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This Is Totally Going In My Blog!

This Is Totally Going In My Blog!

Hullo, world. I’ve been away for ever so long, dealing with the real world outside of the interwebs. That mostly means packing, moving, and unpacking, with a dollop of forgetting to transfer my cable and internet services before I left. There were a few days of no contact via the computer or iPhone and I … Continue reading

This Jon Hamm GIF Dances To Your Music

It doesn’t, actually, but it certainly seems to. I can’t take my eyes off of him! Sometimes he seems like he’s doing some sort of River Dance, and other times he seems to be warming up for Tae Bo. Either way is fine by me! I went searching for (potentially NSFW) gifs that focus on … Continue reading

Parks & Rec GIF Goodness

Fair warning – in the past I have always had trouble sharing GIFs. As such, this post is going to be chock-full-o pictures in motion! Try to be in a bad mood while Ron Swanson dances, I dare you. Rob Lowe as Chris playing air banjo is pretty glorious as well. I had to get … Continue reading