Call for Input: Board Game Food Resources

I have an extremely important new post topic to consider: the most appealing food resources in board games. My boyfriend is a HUGE fan of board games, and I’ve gotten into a bunch of them since we started dating two years ago.

There are plenty of noteworthy elements, especially since he usually has upgraded games with fancy tokens and metal coins and whatnot. But the thing I focused on, naturally, was that I really want to eat some of these little fake food items.

They’re not actually edible, of course, so I’m not really eating them. That being said, some of them are positively drool-worthy. Do you have any favorites that look good enough to eat? I’m going to do a post on all of the best ones, but I wanted to collect input first.

I’m starting with Everdell, since those little guys look so damn tempting. They’re purple and squishy and round and have stars on top and I’m certain they would taste juicy and delicious. What other games have components that belong on this esteemed list?

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