol) they haven’t cast the actress yet.

    3. They actually do have it planned out because they had to film the reveal using the kids in 2030 and it would be kind of weird if the kids aged several years suddenly in the season finale.

      1. I read that they filmed a bunch of stock scenes in advance, but you’re right, they have to move it along soon because otherwise it will be too late for the kids to be born and grown to teenagers as of 2030!

      2. as corina said…they have it stockpiled and in that actual 2030 they would want the kids much older and adult (not in the flashback but the “present”)

  4. Barney WILL marry Robin. In one of the episodes of season 6, Victoria says to Ted that hanging out with exes doesn’t work and it’s weird. She was referring to Ted, Robin, and Barney. And Ted confirms this at the end when he says, “She was right.” It obviously doesn’t work out because Barney probably stuck around to stay with Robin!

    1. Stupid Victoria, it made me mad when she said that. Like she’s the expert on Ted and his friends after knowing them for a couple months and then moving to Germany. STFU Victoria! Ok but anyway, idk how that will play out, but I do agree that he’s for sure marrying Robin. I’ve been working on a blog post about that too!

      1. i sure hope so! I would say it’s Robin too…damn that red herring though…almost too obvious?! But when Lilly tells Ted that the bride wants him it makes me almost positive it’s robin. Why would nora or a new girl want Ted? And if you remember an episode in the past where robin promises to have ted as her best man (leaving the door open for marshall to be a best man as well…which would fulfill one of his little girl fantasies he always has lol). I have high hopes and as you see I’m obsessed too :)

  5. Doesn’t the above scene take place in Barney’s mom’s house? If so, why would she have a picture of Barney’s dad’s kids?

  6. The only thing I guess is that She is a brunette. In some episodes there is a framed family picture behind the kids.

  7. it’s all very interesting to say the least. but my question is…why speculate? isn’t the whole point of watching the show so that we can find out who the mother is? It’s like reading a Sherlock Holmes book and finding out who the murderer is before you get to the last chapter. it takes all the fun out of it.

    1. But when you read Sherlock Holmes, don’t you wonder & speculate & try to figure out who the murderer is? I do, that’s part of what makes mystery novels – and random sitcom mysteries – so fun for me!

  8. Isn’t there an episode where Ted is talking to a stripper,who says her name is such and such (I don’t remember the name, I only have seen that episode once) and the screen shoots to Ted’s kids who scream “WHAT?!” and then Ted says that he was joking. I think that one episode told us the mother’s first name, based on the kids reaction. Just my opinion.

    1. Nono, the kids don’t scream “WHAT?!” until Ted says,”And kids, that’s how I met your mother.”

      1. That’s why I was never 100% sold on the Tracy theory. The stripper already gave one fake name so the kids could have easily just assumed she went by a different name then or now.

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  9. I really hope you’re wrong about Barney and robin. They are horrible together. Worst couple in the show (with robin and Ted being a close second)

      1. I just don’t like Robin that much. I think she’s the worst character in the show. Plus, Barney is best as a single guy, I don’t want him to marry anyone.

  10. My theory is that the episode where he does the “love match” and then at the end he blows her off (which would make sense for C+C to show that robin was a vital part of the storyline of ted’s searching for love b/c he was still hung up on her at the time and that victoria was right in her most recent appearance ‘you’ll never find love until you stop hanging out w/ robin” so I see Robin marrying barney, them leaving for sometime to let Ted really concentrate on his lovelife (or just finally closing that robin door and no longer seeing her as an ex) and maybe trying a “match” again?!

    Bareny’s sis makes no sense to me when c+c said that they had the mother role figured out from the beginning and barney’s other family wasn’t mentioned for a long while but you never know where they’re gonna go..another reason I love it!

  11. one thing we do know…in 2030, Ted’s kids are about 15 years old so he needs to meet her pretty soon because they start having children in 2015-ish…they just signed on for 2 more seasons last year so I am guessing we are going to be getting closer to the ‘meet’ in the 2013/2014 series…unless they get pregnant after the first hook-up, then they will meet in 2015…any thoughts?

