Top 5 Fictional Fans of Plus Size Women

I tried to make a list of all the fictional movie and TV characters (male) that were attracted to plus size women, but I didn’t get very far. It isn’t a big list to begin with, and I cut out some contenders right away. 


  • Fictional male main character/member of ensemble cast
  • Average guy that is sexually/romantically interested in plus size women
  • Must not be ashamed of their interest or hide it from friends
  • Must not be with a plus size female character just because they’re both outcasts that are stuck together for lack of other options
  • Not a requirement, but a curiosity – do they end up with a BBW (big, beautiful, woman)?

My thoughts on what it all might mean in a post to follow the fun part, which is the photo gallery o’ fictional men that like a woman with curves!

Puck – Glee

“You can’t choose love. Love chooses you. I mean, I could have any girl I wanted. But here I am in the middle of geometry or English or something and the only girl I’ve got my eye on is a whole lotta woman.” “Maybe it’s because she’s constantly insulting me like my mom. Maybe I just dig a chick with curves.”

Puck is one of my fave Glee characters, and his feelings for Lauren just make him all the more awesome. Puck seems somewhat surprised by his attraction to a chick with curves, but not averse to it. He pursues Lauren by honestly expressing his affection for her fat bottom, and that’s also a very real guy thing to do. I can totally see a guy intending to be sweet and romantic, but picking the complete worst song ever for a serenade. I find their whole relationship quite endearing. Puck also pursued plus size Mercedes in an earlier episode, but that was mainly in an (odd) effort to recapture his lost social status. Maybe she warmed him up to the prospect, or maybe Quinn’s pregnancy weight really turned him on. Regardless, I’m on board. Honorable mention goes to Trouty Mouth Sam, who appears to be dating Mercedes these days?

Does he end up with a BBW? So far, yes, for Puck and Sam. Two thumbs up!

Miles – Summer Catch

“Excuse me, I am tired of living a lie. I need it be known that I like a big girl. In fact, a large, zaftig, voluptuous, full-figured, big-boned, massive-assive honey, that is what gets me going. I like fat women and they like me…big girls need love too, baby!”

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Ohhh Miles, the man that started it all. Well, started this post, at least. I remember watching this movie during my Freddie Prinze Jr. phase, and being completely shocked that a hot guy character would say such a thing. Then I got kinda pissed at Matthew Lilliard and Freddie Prinze Jr. for not being ever playing such a role, to my knowledge at least. I’m not really into blonde guys but I would certainly make an exception for the guy who is no longer ashamed to go after what he wants.

Does he end up with a BBW? Actually, I’m not sure. I think so? I don’t really want to expend the energy necessary for tracking down the movie and then watching it all over again, so I’m just going to guess, yes.

Jamal – How High

“Man, I love me a fat chick, man. More cushion for the pushin’!”

Jamal, played by Redman, is the gentleman on the right. His roommate/partner in crime, played by Method Man, goes for the Lisa Turtle type. Jamal’s tastes veer towards the voluptuous side, and he’s perfectly content with that. His quote could be interpreted as a typical guy response to a fat girl, but I felt that it was a sincere (albeit crude) statement. The soundtrack to this movie is amazing, btw, and in one song Redman raps “I love a fat chick with a body enormous. It ain’t about the weight yo it’s how they performin’…” He mentions this again in other songs, using even more offensive language, but I truly believe that he does, in fact, love fat chicks. Does he date them? I don’t know, but he didn’t hide his attraction or act ashamed of it, so he’s good in my book. Plus he’s ummm pretty hot so it’s hard to not like what he says, amiright?

Does he end up with a BBW? No, he becomes the “future baby daddy” to a bad girl with an enviable figure – slender, but plenty of T&A. There isn’t a plus size girl competing for his affections, nor do I recall him actually hooking up with one in the movie. But in real life, I don’t know. I did some research but this is apparently a well-kept secret. Recent conflicting stuff online indicates that he is married, never been married but has 4 kids, single but super picky, and (my personal favorite) bisexual and dating Method Man. Even Wikipedia couldn’t help – the first thing in his personal life section is about his dog. And how his dog became Cesar Milan’s dog, so it really isn’t even about Redman at all. 

