Black Dagger Brotherhood Family Tree

Fictional character family trees are kinda my jam these days, so I’ve been creating them for my favorite books, TV shows, and movies. I’ve wanted to do a family tree/character lineage for J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series for a long time, so I finally put it all together. A new book – this one an origins story – is set to be released tomorrow (12/1/15), so this will of course need updating soon. But here’s where we stand thus far…

Black Dagger Brotherhood Character Lineage Tree

BDB Lineage Family Tree

Click to enlarge so you can see/read it!


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8 thoughts on “Black Dagger Brotherhood Family Tree

  1. Hey I was just wondering when you were going to update this. It’s an awesome tree and it helps me a lot when I’m reading the new books Warden comes out with for the BDB Series.

    • I just started a new job so I haven’t even gotten to read The Beast yet :( But I’m hoping to get going on updating the tree within the next couple weeks. I am so very happy that you enjoyed it and found it helpful – thank you so much for commenting!!!


  2. Very cool.

    I haven’t been keeping up with the series much since about book 10 (since book 6, if I’m honest— Awakened was a disaster that STILL leaves a bad taste, and except for Avenged, it was all downhill for me after that) but I’ve been thinking about getting back into it again.

    And now you’re telling me there’s an origins book out?? I can’t help myself, despite low expectations I kind of *have* to read it. ;P

    Anyway, hopefully this’ll help me get reoriented, as it’s been so long and I’ll be skipping a few books. Nice!

  3. I come and go to these series! I love them but get impatient waiting so often, I will read other stuff for a while a circle back. This family tree is so great! After about 12 books, I went back and read them all again just to remember who everyone was. This makes it so much easier to get caught up! I’m 4 books behind so it’s nice to have the reference even though I wouldn’t mind reading them all again hah!

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