HIMYM: I’m 99% Sure These Are Pics Of “The Mother”

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If you’re wondering who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother, I may have another piece of the puzzle! I could be wrong, of course, but it seems pretty logical to me. (Update – I am wrong. BUT I STILL FEEL LIKE I MAKE A REALLY GOOD CASE OKAY?) :) First, let’s consider “Matchmaker” from Season 1. In this episode (1-7), Ted signs up for a matchmaking service, but is not matched up with anyone suitable.

There is one match – a 9.6 out of 10 – but she (Sarah O’Brian) is already matched up. Undeterred, Ted sneaks into the office to print the info sheets for Sarah. He reads them and learns her occupation, guilty pleasure song, likes and dislikes, etc. He is able to locate her and meet her in person, but she is engaged to her match and not interested.

Ok, now let’s skip ahead to “Milk”, episode 1-21. Ted receives a phone call from the new owner of the matchmaking agency, informing him that his match has been found. Ted ponies up the $500 needed for her information, and receives her file in return. We see 10 photos (shown here above and below) with the faces blurred out, that indicate she is Ted’s perfect match:

So I read the file, and by God this woman was perfect. She liked dogs, she spent her summers in North Carolina, she played bass guitar, she did the Times crossword, she played tennis, she liked old movies, her favorite food was lasagna, and her favorite book was Love in the Time of Cholera. Her favorite singer was Otis Redding and she wanted two kids, a boy and a girl.

The photos are either in the file, or what Ted is imagining based on her profile information. The last one, at least, has to be imagined, because it shows two young children that she presumably wished to have someday. The only issue with this is how the picture shows a little girl and her older brother, while the siblings on the show seem to be an older sister and her little brother. In real life, the actress who plays the daughter (Lyndsy Fonseca) is two years older than David Henrie, who plays the son. So I’m not sure, but I’m still intrigued.

Notice anything else interesting about this pictures? Half of them show the woman wearing a silver ring on her right ring finger. I suspect it might be a little clue for the discerning fans and not just an oversight. Now look at these two photos of the children – one from the pilot episode, and one from season six:

A silver ring! Could be coincidence, sure, but I like the idea of it being the mother’s ring, gifted to her daughter. The daughter wears her ring on her left middle finger though – maybe it’s still too big for her ring finger? I don’t know!

There is one more issue to consider, and that has to do with hair color. Most fans are pretty convinced that the mother will have dark hair, because of the “alternate reality” scene in “Shelter Island”, episode 4-5. It seems that Ted plus a blonde woman equals blonde kids, and therefore the mother of his brunette kids must also be a brunette. I can’t tell if the woman in these pictures has blonde or brown hair – what do you think? I also noticed that they didn’t remove the background items, which include the little yellow bus that we later discover belongs to the mother. There are also some of the same framed prints and decorations behind them.

A final thought…we never find out the name of Ted’s match. They schedule a blind date, and Ted is able to contact her to delay their meeting when Lily needs him ASAP. It seems likely that he would know her name, don’t you think? Especially since he paid for the full file and didn’t just print and steal a summary sheet. If he knew Sarah O’Brian’s name,  I think he should have known the match’s name as well. So why do we never hear it?

In the season 5 episode, “Rabbit or Duck”, Ted asks Lily and Marshall to set him up, and they consider women from his past. They mention Trudy (married), Blah Blah (committed – relationship? no, Bellevue), and Natalie (Ted is her least favorite person in the world), but they never think of the “Milk” maiden. Based on prior episodes, neither Natalie nor Blah Blah are viable options!

So why didn’t the writers let us in on her name? And why is she still a mystery, never again mentioned despite several opportunities throughout the seasons? I think it’s because she’s the mother, and so it has to wait. What do you think? Also, stay tuned for more posts with clues about the identity of the mother, including but not limited to:

  • The woman that brushes by Ted in “No Tomorrow” (St. Patrick’s Day episode 3-12)
  • The clues found in Cindy’s apartment in “Girls Versus Suits” (episode 5-12)
  • Tracking the yellow umbrella
  • Ted as Barney’s best man, and why I’m sure he marries Robin

40 thoughts on “HIMYM: I’m 99% Sure These Are Pics Of “The Mother”

  1. I have put all of these theories to work but with he women that he brushes past on St. Patrick’s day. The Dark Hair, pretty much everything that you have said here. It’s so great to see someone who shares the same idea.

      1. Just wanted to add she doesn’t look like Winnie cooper. She is Winnie cooper, like same actress. Unless you were being sarcastic. I’m which case sorry. Also I no it was Robyn. She was 28, and never brought up throughout the entire show again. There’s a reason for that like you said. Robyn had gotten her hair done that night and the highlights came out bad. When do girls get their highlights. It’s possible he wasn’t given her name cause when he took Sarah obrians, that wasn’t love solutions protocol. Anyway, even though in the episode Milk, Robyn jokes about lasagna being bad, but eats it twice throughout the series and the word lasagna is carfully in the dialogue for some reason. She’s read his favorite book as well and jokes about not liking it but we have to remember, it’s Robyn…she lies about what she likes, wants, needs, even to herself.

        FINALLY, the episode where she imagines her future children it’s one girl and one boy. Robyn is one person we didn’t get inside her head like Ted, we had to decide who she was based on the story. And just like when Ted came to get her locket with her by the carousel even though she said ” no it’s not important don’t come”, Ted came. Because he knows she doesn’t always say what she really wants.I think she was desperate enough to sign up for love solutions. She is his soulmate. Either way… The ending was perfect. He got the love of his life and a family he always wanted with at least one child named after Star Wars. And then Robyn got what she THOUGHT she needed (yet again proving she has no idea what she needs or wants)… Ted was able to be with his best friend and lover. The whole message through the show was how there’s not just one person for you. Like Rachel Bilsons character Cindy said to the mother in Econ 305 “after the one, there’s the next one.” It gave me hope that we can all get everything we could want, and that even when your 50 and the love of your life dies, there is still hope.

