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Lassiter is the name of a fallen angel, deity, and all-around awesome guy in the Black Dagger Brotherhood book series by J.R. Ward. His book, to be released in April of 2023, is now available for pre-order!

If you want to get to know Lassiter before then, check out his family tree with details on how he fits in with the rest of the gang. Then pre-order Lassiter, because trust me, you want to get your hands on him as soon as possible…

Lassiter’s Background

The following has spoiler info for quite a few books in the series as of 2022!

Lassiter is a fallen angel who first appears in the book series when he saves the life of a Brother named Tohr. Tohr was grieving and wasting away, hoping to die and on the very brink of death. Then Lassiter saved him and brought him back to the Brotherhood, but with a non-negotiable condition: he came with.

There are those among the Brothers – V in particular – who barely tolerate Lassiter, while others enjoy his proclivities. He loves television and watching the best shows from the 70s to today. He’s an avid fan of Golden Girls, Moonlighting, and The Mary Tyler Moore Show. He also loves to show off, and can be found wearing obscenely small swimwear in neon colors.

Lassiter looks like a tall, handsome, blonde and black haired man. He is healed by the sun and possesses healing powers of his own. He used these powers to save another character, Rehv, when he was deathly ill from an infection. Lassiter’s blood is silver and smells of wild flowers.

The race’s deity, The Scribe Virgin, left the world to Lassiter. When she made her exit, so to speak, he took over. Now no one knows what to do because this arrogant, loudmouthed, cheeky, lovable, ANNOYING brat is always around, and their all-knowing God equivalent. What’s a vampire to do?

Lassiter’s titular book will be released in April of 2023, and it is expected to tell the tale of his romance with a magical vampire female named Rahvyn. Preorder Lassiter now on Amazon!

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