blue tape measuring on clear glass square weighing scale

Weighting Time

I was a bit hesitant to post this poem, because I’m not one to advertise my weight issues. I think I always felt like if I didn’t call attention to my weight, people might be able to forget that I’m fat. Chubby. Plump. Blah, I don’t like any of those words. I prefer thick, curvy, voluptious. I am quite confident that, regardless of how much I weigh, I’m damn sexy. Go me! Anyway this was written during a moment of feeling less than confident…

Weighting Time

I wear my weight like a weapon

But really,

My weight wears me

Wicked chain mail inside out

Which wicks and whips

My heart and soul

I am weary of this weight

I wait so eager

Wishing to be set free

Worries weigh me down

And I awake wanting


To love the weight I see

Which will not change

Without me

Beware, be wary

Of what we think will heal

Without our help

Those wares are peddled

And they aren’t real

You can wear away the weight

With work and sweat and fervent thirst

And when envisioned

This perfect wisdom

Only asks that you demand


What you’re worth

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