How Much Of This Is True?

A year after high school graduation, an old friend emailed me with his perspective on who I might have become. I saved it, because some parts were just beautiful. Others make no sense, but that’s pretty much par for the course with some friends, you know?

i wonder what you are like at this point in your life: probably female. short neck length dark hair. black skirt to the knees. shoes with heels, not high. sand freckles. butterfly smile. smokes weed once a week, drinks often. loves college but sick of lots of people, and sick of classes. wants to travel more – to europe somewhere. had 2-3 boyfriends last year. nice guys, good sex, but not enough. studying…psychology? english? idealizes high school and childhood. apathetic to politics. bright, sharp, but unchallenged. wishes to dance more. remembers ska music.

So how much of this is true? The comments on smoking, drinking, and politics weren’t really accurate, but most of it is pretty on point. It would make me very happy if people looked at me and saw sand freckles and a butterfly smile. And I do remember ska music, very well. :)

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