  2. Awesome, well-thought out idea of who the mother is. The only thing I wanted to add is that Brunette hair is a dominant gene, so even if the mother was blond the kids would still likely have brown hair. From what I can see barely in the pics it looks like her hair is a light brown or dark blond. In the end, though, these kids are fictional and whatever color their hair is really has no specific relation to the mother other than the fact that when they show them as blonds they were trying to make a point of who he imagined as the mother having blond hair.

  3. Not that I want to even throw this out there, but I have too, I feel like they are going to end on a sad note, IE the narrator is telling the story to the kids because his wife is gone, and there fore may not even be of any relevance in the show at all. IE They end with a *sigh* wtf moment….Not that I wish this to happen at all, but upon reading alot of the fan stuff and following some of the clues, how come the mom hasn’t ever interupted any of the stories? and how come Ted keeps telling it unless shes dead?!?!?!? I dunno, I do know i HAVE GOT TO FIND OUT!!!! Im soo hooked on this show, I love it as much as I did friends and the writers have done a wonderful job making us the viewers feel as if we know these guys. Kudo’s!

    1. I’m worried that it ends on a sad note as well! I don’t want the mother to be dead – but maybe that’s why the daughter wears the ring? But in the future episode where they are at their college reunion, Ted laughes (too many “sandwiches”) and says “dude, where is my wife?!” and everyone cracks up, which hopefully would not happen if she was dead.

    2. Their is an episode when ted lily and marshall go to 20 year reuinon and the mother is there. So she’s. Live in ther 50s or 60s

  4. Corina I know what you mean lol. It seems like the blonds he ends up with are wretched people. I want him to meet the mother already but that also means the show would be coming to a close =(

  5. My theory I read is it’s barneys half sister I think Carly? Who we have never met. We know the mother was in college when Ted started teaching and that’s where barneys half sister was and it makes complete sense he would meet her for the first time at barneys wedding. And she could easily have been cindys roommate.

  6. Yeah, not only does the mom never interrupt the stories, but she is also not in the way-future “flashbacks” either… and those kids wouldn’t be so patient to listen to the stories if they weren’t holding into her memory… I’d think, anyways.

  7. cant be her…sorry. watch s5e12. ted says “i didn’t know it but i was about to hear the very first description of the woman i would one day marry”. he gets a description of the “Milk” girl though. boom lawyered
    -avid HIMYM follower

    1. I thought about that! Technically (and yes, I know this is a stretch, but I think it negates your lawyering lol) he didn’t “hear” a description of the “Milk” match. He read/saw a description, but nobody described her to him. Boomerang lawyered!

  8. She can’t be in the future scenes because that would just be giving it away. Also, if the mom is dead and he is telling them a story wouldn’t they be a little more interested to know? they seem really bored. Maybe the mom is just on a Trip because of work or visiting family, etc. That could be a reason why she isn’t interrupting.

    1. I remember those little gene trait eye/hair color charts in high school biology really confused me, so I truly don’t know offhand about the exact details. Most of my attention was focused on somehow creating redhead children someday despite being brunette, not having them in my family, and it being a recessive gene. :)

    2. The gene which carries the brunette trait is most certainly always the dominate gene. It’s a scientific fact. Google it. You just happen to experience a case where both parents carried the recessive blonde gene and those two genes were crossed together and passed on to your children. You can still be a carrier of a recessive gene and not physically show in.

  9. They dont have a clue who the mother is. The writers will write in little plot holes until the series gets notice that it is being canceled and they will pull a “LOST” and write in whoever ted is dating at the time or some random chick from his past. This girl is just a figment of the imagination.

    1. I give the writers more credit than that. They’re proud of this show, plus it’s based on their real life adventures, so I doubt they went into it with no concern whatsoever as to who she is. I do, however, think that they will tweak things at the end to fit with the clues and plot twists and whatnot.

  10. I can tell you why the writers don’t have a name yet and tis is all just fake.
    they are still writing the rest of the story. they won’t tell anything beaucus we keep watching.
    If the show starts losing his viewers then they’ll show the mother.
    It is all part of the marketing of series. they don’t tell -> we keep looking -> they earn more money.
    that is something that is a fact and logic

    1. It’s cool if you take that point of view, but I disagree. Yes, money and ratings are essential and a top motivator. But everything I’ve seen/read (interviews, sneak peeks, etc) shows that they are having just as much fun with the show as we are. Why not just enjoy the ride?

  11. Based on the season 1 episode “Belly Full of Turkey” I think the name of the Mother is Tracy. The final scene of this episode shows Ted talking to a stripper named Tracy and then telling his kids that’s how he met their mother. This is a joke of course, but the kids would not have reacted in a shocked/horrified manner at this revelation if the name of the stripper in the story was not the same as their mother’s.

    1. I agree this could be a very strong clue, but maybe the kids didn’t even listen carefully until Ted said “and that’s how I met your mother”. You know how teens can be absent… who knows. Maybe the writers can make mistakes, too.

  12. These are some great thoughts and ideas about the mother! It totally makes sense. I think they will reveal the mother soon (meaning season 8, or 9, if they have great ratings), but as much as I would love to know who she is, I will be sad when the show comes to end.

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