Fez – That 70’s Show

“I know I just met her Mr. Red, but I love her. She is…sturdy. I want to climb her.”

Fez almost didn’t make the cut, because he’s the designated outcast of the group on That 70’s Show. He’s the butt of many foreigner jokes, and he’s always hoping for some action, despite being the last character to lose his virginity. Fez loves all types of ladies, and his time with Big Rhonda isn’t just because she’s available. He also shows attraction towards all kinds of female characters, including mature ladies like saucy Kitty Forman. In the episode where Donna and Jackie give Rhonda a makeover, Fez is seriously pissed at the end result. His exact response: “What have you meddling whores done to my Rhonda?!” Fez loves Rhonda just the way she is, and I love Fez for that. I wish Wilmer Valderrama was still so appealing.

Does he end up with a BBW? Nope, Fez ends up with Jackie, who abhors fat girls and all they stand for. But he’s loved her since day one, so I guess it’s ok. It’s not, actually, because Jackie should have ended up with Hyde, but I gotta let that go.

Marvin – Waiting to Exhale

“My wife was a big woman too. I like a woman with some meat on her bones.”

Am I the only one that swooned right alongside Gloria when he said that to her? It was said so matter-of-factly, and he made his interest clear. I love the idea of this relationship, where the new neighbor moves in and is immediately drawn in by the woman’s hospitality. She’s had a rough go at life, raising a son on her own, and here comes Mr. Gregory Hines to tapdance his way into her heart. RIP Gregory Hines, by the way. I think this type of character is more prominent in African American films/TV shows, but I haven’t focused exclusively on those yet. My own personal experience and anecdotal evidence certainly supports the idea that black men (in general) are more accepting of big girls than white men (in general) are.

Does he end up with a BBW? Yes, him and Gloria and Murray from Clueless form a happy family, hooray!

Please tell me that I’ve missed a bunch of awesome characters, and this list needs to be expanded to top 10, or top 20. I hope Hollywood starts to show us more of these characters, because they reflect real life. The average American is overweight, and there are millions of plus size women currently in relationships. There are, unfortunately, lots of men that love plus size women, but are uncomfortable being seen with them. Hopefully characters like those on my list will show them that it is really and truly okay to be attracted to BBW. I honestly believe that film and television have the power to change lives – look at how black characters helped to reverse racism in America, for example, or the more recent prevalance of gay characters. Minds are changed one at a time, and maybe this blog will help speed that along a bit. A girl can dream, right?

A final note: I’ve been purposely wordy and long-winded about some of this, because I don’t know of a good term for “men that are attracted to plus size women”. I really don’t feel comfortable calling those guys chubby chasers, fat appreciators, or any of the other options I’ve encountered thus far. Also, I believe that refers to a level of fetishism that I’m not really covering here. When you’re more attracted to the fat than the actual woman, that’s probably not a good thing. Anyway, if someone has a better term, please, let me know.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Fictional Fans of Plus Size Women

  1. puck and gregory hines… sweet! i like that, in spite of alot of the misfires in the could-be-so-awesome world that is glee, the whole puck/lauren thing wasn’t for laughs. and its also not some weird fetish? he digs her ’cause she’s a badass!

    and mr hines….. i loved waiting to exhale – that soundtrack was a guilty pleasure of mine for quite a few years (brandi anyone?)…. he is so terribly hot in that movie. anywho, he was lost way too young…

    1. I like how they handled Puck and Lauren as well…it wasn’t done just to mock the fat girl who likes the hot guy, and they didn’t even make much of an issue out of it. Hopefully more shows/movies/etc will take note, and then guys who honestly do like plus size women might feel comfortable saying so.

      Also Waiting to Exhale was a mandatory movie for one of my fave activities in high school…the ISTBSSOP (it sucks to be single sleepover party). Every girl got a bag of chips, a liter of soda, and a quart of ice cream. Then we watched chick flicks and realized being single was actually pretty awesome. Also we would realize that we had gross food hangovers the next day, but that’s the price you pay I guess. :)

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