    As far as who I think it is…no flippin’ idea! That’s what makes this show so damn awesome!

    1. Seriously, they need to get on the stick and start makin’ babies! Back when the show first aired it never occured to me that we might hit that end point when the kids are made/born, but now it looks like we might get to see more of their early relationship, which would be awesome.

  12. There is some irony that they only shows the mothers leg clearly.. at cindys room, whenever she walks, at the railway station

    1. Lol pretty much the only thing we know for sure about the mother, in person, in terms of her appearance is that she’s got a great set of get-away sticks. (I heard that expression like 2 years ago and have been waiting ever since for a chance to use it, thank you!)

  13. My belief is that it is someone unknown to the group, but I believe I know who it is. Watch season 3 episode 12 “No Tomorrow”. At the beginning as you probably know (because you seem as big of a fan as me lol) Ted says their mother was at the bar he went to, it shows the classic yellow umbrella, but it also shows what she is wearing. Then at 13:27 of the episode he bumps into a girl (something that just kind of seemed weird and unnecessary for the story or the episode and she is wearing clothes very similar to the girl under the umbrella minus the coat) and I believe this girl is his future wife. Just speculation and I could be totally wrong, but this is just what I believe. I would love to hear your opinion on my theory though.

    1. The “bump girl” or “St. Patrick’s Day girl” is still a definite contender! Many people believe that she is probably the mother. She may not be the exact actress, but a change in her appearance could be blamed on Ted’s hazy, hungover memory of the night. The girl he bumps into and the girl in front of the club are both for sure wearing jeans, but I couldn’t get a good look at her shoes. Regardless I still love this theory. Personally I want the mom to be that girl, and she is also the girl from the Milk episode, and Barney’s sister. Why not?! It’s TV, those sort of random coincidences can happen there, right? :)

      1. in “Milk” doesn’t he say “we’re the same age” about the perfect match girl? if so, wouldn’t that rule out Carly as being too young?

        1. I had forgotten about that part of “Milk” when I originally posted, but yes, you’re totally right. I mean technically we don’t know how old Carly is (at least not before the appearance of Ashley Benson, to air next week) so she could have been the same girl, but it was a stretch. I’m still holding firm to my missed date theory but I have let go of the Carly theory!

  14. There is also the possibility that the girl he bumps into at the bar in that weird awkward moment could also be the roommate who could also be Carly, Barneys half sister. Theres no reason that the girl he accidentally runs into at the bar isn’t Carly… all the theories could be leading to the same person. Or the girl at the bar was just a random red herring, Carly just happens to go to college but not the same college that Ted was teaching at, and that the mother is just the room mate. That part we have confirmed. But who knows! We will find out soon though :)

    1. I’m feeling less confident about Barney’s sister being the mother since the news broke that Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars will be on as “Barney’s ???” If she is his sister, she is (in my opinion) too young and too blonde to be the mother. It’s hard to tell since you know the writers are throwing us red herrings left and right, but hopefully some of those are real clues. As I said to Justin, I want the mother to be alllll of those connections. I want it to tie together so neatly, so perfectly, that it blows Ted’s mind (and mine). Because the more connections, near misses, etc, then the more incredible a love story it will be!

  15. And there is something ironic that they only show the Mothers foot and ted see the ‘roommates’ foot at cindys room. .

    1. I’ve been thinking and it is very interesting that we meet her from the ground up. It also means that the next reveal should be the money shot! :P I kid, I kid

  16. The photo right of the Ted’s son when it shows you the son and daughter in 2030 shows what looks like Ted on the right, a young girl and boy in the middle (Ted’s kids) and on the left a girl, who is likely to be the mother. The picture is kind of difficult to make out by the zoom on my computer, but with better picture quality you could make it out. I think the girl kinda looks like Robin but I doubt she’s the mother. Also I think his daughter looks a little like Robin, prob a coincidence. Anyway I dunno why no one has talked about the photos behind the kids.

    1. I’ve been working on a post for the past three days – it’s a doozy lol – and that’s one of the points I’m focusing on! It’s like you read my mind :) I will see if I can find a higher res image that we can analyze…

      1. Thanks; good blogs btw, almost as good as Barney’s! lol. Can’t wait until the mother finally gets unveiled, but don’t want the show to end lol.

  17. I hate how people keep saying that she’s the mother! She isnt! The mother was met on the DAY of the wedding not the actual wedding. And as we find out at the end of season 7 they meet at the train station just after the wedding goes horribly wrong as Ted states to some old woman! Also the writers again stated that they would DEFINATLY meet for the first time at the train station. So there is no question about it. They don’t meet at the wedding alright?! The mother won’t be some girl that Ted could’ve met through one of his friends. I just think that’s stupid. I hate that theory. I like to think that the kids call them uncles and aunts because they are REALLY close in the future!
    So there!

    1. Thanks for your comment – I love that you’re as passionate about the show as I am! I actually addressed exactly what you said in my most recent article. Also, I wrote this post before the Farhampton episode and before Bays & Thomas confirmed the locale.

      For what it’s worth, though, I think it is important to consider the difference between actually meeting and seeing, running into, etc.

      So there! :D

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  18. i disagree. though this is a really good idea and makes plenty of sense, the thing i see wrong is in the episode “Farhampton,” the day of Barney’s wedding. The episode begins with the wife getting out of the car, grabbing her guitar out of the trunk, and walking onto the concrete slab waiting for a train.
    Ted is sitting on a bench next to an elderly woman, his tie undone and the top button of his shirt now unbuttoned, and it is now dark and raining.
    For one, as we’ve heard Ted say several times, “the day i met your mother was the day of the wedding,” not AT the wedding. Being that Ted’s tie and shirt are undone, we can tell that this scene is after the ceremony. This would imply that Barney’s sister hadn’t been at the wedding, right?
    Another way we can tell that this scene takes place AFTER the ceremony (just to support my point further), just in case anyone has the argument that this could be before the wedding, is in earlier flashes forward to “a little ways down the road.”
    In the other flashes to the future, for instance when Ted and Marshall are sitting on the bench outside the church drinking beer, it is clearly daylight, and the rain is just beginning. this tells us the wedding also most likely takes place during the daytime.
    in other flashes forward, for instance when Barney is torn between which tie to wear, outside the window it is still daylight.
    i know this is sort of jumbled, hope it all makes sense.

    1. Based on Ashley Benson’s upcoming appearance, I no longer support the Carly Theory. So sad :) But yes, the meeting occurs at the train station, and not before, as per interviews with Bays & Thomas. I’m now more in line with another commenter who thinks that Carly was in the wedding band, but not present at the reception. Perhaps Ted leaves before the reception or doesn’t stay the whole time, thus resulting in him meeting up with The Mother at the station. I can’t wait to find out!

      1. Or Carly was practicing for his brother wedding, in which case she was unable to assist to the reception then played on the wedding to which Ted couldn’t get a hold on her to then, find her at the train station while he was a bit depressed because of the rain with her standing close with her yellow umbrella.

        Now… I do not believe the Carly sort of story being absent the whole time.

      1. The daughter looks like Mila so much… Well you are so lucky! Here in Mexico I can’t watch the show until several days after the original broadcast, in fact we have no cbs, even netflix is not helpfull because 7th season is yet to come…

        1. I will be sure to tag everything as major spoilers so I won’t ruin anything for you! And I agree, she does look like Mila. I’ve always loved her and can totally see her as Mrs. Mosby :)

          1. You won’t, after every new episode I only have to wait 24hrs. BTW I am not sure but two episodes ago, maybe the last there was a girl talking to an other girl right the next booth and I am quite sure she was Mila!

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